Changing My Name has Helped to Heal Myself and Others.


Today I tried to make myself an appointment.  I was met with a friendly lady to my face type of person, but when I asked her nicely to call me by my authentic name of Cynthia, she blatantly kept calling me Cindy.  Now I don’t have a problem with my nickname I received as a young child, but my problem here is with people disregarding my wishes.  If a person wishes to be called something different than what people typically will try to call them, I feel people need to follow the other person’s wishes.  This shows respect and love.   Since I’ve changed my name to my birth name, I’ve had about 10-15% of the people who I ask to call me by Cynthia, turn around and be negative about it.

My point in writing this is not to complain about these experiences.   But my point is to show how I and others can bring in the light of healing to this experience by way of changing how we think of these situations and using the Ho’Oponopono technique.

These experiences have made me angry each time they happen.  This shows me that I’m receiving behavior from others that crosses my personal boundaries.  People that continually cross my personal boundaries are people who I do not care to be around.  When I see bad behavior in others, and I react to it, I take a closer look at the bad behavior that was shown to me.  We all act as mirrors in each other’s lives.  So, looking closer at this experience, I have learned that I have not been rude to others regarding them changing their name.  But, I have seen where I have blatantly rebelled against someone just because I didn’t want to listen to them.

Realizing that I also have used my shadow side of my Rebel archetype towards others, I am able to ‘heal this”.  This is what we call “Shadow working”.  To heal this means, we bring this shadow behavior in to the light.  I have already acknowledged that I also have had similar bad behavior.  This is a start to bringing the behavior in to the light.

After I have calmed down and I have noticed similar behavior in my past, I will finish healing it by using an ancient Hawaiian love technique called Ho’Oponopono.  By using this ancient love technique, I’ll not only be healing myself, but when I start to heal of this, it also acts to stimulate other people in healing this behavior.  Remember, we are all connected.  When one person starts to heal themselves, it tends to act like a domino effect on others and stimulate others to do the same.  Now just because I have acknowledged the bad behavior in someone else an in myself and I do the ancient love technique, doesn’t mean I can forget all about the behavior.  This means, the Universe will hold me 100% responsible if I continue in doing this bad behavior(Karma).  Why?  Because I am aware I am doing it.  Now let’s clean our subconscious minds with using Ho’Oponopono technique.

When we use the Ho’Oponopono technique, we are talking to our Inner child.  This inner child is also your Divine self and your subconscious mind.  When we talk to our Divine selves, we use respect and love.  For our Divine selves are sacred.  When we clean our subconscious minds, we need to remember that our inner child-our inner, young child, has lived with whatever memory we have of each experience we’ve been in.  So, thinking back, find all your memories of horrific, abusive, and mean experiences. Why?  Because we are protecting our young inner child from having to live with these horrific memories.  The subconscious mind is like a computer.  It remembers everything you have ever experienced in this life-even if you have forgotten consciously.  To keep negative memories in your subconscious mind is to let your inner child continuously relive through them, every day of your life.

So, with these ideas in mind, we continue with Ho’Oponopono technique.  It is easy to do, you just need to do it.  So, let’s name the behavior or experience we want to erase.  I’ve been treated badly regarding my name change.  But when I looked at myself regarding this bad behavior, I have found that I too have done similar bad behavior.  The bad behavior was to rebel against others just because I didn’t want to do what they asked me to do.  Rebelling against a positive suggestion.  So, this was acknowledging my own bad behavior from the past.  Now using the Ho’Oponopono technique and with great respect and love, I say these words either out loud or in my head. “Cynthia, let’s clean house.  Please find all the information and memories regarding Me rebelling against a person asking me to do something that I really didn’t want to do.  Please find all the information and memories and I ask you to release it all up to God to be neutralized, erased, and healed.  I am so sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and I thank you.  I am so sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and I thank you.  I am so sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and I thank you.” “I let it go.”

That’s it!  You just used this ancient love technique to heal your own bad behavior.  Why do we say all the apologies?  Remember, you’re talking to your Divine self, your inner child.  You are apologizing for not spending much time with your inner child and for acknowledging your inner child.  Remember, you’re talking to yourself at maybe age 4 years old.  You let your inner child know, you are her/him, all grown up.  You are there to take care of yourself-inner child.  Your parents may still be alive, but you are now your inner child’s parent to protect them, to play, to talk to them and to love them.  Let your inner child know all this.  Typically, I would say a lot of people do not acknowledge themselves as a young child still inside of themselves (Child archetype).  Even though we are grown up, doesn’t mean you lose that child that stays safe and hidden inside of you.  Bad behavior that comes out of us, at times, can be from our inner child.  An inner child that is showing a person they need attention, healing, and some love.  So be gentle with this being inside of you.  The” I love you” in the technique is to show your affection to this priceless child.  “I thank you” is to let them know you are thankful for them being a part of your life.  For helping you heal the memories in you that need to be healed.  Thanking your inner child/subconscious mind/Divine self for releasing these memories up to God.  In this way, your inner child does not need to be around these bad memories.  Treat your inner child as you would treat any other young child-with love, respect, and protection.

In our daily lives, we need to find time to play, give ourselves attention, love, and respect.  Don’t forget about our Divine selves as a child.  This child remains in us, waiting for you attention, love and play!

So, as we follow our paths in life, we meet people.  Each person that we meet will either teach us or we will teach them.  My negative experience has taught me that I too have some shadows to heal.  I ask you to follow your paths and if you come upon someone that gets you upset in anyway, take a closer look at the bad experience.  Ask yourself, is it possible that you too have done something similar in life?  We all act as mirrors to each other.  It is up to us to realize this and to take the opportunity to heal ourselves-bring in the light.  When we heal ourselves, we bring our best, most loving self into the world.  And when we enter the world as our “best” versions, we also can heal the world, one person at a time.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Healing Worry

I grew up in a home where worry was and still is, looked at as being a sign of “love”. If you worried about someone in the family, it showed that you loved them. And so this made it o.k. to worry. To worry is to make yourself unhealthy, unhappy, and stuck in life. When we worry, we energetically bring our energy vibrations down. Bringing your energy vibration down is like watching a Kerosene lantern burning. When we are harmonious and happy, our lanterns (our energy system) are bright in their light. When we are worrying, we lower our wicks in the lantern. Thus, when we look at this lantern, the light burning is dim. The light is not a healthy light. To bring your best in to our world, we need to feel happy, energetic, joy, and love. In order that we do this, we need to let go of worry. My new method for worry is, 1. Notice you are worrying. 2. Ask yourself questions regarding this worry. What is the worry about? Why? How do I feel about this? What can I do to help solve this problem? Is the worry helping me? How? 3. When you’re done looking closer at this situation and worry, release it up to God. “I let this worry go up to God to be 100% healed.” Picture your worry with a white balloon on it floating up to Heaven. It’s gone! Now I suggest you pray to God. Ask him/her to help you notice whenever you worry. Ask him/her to help you to always release any worry to him/her. Let him/her know that you will not give in to worry. You trust him/her 100%. That’s it. I feel with your intention to give up worry and the desire to live a life full of joy and happiness is the way to stop worrying in its tracks.
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

You Have Power


You have Power!!!

By Cynthia L. Bergsbaken

We have power every time you choose to be in the present moment.  Letting the past go and releasing any thoughts of what the future can or will bring us.  We have power every time we   choose to stand up for ourselves and others.  We have power every time we decide to act like our real, authentic selves, refusing to wear a false mask.  Our power lies in our choices we make in life.  Our choice to how we will react to another person.  Our choice on how we will react to a life’s experience.  Our choice on how we will react to ourselves.  The choice is broken in to two.  The choice to react with anger, depression, frustration, greed, hate, grief, revenge all stems from the base emotion-fear.  When we choose to react with these emotions and stay in these emotions about a person, experience or ourselves, we choose to come from “fear”.  When we choose to react with forgiveness, love, joy, happiness, and compassion, our choice stems from the base emotion of “love.”  When we live within our choices, whether fear or love, we create our physical worlds based on feeling these to be true in us.  We feel it to be true, we create our own physical realities.  If we want to feel like we have been a victim of the Universe, we will create our own life’s scenarios.  If we want to feel like the Universe put us in an experience that we can learn a lesson from, learn all about ourselves, we will be able to create the feeling of “love” out of a bad experience.  In life, I’ve been told, we are creating a beautiful tapestry up in Heaven with every choice and action we have made on Earth.  This tapestry can be as beautiful as you want or it can be as ugly as you want.  The choice is up to you.  To manifest the best life we can possibly have, we need to watch our choices in life.  Look at the motivation behind the choice you feel you want to make.  Does the choice come from fear or love?    We feel emotions.  The emotions are not us.  The negative emotions are ways to tell us there is something in us, that needs to be looked at closer to understand and to be released to God to be healed.  Making the choice to feel and wallow in a negative emotion is your choice, which stems from fear.   The emotions that come to us, tells us a lot about ourselves.   Let’s take the time to look at how we react to people, situations or our own selves.  Understand why you are making or have made, the choice you did.  To do this, is to understand yourself, thus heal yourself.  It is than that we can make a choice based in “love”.

Remember, you have power in life no matter what is happening around you, no matter who is in your life, and no matter what environment you are in.  You have the power of Choice.  Choose to feel like a victim or choose to feel grateful you have a life on earth.

Note-Ideas from:

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Eckhart Tolle

 Caroline Myss

and many others in past history.








Live Fearlessly

I’ve been reading books on ADCs or After-Death Communications. I find them to   be enjoyable and exciting to read. I have come upon a few stories of spirit showing their relative what Heaven is like and who we are. “We are Divine spirit. A piece of God. Our Souls are fiercely/perfectly made.” When we see and realize just how perfect and beautiful our souls are, we realize that all our fears in life are just “illusions”. We are all here to teach and to be taught by others. Earth is a big school and we are all apart of this. We are here to learn compassion, love, and kindness. I have read, the more we act and think this way, the more our beings give off a Celestial song that is heard in the Heavens. One ADC experience heard the beautiful songs from billions of angels. These songs come from angels and all of life on Earth.
When we walk through life and we feel alone, remember, your soul/God is with you always. Our relatives/angels are with us. Outside of others’ behaviors/ego, try to imagine the real-authentic soul inside of the body. These souls are also apart of God. We all make up God’s body. We are all connected to each other.
So knowing all of this, live life with joy, love, and be excited! Live life “fearlessly”. Have fun with life. And stop taking life so seriously.
By Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
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Be Gentle!

Life can be a real “bear” at times! We all have our days where we feel like crawling into our homes and hiding. Other days, we are on top of the world! No matter how we feel inside, being gentle in words, actions, and thoughts, to ourselves and others is an awesome way to give “love’.
Blessings-Cynthia RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
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Sound Healing


The Spoken Word. picture
by Cynthia Bergsbaken


I have shared some articles on Sound healing. Sound healing has been around for thousands of years.  When earth was created, God used sound to create.  Sound can be:  music, single notes played,  syllables sang, it can be chanting,  thinking, prayer, and it can be the spoken word.

We all do sound healing every day when you provide a simple encouragement to someone at the appropriate time. When someone is feeling low and maybe even depressed because of what they are going through in life, even the smallest word of encouragement can help.  When we acknowledge the person and his/her experience, and give them the time and patience to speak what they are feeling, we give them the space to start healing.  When we take the time to listen, we will know the proper time to give that other person a positive statement that can completely change the way they are thinking and feeling.  By saying even, the simplest words to another person in need, we help them to see that they are not alone, they have support, and they are loved.  Some small words of encouragement are intended as guidance for people, while other words are meant for providing clarity in life.

Lela was a young, vibrant woman that was cheerful, friendly, and creative in life. She was following a spiritual life, enjoying using her newly founded spiritual gifts.  Lela felt sure of herself, reading about all her abilities and strengthening them.  The evening after Lela had her birthday, she began to have many paranormal things start to happen to her.  She began to become fearful.  She was being spiritually attacked in her bed at night.   She started getting attacked, spiritually every day.  One evening, she decided to call a person whom she did not know, but read about in his newly written book.  She thought this person might be able to shed some light on to the situation. This person was a professional Psychic Medium.  She called this person and talked to him.  He was perplexed as to why she would call him.  He was also perplexed on what to do.  They talked for a bit, Lela feeling calm, but the psychic medium feeling nervous.  Then the conversation ended.  Lela hung up with no answers to her problems.  Each day, Lela thought about the conversation she had with the psychic medium.  Even though there were no concrete solutions provided to her, she remembers one sentence that caused her to re-evaluate her situation. One sentence that was spoke at the correct time to her that completely changed her thinking and feeling.  Lela had needed to be reminded about how powerful it is to “pray”.  This psychic medium reminded her when times are hard or we are going through something bigger than us, we need to use our spoken words, in this situation, prayer.

This true story, with a name changed, is an example of using the spoken word as a form of healing to another in life. How simple one word can be that can change a person’s perspective in life.  Even a stranger can provide healing words to another.  Lela is doing well and has come to appreciate the support and help others can provide at just the right moment with the spoken word.

Sound healing is all about providing loving vibrations that break up negative blockages inside of the energetic body. Once these blockages are dissolved, a person can have clarity of mind, body, and heart.  A person can become balanced energetically, which causes the rest of the body to become balanced also.

Let’s all of us  get out in to the world, whether it is in a huge city or in our own little neighborhood, and be there for another with gentle, loving, kind words that when spoken to another at the appropriate time, can cause them to start healing themselves.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Reiki in the Prairie LLC



Watch Your Sugar Intake!


Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

As time goes by, there is more and more research stating that sugar and foods that change in to sugar rapidly in our body, is one of the number one culprits for causing inflammation in our bodies. When we develop inflammation in our bodies, our bodies will let us know by our:  blood pressure going up, blood lipids (fats) going up, cholesterol going up, and our weight goes up.  These are all signs of an inflammatory response.  If we continue with providing our bodies with an inflammatory response, we may develop:  diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.  Sugar is highly addictive, like a drug.  I know I really love the sweet taste of a dessert after a meal or even before a meal.  Surprisingly, sugar is found in many, many readymade foods on the market.  Sugar, as well as salt, is found in mass produced foods for taste.  If an item is marked as low fat, beware that in place of the fat, they have placed in either sugar or salt for flavor.  Now our bodies need fat, just the right fats.  I grew up in an era that “Crisco” was the healthy fat for us instead of beef tallow.  Crisco is a trade mark refined hydrogenated vegetable fat brought about to be the “healthy” choice for homemakers to use in all their cooking and baking instead of the dreaded saturated fats.  Many years later, many countries have banned the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats) due to being “unfit” for human consumption.  This fat is also one of the top culprits for inflammation in the body.  As I grew older, there was a fad that all fat is bad for you and so they replaced fats with “low fat” versions.  But this took out the flavor and so the companies added back other sources of flavor-refined sugar, salt, Monosodium Glutamate, artificial flavors.  Again, we see that fat is being named the culprit for inflammation in the body.  We also notice that the introduction of high refined sugar and high refined salt in foods coupled with refined vegetable oils and/or hydrogenated vegetable oils has not stopped inflammatory responses in people’s bodies.  If anything, low fat foods have created obesity, high blood pressure and more, in many.  The body needs fats, including saturated fats to run effectively.

Now, we can see where refined sugar and refined salt have been added to mass produced foods, causing much inflammation in the body. (maybe 1970’s?)  Replacing fat with sugar or salt is not the answer to creating healthy bodies.  To help stop our bodies from going in to a inflammatory response, we need to be food wise.  Some of the top culprits for causing the inflammation response in our bodies are:  sugar (refined, chemically altered sugars, dextrose w/sucrose, and high Fructose corn syrups), hydrogenated fats, partially hydrogenated fats, refined vegetable oils, food dyes, chemical additives, preservatives, and refined salt.  When it comes to knowing what you eat, you need to read the ingredients, only.  The nutritional facts are misleading.  The nutritional facts may state that there is 0% trans fats in it, but in reality, there is some in the product.  Any amount of trans fats is a trigger in your body for inflammation.  Trans fats have a half-life of about 51 days.  And so, this means, if you eat something with trans fats in it, it will cause havoc in your body for about 102 days.  And if you eat a food with trans fats in it the next day, you add on a longer time for the inflammatory response in your body.  And so, if you continually eat trans fats, your body will remain in a state of inflammation.

When purchasing foods, the less processed the food is, the better for your body.

Some better choices for refined sugar: using fruit purees, honey, barley syrup, malt syrup, fruit juices, maple syrup (100% maple), and Stevia.  I like to take dates, apricots, or prunes and I cook them with a little water until they are a puree or paste.  I take this and add to baked goods for the sweetness and for added moisture, fiber, and minerals.

Look at the Glycemic index chart I have listed here. The lower the number the food has, the slower the food will change in to sugar in your body.  The slower it changes in to sugar, the longer you will feel full, less of a blood sugar increase, and low body inflammation, if any at all.  Notice, the more unprocessed the food is, the smaller the number.

Fats, I feel are healthy choices are: Olive oil (Extra Virgin-cold pressed for cold eating on food, Classic Olive oil for sautéing/cooking foods.), Coconut oil (non-hydrogenated), and butter.  Yep, I say butter is healthier than refined vegetable oils.  Butter is non-processed.  Our bodies still need some saturated fats, just not a lot.

I am not a nutritionist, I am not a medical doctor, but I am someone who wants to have a healthy body. From much reading in this area, I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas on this topic.  I know many people in the world, including me, to a certain extent, have inflammatory responses going on in their bodies.  I also know of some people still believing in the belief that foods with high cholesterol are bad for you if you are experiencing high cholesterol.  (such as eggs, shrimp, etc.)  Not true.  Our bodies will make cholesterol due to having inflammation in our bodies.  If you have a lot of inflammation going on, your body wants to protect you and to get rid of the inflammation.  And so instead of getting rid of the cholesterol, we need to get rid of the inflammation!

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC



“Dr. Bod’s Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones.” By Dr. Robert DeMaria

The University of Sydney, link  For Glycemic charts.

Glycemic Index Foundation, chart on switching high glycemic foods for low ones.

Harvard T.H. Chan (Why Trans Fats are bad for you)

Mayo Clinic, Trans Fats are bad for your Heart

UAF Education (sugar intake causes inflammation in body)

Dr. Bob’s Trans Fat Survival Guide, Why No Fat, Low Fat, and Trans Fats are Killing you. (This article also includes information on sugar as being inflammatory.) By Dr. Robert DeMaria





How Important is Gut Health to your Over All Health?

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken
There has been medical evidence that having healthy gut flora will keep you healthy and energetic. As a nation, we tend to start taking antibiotics as early as childhood. These antibiotics kill off our healthy gut flora, causing us to take on “bad” gut flora. We eat meat from animals that have received antibiotic treatments before slaughter. There is evidence that a low dosage of antibiotic also is transferred to us, again killing off our good microflora in our guts. I recently posted about how the microflora in our guts communicates to our brains. Unhealthy gut flora can cause depression, weight gain, digestive problems, and many more problems. The healthy or unhealthy bacteria are looking for food for themselves. The healthy microbes will ask for healthy selections of foods-berries, vegetables, etc. where as the unhealthy ones are looking for foods rich in saturated fats, sugars, junk foods. We receive cravings related to what gut flora we have in our intestines. And of course, the more you feed the “bad” bacteria, the more you grow them in your gut, causing many health problems.
Probiotics are a way to place back healthy gut flora. But they will not last (die) if you are not feeding your microflora with the proper food choices. We choose from: cultured milk products such as yogurt and kefir. There are also pill forms of probiotic.
I culture my own Kefir and yogurt at home.

Kefir by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Other then having really fresh products, I am able to choose what sweetener to use.  To grow your own Kefir, one needs to obtain Kefir grains. I add my Kefir grains to fresh milk, right from the refrigerator.  I cover bottle with  cloth and I let it sit for 24 hrs. on counter.   Kefir grains are bought from people who culture their own Kefir.  For culturing my own yogurt, I buy a small container of active culture yogurt and I mix 3T. of it with milk that I previously heated close to simmering and I cooled it to room temperature.  The mixture is heated at a low temperature in a yogurt maker.  It heats for 7 hours.

Prebiotics are foods that feed your healthy gut microflora. In order to have a healthy gut, one must feed their gut probiotics and prebiotics.
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken
Here is a list of foods that are considered prebiotics:


Reiki in the Prairie LLC·Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

I just read a very good article on spiritual responsibility.  How people who are highly spiritual are afraid of  taking their spiritual responsibility in life-be big in their soul’s purpose.  People tend to have excuses to why they should not follow what their soul’s purpose is on earth.  We manifest health issues, we manifest financial problems, we manifest rivals to either stop us or slow us down in our true purpose.  Why are we here? we ask ourselves.  What is my soul’s purpose?  Am I fearful of taking on my power in life?  Am I fearful to feel the inner power, my “I Am”, and so I sabotage my efforts?  We all have a beautiful, powerful ,light spirit in us.  We are here to bring our own inner light (power) to earth and manifest God’s love.  We are here to plant our light (love) on earth and hold it there.  In other words, we are here to recognize our own Divine selves.  We are also here to assist others in their struggle to  recognize their own Divinity.  Are you fearful of your own inner power, your responsibility?
Above note is written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM, IARP

Here is the article I share with you to read.  Enjoy!

Brought to you by Reiki in the Prairie LLC  Here I share my on experiences and how I helped myself.  DIY articles on whole health.  I also provide Reiki energy session  information here.
Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Shadow Working

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

I,  off and on make comments on posts in the Empath communities on Facebook.  It’s typical for me to suggest to others, the most important experience I’ve brought to my self is “Shadow Working” on my self.  Usually the comment I get back is, “What is Shadow Working?”

Shadow Working is basically you excavating in to who you are.  To start, you can pick any area in yourself that you notice.  Such as;  Likes and dislikes-What is your favorite color?  Why?  How does it make you feel?  Why do I like this….?  Why don’t I like that?  Another area you could dive in to is your beliefs.  A lot of our problem beliefs were taught to us as children.  Question your beliefs;  Do you still believe in……?, Why?, Where did you learn it from?, Does it still make sense?, Is this belief always true for you?  If you find a problematic belief, it’s time to “dump” it and make yourself a new belief to take its place.  By using the formula that Luis Angel Diaz, author of “Memory in the Cell” shares with you, you start to see how the belief was benefitting you, in a negative way.

Formula exercise from “Memory in the Cell”(1).

Find the strongest emotion regarding your belief.  Example rage.

Now place that emotion in to this formula-  “What is the benefit of your feeling ………(example rage)?  Answer this.  Try writing all this down on paper.  If the benefit is an action word, write down how you feel about it.  Keep writing down this question with each new beneficial  emotion.  When you get to the most positive emotion you can have from this, stop.  Now look at all your first answer(example rage) and your last answer(example love).  Place the last  answer in the first spot in this formula.  Formula 2.   “In order to …….I need to……”.   Than take your first answer and place it in the last spot in this formula.  Now read it and think about it.  This is how you think in terms of this belief.  “In order to feel love, I need to rage”.   Does this make sense to you?  This is a good way to heal mistaken, negative beliefs in your life.  By noticing what you actually believe, you’re able to heal and release them, replacing them with a positive  belief.  It is amazing to see and understand, how some of our beliefs from childhood became twisted.

Shadow working is also looking at your behavior in life.  Why did I react the way I did to that person?  Anytime you are triggered in life, or react negatively to an experience, you are projecting your negative emotions out to others.  This goes for any person that acts negatively in life.  People and experiences come in to our lives to help us “heal”.  At times, they trigger our negative reactions.  The person that triggered this in you is your mirror.  They just mirrored to you what you need to heal in yourself.  Example;  You are all excited because you bought a new purse that was different, but fun,  from your usual purchases.  You show your new purse to your sister, looking for that validation that it is so cute!  Your sister looks at the purse and says, “It looks like you bought that from a rummage sale!”  You become embarrassed at first, wishing you hadn’t bought  the purse.  But then you become angry at her.  Why?  Why did you  become embarrassed?  Your sister criticized you which made you feel ashamed.  She shamed your happy experience of having a cute, fun, out of the ordinary purse.  By becoming ashamed, you just let another person manipulate you.  Your sister, criticizing you , is a mirror image that shows you, you have this “criticizing” tendency also in you and have used it towards yourself and others.  Now ask yourself, why did I feel angry?  Because your personal boundaries were just attacked.  Your sister walked all over them and you did not stand up for yourself.  These are questions you need to ask yourself.  Why did you react the way you did and what is being shown to me (the others bad behavior) that I can heal in myself.  By healing the behavior in you, you actually start to also heal the other person’s behavior in them.  To heal behaviors shown to me by others, I have successfully used the “I love You” technique or also known as Ho’Oponopono technique.  The Ho’Oponopono technique

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

was introduced by Dr. Hew Len of Hawaii.  I wrote an article talking about how to use this.

Lets take a closer look at the embarrassment or shame you felt from your sister criticizing you and your purse.  Why did you feel shame?  Again, this can be someone’s behavior towards you when you were young.  Think back to your parents, sister/brothers, etc.  Was there someone who off and on embarrassed/shamed you and others?  When you figure this out, it’s time for you to heal it.  Know when others act negatively in life, they are showing their inner realities to everyone they treat badly.  When you realize this, you start to think differently when someone acts badly.  Instead of feeling embarrassed, you start to have forgiveness and compassion for them.  You also can realize when someone purposely tries to make you feel bad about yourself, it’s called manipulation and control.  Manipulation is the” art of making someone’s soul dance for the manipulator’s pleasure.”  Stand up for yourself instead of dancing.  How?  By becoming assertive.   Assertiveness is not aggression, it’s simply stating, out loud,  what is happening, communicating how you feel about it, and stating what you want done about it.

Working on all your boundaries will also help you.  Look at each of your boundaries-Personal, Emotional, Mental, Sexual, and Business.  Write all your beliefs down regarding your boundaries.  Do they make sense?  Do you need to re-vamp them?

All these ways are a way to start “Shadow Working” on yourself.  I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now and I have enjoyed every stage of it.  I can’t think of any better way to show love to yourself than getting to know yourself.

I’m also a believer in using natural stones to help learn about your self.  By wearing one  or more of these stones, their energy vibrations will assist you in bringing forth emotional areas in your life to be healed.

Picture by Ancient Wisdom jewelry by Cynthia.

-Calcites                                              -Lepidolite

-Carnelian                                           -Magnesite

-Blue Chalcedony              -Malachite

-Citrine                                                   -Rainbow Moonstone

-Dragon’s Blood Jasper                        -Blue Common Opal

-Unakite Jasper                                    -Pink Common Opal

-Lapis Lazuli                                         -Rose Quartz

There are many other stones to choose from that can help you Shadow work.

Receiving Reiki energy in a session will also help you bring forward emotions and areas in your life that needs to be healed.  Reiki energy goes in to you and balances all aspects of you.  For more information on Reiki and Reiki sessions, go to

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

I will list all my resources.  I also suggest you take a look at these books and videos for yourself.  I found them to be so helpful.

1.  “Memory in the Cell” by Luis Angel Diaz;

-Formula exercises for understanding your beliefs(1)


2.  Dr. Hew Len’s “I love you” technique, called Ho’Oponopono

-Found on Youtube as a video called, “Inner Child meditation”.

Dr. Hew Len also has a book about this technique talking more in detail.

“Zerolimits” by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD.

3.  “The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook”  by Edmund J. Bourne, PhD

(This is the 2000 edition.  There are newer editions available.)

4.  “Assertiveness for Earth Angels.”  by Doreen Virtue

5.  “Anatomy of the Spirit”  by Caroline Myss

6.  “Sacred Contracts” by Caroline Myss  (book on archetypes)

7.  “The Instruction” by Ainslie MacLeod

8.  “Emotional Freedom”  by Dr. Judith Orloff

9.  “Astrology for the Soul” by Jan Spiller

10.  “8 Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation…” by Paul Lenda

11.  “Shame on You!  Do you Use Shame to Control Others?”  by Psychology Today






Be the Miracle!


Jellyfish by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Reiki in the Prairie LLC· Friday, February 24, 2017

Be the miracle!  Miracles may not happen if you just wish for them or ask for them.  It’s time that you stop observing, and talking about them  and actually do the work.  Be the miracle in life.
By Cynthia Bergsbaken  of Reiki in the Prairie LLC for inspirational and educational articles and for Reiki session information

Imagination, One of Your Super powers

God’s Unconditional love surrounding earth.
Our imaginations are one of our superpowers on earth. This is stated in the book called “Your 3 Best Super Powers” by Sonia Choquette. I feel she is 100% correct. You see, in this world, we use thought and spoken word to bring to us our own realities we live in. In other words, if we think negative thoughts and/or speak negative thoughts, we bring to us a world that is pretty negative. We bring other negative people to us that provide us with negative experiences. And so, I feel it is important we use our imaginations in loving ways. Watch our thoughts and spoken words. Are they loving? or are they in need of a little “tweaking” to a more positive feel. Instead of thinking of the future in “worry” and “resentment”, how about using your imagination and think of how beautiful your day will be. Think about all the smiles you can give out and think about how people will respond to this-in a loving way. Imagine yourself, walking through your day with a circle(aura) around you that projects “love” to everyone you see and meet. Think about how your evening will look. Maybe imagine you are meeting friends, a significant other, or family and you see yourself having the greatest time. All of you are laughing, smiling, and enjoying each others company. Or maybe you had a fight with someone the other day. Now imagine yourself walking up to the person and hugging them. The other person is stunned, but then melts into the hug and says, “I’m sorry” and hugs back. Now after you’re done thinking and imagining these experiences, how do you feel? You feel more positive and loving. Now, when you go out in to the world, notice how people react to you. You are projecting off “love”. Notice how people will look at you with warmth and love in their hearts. Notice you’re making a positive difference in your area. Now think of how it started by you using your imagination in a loving way and how it is impacting the area around you, like a domino affect. Why not, in your imagination, place your love and God’s unconditional love around our world and ask it to stay for eternity. I invite you to help change our world with “using your imagination in a loving way. “
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC for more whole health/inspirational articles and Reiki session information.
sources:  Your 3 Super Powers by Sonia Choquette

Dancing for Health

Dancing for Health

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken


What in the world are you talking about, you ask me? Dancing is an art form that also is away to become active, become healthy and to release emotions.  Dancing can be a form of meditation, where you just listen to the music and flow with it.  When we dance to music we love, we enter in to a state of joy.  We move our bodies in any way that feels good.  Whether we learn a certain dance and follow it or we make up our own steps as we go along, dance helps you to release any pent- up emotions by letting you feel your body. Dance brings you down in to your body, so you can experience every physical sensation.  And so dance will ground you. For me, I will put on my 50-60’s rock music and I will dance with whatever step I think of.  I use dance for a healthy exercise accouple of times a week.  By the time, I’m done with bopping and twisting to the oldies, I have built up a healthy sweat.  On my Facebook site, I have some ladies that do what is called, Journey Dancing.  Again, this is another way to become open, expressive, and releasing pent-up energy and emotions in life.  Here is what one of the ladies just posted.  I write this here with her permission.

“Mark your calendars, next Journey Dance class at Avalon, 404 W. Superior Street, Duluth, MN. March 11th 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. My heart is full, filled with love. Have had an expansive past few months with a few deflations. Yesterday I shared one of my passions, Journey Dance, it was a global event! Even though there was only three of us on the dance floor, it felt like so much more. I’ve always told myself I married my toughest student if I can get him to believe in what I am doing I can conquer anything, Dave was right there with me dancing every step of the way along with a lovely acquaintance  Lisa whom I met at a journey dance/yoga event. We filled the room, the world, with all the joy and love we could muster up.” Said Kim Buskala.

These people and others, are enjoying their bodies, getting healthy and meeting new people. What better way to do this?  Anyone can do this.  As long as you have a body, doesn’t matter what size it is or if you’re in a wheel chair, you can dance.

I invite you to try dancing yourself to health! Whether you do it alone or with a group of people.  There are many types of dance out there to bring you joy and happiness.

Check it out!

Here are some sites that can get you started dancing:

Journey Dancing

– Kim Buskala, is a facilitator of the Superior, WI group of Journey Dance. You can find her on or just follow her on Facebook for all events concerning Journey Dance. The home page is
Kim invites you to open to the joy of life. You are the Prayer: your body, your movement, your…

Qi Gong

Fifties and Sixties music

Ballet (view of DVD to purchase)

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC for Reiki session information and whole health articles.

I’m editing this article to say, even watching someone dance  can be healthy!  I hope this video puts a smile on your face for the day! Seen on Youtube.


Ho’Oponopono, the “I love you” Technique

                                          Ho’Oponopono,  the “I love you”

                                                    Technique    12/15/16

What is Ho’oponopono technique and why should it interest you? This technique is an ancient Hawaiian technique for clearing out your Subconscious mind.  The Subconscious mind is also known as our “Inner child.”   Our Subconscious minds contain all the information and memories of our existence.  Our Subconscious minds are like computers collecting all the data that comes to us as energy. Energy that is equivalent to emotions, thoughts, ideas, thinking, etc.  This technique was brought to the public by Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD.  Dr. Hew Len is a psychologist who was working with mentally ill criminals in Hawaii using this technique to cure them.   This technique uses “love” to heal.  It sounds like a fairy tale, but it is proven through Dr.  Hew Len’s accomplishment of healing all the criminals in Hawaii’s hospital.  He did this without even seeing the patient!   This is just a quick back ground of this technique.  My intention is to actually give you the technique to start using it in your everyday life. I may have inadvertently changed a few of the words, but it still works.  Dr. Hew Len has a Youtube video that he talks to the audience about this technique and how to use it.       

 There is also a book that I have read about this technique called, “Zerolimits” by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD.

Let’s get back to your Subconscious mind (Inner child). What kinds of things do I need to erase from my Inner child?  Building a good relationship with your Inner child is the most important relationship you can make in your life, says Dr. Hew Len.  Your Inner child can be looked at as yourself at a young age.  Talking to your Inner child, acknowledging him/her when you feel yourself having negative emotions, and asking him/her what do they need, is being a good parent to your Inner child.  You need to be a loving parent to your Inner child, providing him/her with security and fulfilling needs.  As far as what should you erase from your Inner child, it’s whatever you feel is detrimental to your young self.  And so, if you had a bad experience, whether from your past or now, it would be wise to use this technique to heal it and erase it from your Inner child. Treat your Inner child like any other precious, young child, but in this case, it is you as a young child.  If the experience would not be beneficial for a child to be around, this is prompting you to use this technique to release it.  When you use this technique, you’re not only healing yourself, but you are also healing the other person involved with the experience. 

So here is the technique. I started using this technique about 2 years ago now. 

The words you will use (technique) are:

“I’m so sorry”

“Please forgive me”

“I love you”

“Thank you”

Yep, it’s that simple! When you say these words to your Inner child, you are telling your Inner child (which is also your Divine self) you’re sorry for neglecting him/her.  How many times have you asked your Inner child, “how are you doing?  Do you have a need?  Or I feel you’re scared, how can I help, how can I give you support?”  Our Inner child has been with us since we were created.  We are apologizing for not paying attention to their needs, for not healing the “bad” experiences and emotions we have stored up all our life.  The Inner child has had to continually experience all your “bad” experiences in your life. 

Saying “please forgive me”, we’re are asking our Inner child (Divine selves) for forgiveness for neglecting them.

Saying “I love you”, you’re creating that precious relationship with your Inner child. In order for us to heal ourselves, we must love ourselves first and foremost. 

And finally, letting your Inner child know that you are very thankful for their help, again is part of making a precious, loving relationship with your Inner child. (Divine self). You are thankful, that they will heal and erase what needs to be.

These words are said 3x in a row.

So here is an example how I use this to clear my Inner child.

Example: On the internet, I have a person become mean acting to me.  I figure out she is jealous of my ability to make jewelry.  After I get home, I will ponder if this same kind of behavior is in me? (jealousy of another’s abilities.)  We all are mirrors to each other, showing what is in our aura’s that is unhealed.  I think back to my life, reviewing it and looking for similar behavior.  I find that I have become jealous of other’s abilities in my life.  And so, to use this technique, I’ll say, “Cynthia (my name), it’s time to clean house. Please find all the information and memories of me being jealous of other’s abilities in life.  Gather all this together and release it up to God to be healed, neutralized, and erased. I am so sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and I thank you.  I say the bold line 3x’s.  That’s it, the behavior I had previously had in my Subconscious mind stored up has been healed, taken out and erased. This technique can also be used for unhealed past life issues.  Just say the same words, except place in “gather all this information and memories from my past lives and present life.” 

 The more you do this technique, the more space you make for inspiration to enter your mind.  Thank you  Dr. Hew Len for bringing this technique forward in to the public.  I, myself am very thankful!

Information from:

*“Zerolimits” by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

*Youtube video by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len (Dr. Hew Len)

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, RM, IARP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC (a registered member of International Association of Reiki Professionals)


The Healing Power of Stones and Crystals

The Healing Power of Stones and Crystals 11/14/2016


I’ve been wanting to write an article about the healing powers of dsc01482stones and crystals. I

(Picture by Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia.  Raw Rose Quartz and Rose Quartz, Tanzanite, and Lepidolite necklace.)

wanted to show how natural stones/crystals can help a person in life with releasing emotional baggage and how they can enhance one’s whole self. The problem is how to start it and what to write.

I’ve always loved stones and rocks, ever since I was a child. I had my huge rock collection saved up in a plastic, quart size Dairy Queen container. The more color and sparkly the rock was , the better. Well, since I grew up, I decided to make myself jewelry with natural stones/crystals. The jewelry is my new rock collection in life. I did this for the love of stones/ crystals and for the desire to have healthy jewelry. I learned how to make jewelry the hard way, by a book. Soon, I was making jewelry like thousands of other people in the world. My plan was and still is, to make quality jewelry with solid Sterling silver or Gold-Filled metals and pair them with authentic, natural crystals and stones. The more natural the stone, the healthier the stone, the more healing energy the stone can provide. Soon I discovered each crystal or stone had its own energy vibration. And so when you put a crystal/stone on to wear, the energy of the stone tends to bring your own aura energy up in vibration to match that of the stones. Some stone/crystals are so strong in their vibration, that it takes days for a sensitive person to acclimate to the stones vibration. This is when I started to discover the healing powers of stones/crystals. You see, different colors of the stones/crystals correspond to the main chakras on a person. For example, black and red stones activate the Root chakra, yellow stones/crystals activates the Solar plexus chakra, pink and green stimulate the Heart chakra and so forth. Each chakra corresponds to certain bodily organs in a person. For example, the Heart chakra will be regulating the energy for the heart and lungs. If I wear a black or red stone, this stone will activate the Root chakra. The Root chakra is known for situations regarding our physical survival in the world. This would include food, shelter, love, finances, and water. This chakra is blocked by “fear”. Fear tends to make a person ungrounded-up in their head worrying. When you’re ungrounded, a person has a hard time releasing negative emotions and energies they take in from others and themselves. By wearing a black or red stone, the person stimulates the Root chakra helping themself to feel grounded and fully in their body. Thus if you’re grounded, a person is more likely to face their fears in life and heal them. The stones help you to rebalance the Root chakra.

Each stone has its own energy vibration. So just because some stones are black, doesn’t mean they all have the exact same energy. The black and red stones will all help you with your Root chakra, but each one may help with other areas also.

I’ve been wearing stones/crystals for many years now. I know what emotional areas in my life are weak and so I will wear the particular stone/crystals that will supplement this area and help heal me along with my own work in that area-“Shadow working” and using Reiki energy.

For years now, I have been “Shadow working” on my self. “Shadow Working” is another name for excavating your whole life emotionally and mentally, releasing what is not your beliefs and thoughts, etc. and healing what is yours. I suggest this to anyone who lives on planet Earth. ( Note: Here is an article that gives you how to do some “Shadow working” on yourself. Go to and to the section called Emotional/Mental. Click on this and scroll down to the article titled, “How do I Heal Myself from Past Emotional Traumas and Baggage.” )

Because I ‘m a Reiki Master practitioner, I give my self a Reiki session seven days a week. This is so I can keep a high vibration and stay energetically healthy so I can provide the highest level of Reiki energy to my self and to the public. The Reiki energy and natural stones/crystals help me to stay clear of energy blockages and they help me in finding what I need to release in my “Shadow working.” The Reiki energy, after receiving it, lasts about 4-5 days in my body. How do I know this? I found out from trying something new and finding out it was not a good choice for me.

When I first started out with Reiki, I decided to use Rose quartz with my Reiki session. Rose Quartz is a valuable stone for healing one’s emotional wounds in regards to loving oneself. What you do is send Reiki energy through the Rose quartz and in to your body. This is a great way to add healing to the Reiki energy-although Reiki energy is highly sufficient on its own. My problem was, I could not wear Rose Quartz comfortably due to its strong energy vibration. This did not enter my mind when I gave myself Reiki sending it through my Rose quartz. Rose quartz is known for Divine love, helps you love yourself and others and it activates the Heart chakra. Well, after my session, my body was truly vibrating from the inside out. My body was full of the Rose quartz energy vibration, which was strong for me. I basically panicked with this feeling. I had the Rose quartz feeling for 4-5 days. This told me:

1). Reiki energy goes in to a person’s body and it disperses immediately in to all parts of the body.

2). The Reiki energy is a round in your system for 4-5 days after receiving it.

3). Rose Quartz is a strong healer stone, but should be used with knowledge and respect for its ability.

Now I give myself Reiki energy everyday along with wearing certain stones/crystals throughout the day. Using natural stones/crystals and Reiki energy helps me with staying balanced energetically, keeps my vibration high for healing, helps me to release any emotional baggage, shows me what I have to release, helps me feel confident,and they help me to purify any negative energy (emotions) that gets in to my auric field. Plus the last benefit of wearing natural stone jewelry is that it looks beautiful.

I have no concrete proof that natural stones/crystals can help you heal emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, but I know from my own experiences using them, they are a healthy, supportive ally.

Here are some of my favorite crystals and stones to wear:img_1052

(picture by Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia.  This bracelet contains Hematite, Carnelian, and Shell.)

1. Black Tourmaline-Great for grounding and clearing your energetic system of negative energy. Root chakra activation.

2. Rose Quartz-Great love stone which helps with loving yourself and others and feeling Divine love. For those who are sensitive to the strong vibration of this stone, try using Pink/Red Tourmaline. Activates the Heart chakra.

3. Sodalite-Great for accessing the subconscious mind. Helps you detach from worry’s in life. Helps you to perceive your reality from a higher state of consciousness. This stone also helps to regulate and support blood pressure. Activates the Third eye (6th chakra).

4. Carnelian-Great for helping you feel courageous, energetic, and confident.

Activates the Root chakra, the Creative/Sexual chakra, and the Solar plexus chakra.

5. Amber-Great for general healing. This stone can help with S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and other depressions caused by lack of sunlight.

6. Amethyst-Great for helping you stay feeling positive when amongst many people. This stone is also good for countering addictive behavior. Amethyst also helps you find the root causes of certain habits and behaviors that can cause blockages and disease. Activates the Third eye, Crown chakra, Etheric and above chakras.

7. Lepidolite-Great for helping you to release stress, giving you a calm, relaxed feeling. This stone helps you stay strong emotionally, not letting external dramas affect you. This stone also is great for hyperactivity and insomnia due to stress and worry. Activates all the chakras especially the Heart and Third eye chakras.

8. Ametrine-This is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. The Amethyst keeps you positive while you’re around groups of people. The Citrine activates your Solar Plexus or your “own will”. Thus you combine your will with our Divine’s will. This stone activates the Third eye, Crown chakras, Etheric and above chakras, Root chakra, Creative/Sexual chakra, and your Solar Plexus chakra.

9.  Golden Sheen Obsidian

This stone is black with a metallic golden sheen on it.  This stone, other then being beautiful, is a good negative energy shield.  It forms a shield surrounding your aura, stopping any negative energy from entering in.  It is great for grounding oneself to the earth.  The golden sheen activates the Solar plexus.  Thus, it tends to help one with their own will power in life.  This stone affects the Root chakra and the Solar plexus chakra.

These stones I listed, have more ways to help you, but I listed some of the main ones. There are so many beautiful, natural stones and crystals out there to enjoy and to help you enhance your energy field. I invite you to look in to purchasing yourself a stone/crystal that you’re attracted to. Another way to choose a stone that can help you if you don’t really know what you need help with is whatever attracts your attention in regards to natural stones/crystals-the color, texture, the luminescence, and/or the energy. These are the stones that can enhance your whole being, (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.) You can wear the stones/crystals as jewelry or you can simply place them in your pocket for all day.

Welcome to the wonderous world of stone and crystal healing!


“The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, MP, IARP

From Reiki in the Prairie LLC

and Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia


To love oneself is to take care of yourself!

To love oneself is to take care of yourself!


Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken
This would include, creating your own personal boundaries, standing up for your personal boundaries-no matter the cost, walking away from issues that do not have your highest interest at heart, watch what seeds you plant in life (watch your thoughts and what you say, make sure it is not opinion (judgement), but factual and kind. Instead of seeking revenge on another for their negative projection to you, find compassion, forgive, and send “Blessings” for these are the people who truly need to be healed and could use “blessings”. Be authentic to yourself! (talk authentic, act authentic-no matter the consequences.) Exercise, eat foods that your body feels good on.(This doesn’t mean the foods that your head says, yum, yum to.), stop any addictive behaviors(smoking, drinking alcohol, binge eating, emotional eating, etc.) Learn to be more assertive. Learn to say “no”. We are not “superman/woman, when that next volunteer job comes up and you already have your hands full or you’re not interested in it, just say “no”. “No” is a complete sentence, so use it. You’re not the only one in the world that can help this new group, or help that person that sooo needs to have some help. When life gives you “sour apples”, don’t blame others for your “sour apples”. Instead, look closer at what your thoughts, behavior, and actions are in life. Take responsibility for the Universe giving you the experience in the first place. We receive what we put out there. Each experience will teach us all about ourselves. Take the time and learn about yourself.
These are some ways we can “love ourselves”. We can only love others when we love ourselves first.
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, RM IARP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Letting Go

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken.

In life, we are constantly being asked by God to “Let go.”  Each time we move to a new  house, we need to let go of friends and relatives.  Each time we need to heal  traumatic issues and toxic emotions, we need to “let go.”  When we graduate from high school and college, we are asked to let go of friends and that comfortable way of life we’re used to.  We get married, we let go of our dependency to our parents and family.  Our own children get married or move away, again we need to let go.  Soon our relatives and friends start to die and cross over to the unseen worlds.  We are asked to “let go” for our sake and theirs.  When we become known as elderly ourselves, we let go of our youth.  When we come to our last day on earth, God, one last time asks us to let go.  Let go of all physical ties.  Let go of family and friends.  When we are in heaven, we let go from being who we were in the physical realm.  Every time we “let go”, God gives back to us  love, support, compassion, and the ability to learn more about ourselves.  So death at the end of life is not scary, horrible, or new.  For all through our lives, we have been letting go and walking forward, becoming more and more independent, beautiful, compassionate, and loving.  Each time we are asked to “let go”, we find another missing piece of ourselves.  When we are at the end of our lives, Reiki energy sessions can be greatly beneficial to both the one leaving our earthly realm and to those who are left behind.  Reiki energy provides you with peace, calmness, love, and support for inner healing.  These are beneficial to both, the one who is leaving earth and to the one who is left behind. Reiki energy will help with your depression and fear you feel.   I invite you to help your loved  one feel love, calm, and at peace while getting ready for their new life. 

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Usui Reiki Master, RM-IARP

of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Fear and our Survival Archetypes

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Have you ever noticed you act in a certain way when it comes to facing your fears? For example, you find yourself in a toxic job that  has a toxic environment, but you’re unwilling to quit it due to how much money you earn.  This is a good example of having the Prostitute Archetype( a Survival archetype) working in your life. In pursuit of my desires to be the best I can be in life, I came across” Archetypes”. Archetypes are patterns of behavior that we all show through out our lives.  I feel they are really worth looking at and understanding. I’ve been facing my fears in life and so for me,  I have found the Survival archetypes to be the most beneficial to learn about. In understanding these four archetypes, I am able to understand why I act in certain ways in regards to “Fear”.  When you understand these archetypes, one is better able to confront their fears and heal them. Have I peaked your interest? We all have the four Survival archetypes. These four are named: the Child, the Prostitute, the Victim, and the Saboteur. Whenever we feel our survival is threatened in any way, one of these archetypes will show up in you, challenging you to act in the most positive way.  The way our Divine selves want us to act in life.

The Child archetype represents your Inner child. When you view yourself as a young child, you are viewing your “Inner child.” Dr. Hew Len of Hawaii  has mentioned that the Inner child is the most important relationship you would have in your life on earth.  The Inner child, says Dr. Hew Len, is your Divine self.  The Child archetype includes all the different variations of “the child.” Some examples are the Wounded child and the Abandoned child. The Child archetype is here to teach you all about dependency and responsibility. Lessons demonstrating when you need to be independent,  standing on your own or knowing when to stand with the group.

The Victim archetype watches over your personal boundaries. Your Victim archetype will show up when you feel like a victim. There are times a person desires to be in the victim mode.  The benefits of being a victim would be looking for sympathy for oneself and/or not having the desire to stand up for oneself. The Victim archetype  teaches a person  about self-esteem and personal power with the use of personal boundaries. What are personal boundaries? The definition in Wikipedia states, “To have guidelines, rules, and /or limits a person creates to identify for themselves what are reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them.” When you find yourself acting like a victim, such as blaming others, complaining, and/or self-pity, ask yourself, “Why?  “Is there a benefit to acting this way?” Figure out why you feel threatened.  Then use your own personal power to face it and over come it.

The Prostitute archetype shows up when you are in a situation of -“How much am I willing to sell myself for?”-“Yourself” meaning: your values, righteousness, your brainpower, your word, your physical body, or even your soul, to gain physical comfort. This archetype watches over your  faith in yourself.  Anytime one walks their own empowered path through life, they will always meet up with some type of  challenger or opponent who will try to buy, manipulate, or pollute you. These rivals recognize you have your own power(self empowered) in life and so they will try to take a part of you to feel more powerful than you. The dark side of this archetype shows up when you take shortcuts in life to feel more self power. This archetype will be the guardian of your faith, thus notifying you when you are changing from faith to physical comfort.

The Saboteur archetype watches over your choices in life. Anytime you have problems that  happen in your life, you have the choice to take responsibility for your own actions(which includes your thoughts and words) and what you have created in life. This archetype will give you the choice of following your inner “nudges”.  Whether your “inner nudges” are asking you to quit your job, go public with who you really are, or to  open up your own business, use courage and act upon your gut instinct to calm the Saboteur archetype.


1).  Wikipedia definition on Personal Boundaries

2).  “Sacred Contracts” by Caroline Myss  (archetypes)

3).  “The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” by Edmund J. Bourne, PhD (archetype-Inner child)

4).  “Zerolimits” by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD (Inner child)

5).  “Innerchild Meditation” by Dr. Hew Len  (Inner child archetype)

Article written by Cynthia Bergsbaken Usui Reiki Master, RM-IARP

of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken