We are All Vibrational Beings!

We are all vibrational beings. Everything around us is vibrating to a certain frequency. Each one of us has our own unique frequency.
If music or anything else in life does not make you feel good, do not listen to it or be around it. The frequency of whatever you’re listening to or are around is toxic to you-to your frequency. This holds true with any healing modalities you encounter. If the sound healing or any other healing does not feel good to you, it is not health for you.
It is just simply because we are all unique frequencies and just because something feels good to one person, does not mean it is good for another one.
Example: Heavy metal music. Some people love it, while others may feel sick or head achy.
Example: Anitbiotics-Some people can take a certain antibiotic, but others are allergic to it.
Example: Your next door neighbor- neighbors just love this person, but you feel drained by the neighbor.
Example: Receiving sound healing. One person will feel happy and healed, but the next person may feel pain, sick, and uneasy.
Example: a medical doctor (professional). This dr. maybe well-known for his/her achievements, but when you visit this dr. you do not feel comfortable. You feel uneasy, full of anxiety, and not wanting to trust this person.
Our bodies are intelligent. Listen to your bodies reaction to all experiences you have in life. Food, people, healing modalities, drugs, etc. When we listen to our selves-our bodies, our intuitions, our emotions, we keep ourselves safe and happy.
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
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Cynthia Bergsbaken, RM, IARP, is a Usui Reiki practitioner at the Master level. She received this certification in 2016. She is now professionally providing Reiki sessions to clients. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1987 with a bachelor of science in Microbiology. She worked in human and animal research for about 10 years. She also is the owner, founder, and practitioner of Reiki in the Prairie LLC and jewelry maker, founder and owner of Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia. She enjoys making jewelry with natural stones and precious metals. She is a mother of two adult children and a wife. She enjoys teaching, nature, cooking/baking, painting, playing sports, learning and having fun.