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 Everything in this world, including people are made of energy.  Many people are energy sensitive.

People who are energy sensitive, will work,  with imposing strong Personal boundaries at times with others.

Not only in our day to day lives in-person, but energetically as well.

My "Trees" article says to just allow people be who they are.  To me, this is spot on.

But this doesn't mean to allow people to walk all over your Personal boundaries.

In this time, many people have awoken!  They are finding out there is more to them than just the physical body.

They are finding out they too can read energy/ sense energy and see energy.  And this is truly a pretty neat time in history.

But there are those that have not "healed" their inner hurts.  They still carry the "inner hurts/pain" with them, projecting off their pain to others.

The more negative a person acts in life, the more pain they carry with them.

At times, an energy sensitive person may not want to be around someone who is projecting such pain.

Or maybe a person starts to energetically cross Personal boundaries with them.

If these apply to you, try this.  

Try looking at people as planets.

Yep, as planets.  Not trees this time, but planets.

I made this up a while ago, and I thought I'd share it with others to help them with the energy of others.

O.k. we have you as a planet.  You can be called Planet X.  You are orbiting in your own little bit of space, happily doing what you want to do.

One day, another planet comes in your orbit, planet Y.  Planet Y is here visit for a bit and to say "Hi".

 Planet Y has a similar energy level as you and so you feel easy-going being by it.  You don't mind sharing some energy back and forth due to it being similar to yours.  It's a pleasant feeling sharing positive energy.

Planet Y moves out of your orbit after a bit.

You're still orbiting in your little bit of space, happily doing what you do.

One day, another planet comes into your orbit.  But this planet is a darker planet.  It has much pain in it.  


This new planet, planet D, that is orbiting by you,  is painful to feel due to it's energy being full of pain.  It is a lower level of energy compared to yours, as well.  

The planet wants to share energy back and forth with you, but that makes you feel pretty negative.

This planet is bringing down your energy vibration by being around it.

Your gut says, please move away.  But you cannot due to the planet is orbiting in your space.

So do you stand your ground and hold your energy vibration firmly against this new planet?  

Or do you go into fear, let this new planet take all your positive energy, and leave you feeling pretty awful.

I chose to stand my ground!  Hopefully you will as well.

So when we encounter planets that are forcing their energy onto you or you just are not comfortable around that planet, try this technique.

Remember, we are all planets-our own little worlds.  Planets spin in orbit.

So when you have a planet visiting your orbit that you are not enjoying being around, try feeling the energy and spin the energy (planet).  

Sort of like a top toy.  

Toy Top

The planet naturally spins. 

 By spinning it faster than typically, with intention, one can keep from absorbing it's energy.  The planet tends to move off quicker not enjoying what he/she is feeling.

I've used this numerous times with 100% effectiveness.

This is one way you can have strong Personal boundaries to planets that are overstaying their visit in your orbit.

Strong Personal boundaries are key to keeping your own energy vibration safe.

There are many other ways to have strong Personal boundaries in the energetic world.

So, next time you feel energy by you and you're not  enjoying it, try using your energetic Personal boundaries.  Personal boundaries, of all types, are here to protect us.


By Cynthia Bergsbaken, February 28, 2021.

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