You Have Power


You have Power!!!

By Cynthia L. Bergsbaken

We have power every time you choose to be in the present moment.  Letting the past go and releasing any thoughts of what the future can or will bring us.  We have power every time we   choose to stand up for ourselves and others.  We have power every time we decide to act like our real, authentic selves, refusing to wear a false mask.  Our power lies in our choices we make in life.  Our choice to how we will react to another person.  Our choice on how we will react to a life’s experience.  Our choice on how we will react to ourselves.  The choice is broken in to two.  The choice to react with anger, depression, frustration, greed, hate, grief, revenge all stems from the base emotion-fear.  When we choose to react with these emotions and stay in these emotions about a person, experience or ourselves, we choose to come from “fear”.  When we choose to react with forgiveness, love, joy, happiness, and compassion, our choice stems from the base emotion of “love.”  When we live within our choices, whether fear or love, we create our physical worlds based on feeling these to be true in us.  We feel it to be true, we create our own physical realities.  If we want to feel like we have been a victim of the Universe, we will create our own life’s scenarios.  If we want to feel like the Universe put us in an experience that we can learn a lesson from, learn all about ourselves, we will be able to create the feeling of “love” out of a bad experience.  In life, I’ve been told, we are creating a beautiful tapestry up in Heaven with every choice and action we have made on Earth.  This tapestry can be as beautiful as you want or it can be as ugly as you want.  The choice is up to you.  To manifest the best life we can possibly have, we need to watch our choices in life.  Look at the motivation behind the choice you feel you want to make.  Does the choice come from fear or love?    We feel emotions.  The emotions are not us.  The negative emotions are ways to tell us there is something in us, that needs to be looked at closer to understand and to be released to God to be healed.  Making the choice to feel and wallow in a negative emotion is your choice, which stems from fear.   The emotions that come to us, tells us a lot about ourselves.   Let’s take the time to look at how we react to people, situations or our own selves.  Understand why you are making or have made, the choice you did.  To do this, is to understand yourself, thus heal yourself.  It is than that we can make a choice based in “love”.

Remember, you have power in life no matter what is happening around you, no matter who is in your life, and no matter what environment you are in.  You have the power of Choice.  Choose to feel like a victim or choose to feel grateful you have a life on earth.

Note-Ideas from:

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Eckhart Tolle

 Caroline Myss

and many others in past history.








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Cynthia Bergsbaken, RM, IARP, is a Usui Reiki practitioner at the Master level. She received this certification in 2016. She is now professionally providing Reiki sessions to clients. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1987 with a bachelor of science in Microbiology. She worked in human and animal research for about 10 years. She also is the owner, founder, and practitioner of Reiki in the Prairie LLC and jewelry maker, founder and owner of Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia. She enjoys making jewelry with natural stones and precious metals. She is a mother of two adult children and a wife. She enjoys teaching, nature, cooking/baking, painting, playing sports, learning and having fun.