Smudging (Saging) our homes and ourselves


is an old practice found in varying degrees around the world.  In some cultures, burning incense is used in religious rituals to purify the air.  In North America, the native Americans have burned herbs (White Sage, Cedar, etc.) to purify themselves and their rooms of any negative influences, including virus.  I have burned White Sage in my own home with the intention of purifying my home and my aura of all negative energies.  I have also used it in my home office to clear out any extra energy that has started to accumulate from giving Reiki sessions.  But when I give Reiki sessions in public or in the office I use in our town for clients, I am not able to burn White Sage.  And so, I make my own White Sage spray and I use this instead.  Using White Sage spray, I feel, is just as beneficial if not more than burning sage.  The biggest benefit is you don’t have to be around smoke.  Using a Smudging spray (in my case, White Sage spray) smells light and fragrant, especially if there is added essential oils in the spray.  If you’re interested in Smudging with White Sage and/or herbs, here is how I do it.  Everyone does it differently to some degree. 

Burning White Sage or herbs or combined:

To cleanse your home, I suggest you start in the basement.  You will be going from room to room.  You will need to place smoke in each corner of each room, including closets.  And while you do this, have the intention of-for example, of “purifying my house of all negative influences.”  Before you start, open at least one window on each level of the house.  It only has to be opened a crack.  This allows the smoke attached to negative energy to leave the home.

Light your White Sage stick on fire.  Have something under the stick to catch any ashes and/or sparks.  I’m not fussy, so I use an aluminum pie pan.  To use the White Sage stick, blow out the flame.  You only want the smoke.  Now go to the lowest part of your home-basement.  Start in one room.  Take the smudge stick and place smoke in one corner of the room, starting from the floor and moving up.  At the same time, I like to say a prayer/intention as I move from room to room.  I say something like this, “In Jesus Christ name, I bind all negative energy to the sage smoke and I send it outside to be turned to positive energy.”

Spirit Earth Science has this one you can say instead, “In Jesus Christ name, I release all negativity that surrounds me in to this sage smoke.  I release all fear that holds me back.  I release all energies that do not serve me.  Passing positive energy to those I cherish.”

There are different prayers you can make up yourself.  Say what you feel heals your home.

Place smoke in all corners and through center of the room.  Move to next room and repeat with your intention/prayer.

After you finish the basement, move up to the main floor.  If you have any other floors, continue until you’re done.  I have an attached garage and so I include the garage and my automobile.  You can also use a smudging stick to smudge your aura.  Just move the smoke around you while saying your intention/prayer.  Leave your windows open until your house has cleared up of the smoke.  You’re done.  Use this every time you suspect negative energy, virus, or if you’ve had a fight in your home.

The smudging spray is used in the same way, except you do not light it. (hahaha).  Just go from room to room, spraying in each corner and through the center with stating your intention/prayer.

I will share how to make Smudging spray.  But for those who would rather leave creating smudge spray to others, I offer you Reiki in the Prairie LLC’s smudge spray for sale in the Facebook shop.

Everyone who makes smudge spray adds their own little touch-Reiki in the Prairie LLCs included.

White Sage Smudge spray:

Take about 1 quart of Vodka (clear, non-flavored.)

Add about ½ cup of White sage leaves.  Place all of this in a large 2 qt. glass container.  Let it sit in a dark, cook area for about 6 weeks or more.

When the 6 wks is up, pour this through a cheesecloth.

Pour in to individual spray bottles.  To top off bottle, I add sterilized. Distilled water.  Now if you’re interested, you can add your favorite essential oil to each bottle.  Just make sure you shake your smudge spray before using it.

Smudge spray can be used in your office, house, in your aura, or any other place you feel needs to be energetically/physically cleaned.

Here is the link to Reiki in the Prairie LLC’s shop, just in case you decide you would rather buy smudge spray.

Hope this article was enjoyable and of interest to you. 

Anyone can smudge their house or self.  It just takes a little time and intention.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of

July 25, 2017


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Cynthia Bergsbaken, RM, IARP, is a Usui Reiki practitioner at the Master level. She received this certification in 2016. She is now professionally providing Reiki sessions to clients. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1987 with a bachelor of science in Microbiology. She worked in human and animal research for about 10 years. She also is the owner, founder, and practitioner of Reiki in the Prairie LLC and jewelry maker, founder and owner of Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia. She enjoys making jewelry with natural stones and precious metals. She is a mother of two adult children and a wife. She enjoys teaching, nature, cooking/baking, painting, playing sports, learning and having fun.