Reiki in the Prairie LLC


Reiki in the Prairie LLC is a professional, alternative healing practice located in Watertown, South Dakota,  that promotes whole health.  This business was founded and created in 2015.  Cynthia Bergsbaken RM is the sole owner and practitioner of Reiki in the Prairie LLC.

Cynthia Bergsbaken   works in different alternative healing modules.  She is a:   Reiki Master practitioner, Crystal healer,  Energy Worker and working to be a  Sound Healer.  Cynthia is a registered member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals,  and is registered with as an  alternative module  practitioner.                                                                                                               Reiki

Cynthia Bergsbaken, RM

Her work  has provided her with many experiences that she would like to share in hopes of helping someone else in life.  She shares these experiences and learned lessons through her DIY articles she writes.

picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Motto for my business-“Everyone can use a little bit of help at times”.

You’re invited  to follow Cynthia’s DIY articles on becoming more harmonious in life .   Go ahead and leave messages about the articles.  She invites you to follow Reiki in the Prairie LLC on  Facebook.  New to Reiki in the Prairie LLC is a holistic shop.  This shop contains books that she finds beneficial for “Shadow working” on oneself.   White Sage from California for smudging , Reiki in the Prairie LLC’s handmade, unique  White Sage spray used in place of burning White Sage, natural stone/crystal handmade jewelry(Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia), Adult religious coloring book, Reiki and/or Tibetan Singing bowl gift certificates, 5 X7 color photos of nature by Cynthia Bergsbaken,  and at times, Kefir grains.



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The Spoken Word
by Cynthia Bergsbaken

I am offering Long Distance Reiki to those who are in need; ill, disease, operations, etc.-free.  List your name, a relatives’ name or friends, that is in need of Reiki energy, I will send it to them.  (Note, this is not a Reiki session.)
I need a name and their city/town, and state they live in. When the people we care for become ill, we want to help them in anyway possible. Prayers are always the  best, but receiving high vibrational Reiki is also helpful.  Please post at:

Sincerely Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC


Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia
picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken 

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Words to think about for today.

picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

“If you want to awaken all of humanity then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation,” By Lao  Tzu