About Cynthia

Cynthia Bergsbaken, RM


My name is Cynthia Bergsbaken.  I am a Reiki Master practitioner, energy worker and Jewelry maker/designer.

I have a B.S. in Microbiology from the University of MN. On the side,  I have studied:  Energy Spirituality (energy work to heal), Crystal Healing, Reiki, our energy systems(chakras and aura) and how it relates to disease and other physical symptoms,  Shadow Working(excavating your beliefs, thoughts, behavior, and your whole being, in hopes of healing any area that  needs to be healed.), Cutting Cords of Attachments( Cords of Attachments are emotional energy cords that are formed between  yourself and another person you have or had a relationship with, whether family member or friend.  These cords keep you in the same emotional pattern with the other person.  Cords are draining.  If the relationship is not loving, the  emotional pattern will be negative towards you, the corded.  There is more to cutting cords of attachments.  The lesson in life needs to be learned.  And so by cutting the cord and intuitively reading the cut cord, an emotional pattern starts to emerge.  By talking with the person and providing some “homework” on how to change your emotional pattern, will stop the cord from re-forming again to other person.   I have worked with Reiki energy (in- person and long distance), Intuitive scanning (in-person and long distance), Crystal balancing (using crystals to balance the chakras), Crystal healing (using crystals to promote emotional healing),  and reading energies.

My work in these areas  has provided me with many experiences that I would like to share as my articles and inspirational pictures, in hopes of helping someone else in life.

I enjoy art, jewelry making with crystal and precious metals, cooking/baking, and music.

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken