Healthier Desserts

Yesterday, I became in the mood to bake Ginger Snap cookies. But right away, I knew I didn’t want the extra calories and the refined sugar in my diet. I try to eat healthy, but not to the extent of avoiding my favorite foods and desserts. I have a sweet tooth! And so I figured out if you replace 50% of the refined sugar with date puree, you can eliminate most of the refined sugar and you gain much needed minerals and vitamins. ( try to replace my refined sugar due to the sugar causing inflammation in our bodies. The inflammation in the body causes your cholesterol (bad) to go up and your blood pressure to go up. Refined sugar is even connected to Heart Disease. (…)
So, in these Ginger Snap cookies, I took a half package of dates. I placed them in a small pot with the bottom covered with water. (about 1/4 c). I simmered these dates for maybe 10 minutes at most. Watch, dates can burn quickly. If you run out of water at bottom and the dates are not soft yet, just add some more water to pot. (1/8 c.) Cook until soft and mushy. Take out and place in a food processor or blender. Blend until smooth puree. If the recipe calls for 1/2 c. of sugar, place in 1/2 c. of the date puree.
My cookies are made with White Whole wheat flour, butter, molasses, and date puree. This recipe is for a crisp cookie. The date puree did not change the crispness. Try using other purees also. Just realize that I use date puree because it tends to be the sweetest of all the purees. Try using apple puree and prune puree also.
Even though I still have some refined sugar (molasses) in the recipe, it still is a lot healthier to eat.
When I made these, I made sure to place a sprinkle of refined sugar on top of cookies. This is the “ultra sweet” flavor your mouth is looking for. Your mouth is satisfied and your body is also with the added benefits of using date puree.
To watch weight, try making these using a 1 inch scooper. The cookies pictured here are about 2-2.5 inches big using the 1 inch scooper. Or better yet, for dessert, try eating 1-2 dates. Healthy, gives you that sweet taste you’re mouth is looking for and full of minerals/vitamins.
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We absorb all energy that is around us

Our bodies are made up of mainly water. We are energetic beings. When we have someone being negative by us, we tend to absorb that negative energy and we become negative acting. When we have someone being positive around us, we tend to absorb this energy and we become positive in behavior. If we stay around negative energy continuously, our energy changes to a negative state which results in corrupting ourselves at a cellular level. It is important to be aware of who you keep company with in life.
I have hypothesized this based on what negative energy(sound) does to water. This can be seen at
Sound, energy vibes, color, our voices, spoken words, thoughts, beliefs, are all made of energy.
By Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Smudging (Saging) our homes and ourselves


is an old practice found in varying degrees around the world.  In some cultures, burning incense is used in religious rituals to purify the air.  In North America, the native Americans have burned herbs (White Sage, Cedar, etc.) to purify themselves and their rooms of any negative influences, including virus.  I have burned White Sage in my own home with the intention of purifying my home and my aura of all negative energies.  I have also used it in my home office to clear out any extra energy that has started to accumulate from giving Reiki sessions.  But when I give Reiki sessions in public or in the office I use in our town for clients, I am not able to burn White Sage.  And so, I make my own White Sage spray and I use this instead.  Using White Sage spray, I feel, is just as beneficial if not more than burning sage.  The biggest benefit is you don’t have to be around smoke.  Using a Smudging spray (in my case, White Sage spray) smells light and fragrant, especially if there is added essential oils in the spray.  If you’re interested in Smudging with White Sage and/or herbs, here is how I do it.  Everyone does it differently to some degree. 

Burning White Sage or herbs or combined:

To cleanse your home, I suggest you start in the basement.  You will be going from room to room.  You will need to place smoke in each corner of each room, including closets.  And while you do this, have the intention of-for example, of “purifying my house of all negative influences.”  Before you start, open at least one window on each level of the house.  It only has to be opened a crack.  This allows the smoke attached to negative energy to leave the home.

Light your White Sage stick on fire.  Have something under the stick to catch any ashes and/or sparks.  I’m not fussy, so I use an aluminum pie pan.  To use the White Sage stick, blow out the flame.  You only want the smoke.  Now go to the lowest part of your home-basement.  Start in one room.  Take the smudge stick and place smoke in one corner of the room, starting from the floor and moving up.  At the same time, I like to say a prayer/intention as I move from room to room.  I say something like this, “In Jesus Christ name, I bind all negative energy to the sage smoke and I send it outside to be turned to positive energy.”

Spirit Earth Science has this one you can say instead, “In Jesus Christ name, I release all negativity that surrounds me in to this sage smoke.  I release all fear that holds me back.  I release all energies that do not serve me.  Passing positive energy to those I cherish.”

There are different prayers you can make up yourself.  Say what you feel heals your home.

Place smoke in all corners and through center of the room.  Move to next room and repeat with your intention/prayer.

After you finish the basement, move up to the main floor.  If you have any other floors, continue until you’re done.  I have an attached garage and so I include the garage and my automobile.  You can also use a smudging stick to smudge your aura.  Just move the smoke around you while saying your intention/prayer.  Leave your windows open until your house has cleared up of the smoke.  You’re done.  Use this every time you suspect negative energy, virus, or if you’ve had a fight in your home.

The smudging spray is used in the same way, except you do not light it. (hahaha).  Just go from room to room, spraying in each corner and through the center with stating your intention/prayer.

I will share how to make Smudging spray.  But for those who would rather leave creating smudge spray to others, I offer you Reiki in the Prairie LLC’s smudge spray for sale in the Facebook shop.

Everyone who makes smudge spray adds their own little touch-Reiki in the Prairie LLCs included.

White Sage Smudge spray:

Take about 1 quart of Vodka (clear, non-flavored.)

Add about ½ cup of White sage leaves.  Place all of this in a large 2 qt. glass container.  Let it sit in a dark, cook area for about 6 weeks or more.

When the 6 wks is up, pour this through a cheesecloth.

Pour in to individual spray bottles.  To top off bottle, I add sterilized. Distilled water.  Now if you’re interested, you can add your favorite essential oil to each bottle.  Just make sure you shake your smudge spray before using it.

Smudge spray can be used in your office, house, in your aura, or any other place you feel needs to be energetically/physically cleaned.

Here is the link to Reiki in the Prairie LLC’s shop, just in case you decide you would rather buy smudge spray.

Hope this article was enjoyable and of interest to you. 

Anyone can smudge their house or self.  It just takes a little time and intention.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of

July 25, 2017



picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

There are times we feel dizzy, like we are in a wonderland of some sorts.  Our reality around us feels a little distorted, like you’re not quite in your body.  Does this sound like you at times?  I know for me, when I was younger, this feeling would happen here and there.  Why?  If it isn’t for medical reasons, you probably are not grounded.  Grounding is being in your body, feeling it, and accepting it.  Grounding is pulling your attention down in your body, your feet and the ground.  Highly sensitive people will have hard times with being grounded in life due to being a higher vibration in life.  Living life in a higher vibration will cause a person to spend lots of time “up in their heads”.  Staying grounded in life provides you with a way to:  enjoy life as a embodied Divine spirit, helps you to stay in the present moment, helps you to release negative energy that you receive, and it provides you with stability in life’s experiences.

Here are some ways I use to stay grounded:

-Imagine you have tree roots growing through the bottom of your feet and your Root chakra.  Send them down into the ground to circle around the middle of the Earth.  Bring them back up to wrap around your ankles and your waist.  Imagine a lever at your side, open it.  Now with intention, send the negative energies down into the ground to be changed to positive energy. (Don’t forget to open this lever.  If you do not, you will not be able to get rid of the negative energy.)

-Be in nature for at least 20 minutes.

My Feet, picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

-Walk on the bare ground with bare feet.  This is called Earthing.

-Send your attention to your feet.  Notice how your baby toe feels.  Wiggle it.  Now move to the next toe and feel it.  Ask yourself how does my toe feel?  And so on.  When you’re done with your toes, try feeling your foot and ankle.  This is bringing your attention down in to your body.

-Wearing grounding crystals.  I like Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and Gold Sheen Obsidian.  The stone must be a stone that tends to activate the Root chakra.

-Wearing certain essential oils.  I like Lavender, Pine, and Frankincense .  They are  relaxing and tend to bring me down into my body.

-Making sure you eat protein before encountering known experiences that are stressful  to you.  I cannot get grounded with lighter proteins such as Tofu.  For me, I need to eat animal meats.

-Keep plants in your home.  The smell of the dirt and the feel of the plants helps you become grounded.

-Walk barefooted in your home.

-When out and about, if you’re feeling ungrounded, try noticing every step your feet make.  First notice how the foot feels when it steps down in front of you.  Notice how your foot rolls and moves up again.

-If you’re feeling off, ungrounded while amongst people, try imagining a can of paint in your favorite color.  Now place the pail above your head and let it pour out on top of your head.  Watch the paint as it drips down  on your neck, your chest, and so forth.  How does it feel?  What does it look like?  How do you feel wearing your favorite color?

-playing drums or listening to drums can activate the Root chakra.

I hope some of these techniques can help you stay grounded.


Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Reiki in the Prairie LLC


Watch Your Sugar Intake!


Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

As time goes by, there is more and more research stating that sugar and foods that change in to sugar rapidly in our body, is one of the number one culprits for causing inflammation in our bodies. When we develop inflammation in our bodies, our bodies will let us know by our:  blood pressure going up, blood lipids (fats) going up, cholesterol going up, and our weight goes up.  These are all signs of an inflammatory response.  If we continue with providing our bodies with an inflammatory response, we may develop:  diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.  Sugar is highly addictive, like a drug.  I know I really love the sweet taste of a dessert after a meal or even before a meal.  Surprisingly, sugar is found in many, many readymade foods on the market.  Sugar, as well as salt, is found in mass produced foods for taste.  If an item is marked as low fat, beware that in place of the fat, they have placed in either sugar or salt for flavor.  Now our bodies need fat, just the right fats.  I grew up in an era that “Crisco” was the healthy fat for us instead of beef tallow.  Crisco is a trade mark refined hydrogenated vegetable fat brought about to be the “healthy” choice for homemakers to use in all their cooking and baking instead of the dreaded saturated fats.  Many years later, many countries have banned the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats) due to being “unfit” for human consumption.  This fat is also one of the top culprits for inflammation in the body.  As I grew older, there was a fad that all fat is bad for you and so they replaced fats with “low fat” versions.  But this took out the flavor and so the companies added back other sources of flavor-refined sugar, salt, Monosodium Glutamate, artificial flavors.  Again, we see that fat is being named the culprit for inflammation in the body.  We also notice that the introduction of high refined sugar and high refined salt in foods coupled with refined vegetable oils and/or hydrogenated vegetable oils has not stopped inflammatory responses in people’s bodies.  If anything, low fat foods have created obesity, high blood pressure and more, in many.  The body needs fats, including saturated fats to run effectively.

Now, we can see where refined sugar and refined salt have been added to mass produced foods, causing much inflammation in the body. (maybe 1970’s?)  Replacing fat with sugar or salt is not the answer to creating healthy bodies.  To help stop our bodies from going in to a inflammatory response, we need to be food wise.  Some of the top culprits for causing the inflammation response in our bodies are:  sugar (refined, chemically altered sugars, dextrose w/sucrose, and high Fructose corn syrups), hydrogenated fats, partially hydrogenated fats, refined vegetable oils, food dyes, chemical additives, preservatives, and refined salt.  When it comes to knowing what you eat, you need to read the ingredients, only.  The nutritional facts are misleading.  The nutritional facts may state that there is 0% trans fats in it, but in reality, there is some in the product.  Any amount of trans fats is a trigger in your body for inflammation.  Trans fats have a half-life of about 51 days.  And so, this means, if you eat something with trans fats in it, it will cause havoc in your body for about 102 days.  And if you eat a food with trans fats in it the next day, you add on a longer time for the inflammatory response in your body.  And so, if you continually eat trans fats, your body will remain in a state of inflammation.

When purchasing foods, the less processed the food is, the better for your body.

Some better choices for refined sugar: using fruit purees, honey, barley syrup, malt syrup, fruit juices, maple syrup (100% maple), and Stevia.  I like to take dates, apricots, or prunes and I cook them with a little water until they are a puree or paste.  I take this and add to baked goods for the sweetness and for added moisture, fiber, and minerals.

Look at the Glycemic index chart I have listed here. The lower the number the food has, the slower the food will change in to sugar in your body.  The slower it changes in to sugar, the longer you will feel full, less of a blood sugar increase, and low body inflammation, if any at all.  Notice, the more unprocessed the food is, the smaller the number.

Fats, I feel are healthy choices are: Olive oil (Extra Virgin-cold pressed for cold eating on food, Classic Olive oil for sautéing/cooking foods.), Coconut oil (non-hydrogenated), and butter.  Yep, I say butter is healthier than refined vegetable oils.  Butter is non-processed.  Our bodies still need some saturated fats, just not a lot.

I am not a nutritionist, I am not a medical doctor, but I am someone who wants to have a healthy body. From much reading in this area, I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas on this topic.  I know many people in the world, including me, to a certain extent, have inflammatory responses going on in their bodies.  I also know of some people still believing in the belief that foods with high cholesterol are bad for you if you are experiencing high cholesterol.  (such as eggs, shrimp, etc.)  Not true.  Our bodies will make cholesterol due to having inflammation in our bodies.  If you have a lot of inflammation going on, your body wants to protect you and to get rid of the inflammation.  And so instead of getting rid of the cholesterol, we need to get rid of the inflammation!

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC



“Dr. Bod’s Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones.” By Dr. Robert DeMaria

The University of Sydney, link  For Glycemic charts.

Glycemic Index Foundation, chart on switching high glycemic foods for low ones.

Harvard T.H. Chan (Why Trans Fats are bad for you)

Mayo Clinic, Trans Fats are bad for your Heart

UAF Education (sugar intake causes inflammation in body)

Dr. Bob’s Trans Fat Survival Guide, Why No Fat, Low Fat, and Trans Fats are Killing you. (This article also includes information on sugar as being inflammatory.) By Dr. Robert DeMaria





How Important is Gut Health to your Over All Health?

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken
There has been medical evidence that having healthy gut flora will keep you healthy and energetic. As a nation, we tend to start taking antibiotics as early as childhood. These antibiotics kill off our healthy gut flora, causing us to take on “bad” gut flora. We eat meat from animals that have received antibiotic treatments before slaughter. There is evidence that a low dosage of antibiotic also is transferred to us, again killing off our good microflora in our guts. I recently posted about how the microflora in our guts communicates to our brains. Unhealthy gut flora can cause depression, weight gain, digestive problems, and many more problems. The healthy or unhealthy bacteria are looking for food for themselves. The healthy microbes will ask for healthy selections of foods-berries, vegetables, etc. where as the unhealthy ones are looking for foods rich in saturated fats, sugars, junk foods. We receive cravings related to what gut flora we have in our intestines. And of course, the more you feed the “bad” bacteria, the more you grow them in your gut, causing many health problems.
Probiotics are a way to place back healthy gut flora. But they will not last (die) if you are not feeding your microflora with the proper food choices. We choose from: cultured milk products such as yogurt and kefir. There are also pill forms of probiotic.
I culture my own Kefir and yogurt at home.

Kefir by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Other then having really fresh products, I am able to choose what sweetener to use.  To grow your own Kefir, one needs to obtain Kefir grains. I add my Kefir grains to fresh milk, right from the refrigerator.  I cover bottle with  cloth and I let it sit for 24 hrs. on counter.   Kefir grains are bought from people who culture their own Kefir.  For culturing my own yogurt, I buy a small container of active culture yogurt and I mix 3T. of it with milk that I previously heated close to simmering and I cooled it to room temperature.  The mixture is heated at a low temperature in a yogurt maker.  It heats for 7 hours.

Prebiotics are foods that feed your healthy gut microflora. In order to have a healthy gut, one must feed their gut probiotics and prebiotics.
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken
Here is a list of foods that are considered prebiotics:


Reiki in the Prairie LLC·Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

I just read a very good article on spiritual responsibility.  How people who are highly spiritual are afraid of  taking their spiritual responsibility in life-be big in their soul’s purpose.  People tend to have excuses to why they should not follow what their soul’s purpose is on earth.  We manifest health issues, we manifest financial problems, we manifest rivals to either stop us or slow us down in our true purpose.  Why are we here? we ask ourselves.  What is my soul’s purpose?  Am I fearful of taking on my power in life?  Am I fearful to feel the inner power, my “I Am”, and so I sabotage my efforts?  We all have a beautiful, powerful ,light spirit in us.  We are here to bring our own inner light (power) to earth and manifest God’s love.  We are here to plant our light (love) on earth and hold it there.  In other words, we are here to recognize our own Divine selves.  We are also here to assist others in their struggle to  recognize their own Divinity.  Are you fearful of your own inner power, your responsibility?
Above note is written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM, IARP

Here is the article I share with you to read.  Enjoy!

Brought to you by Reiki in the Prairie LLC  Here I share my on experiences and how I helped myself.  DIY articles on whole health.  I also provide Reiki energy session  information here.
Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

The Great Importance of Magnesium

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

From what I have read, magnesium in most American’s diets is low.  Magnesium is needed in our cardio and nervous systems to maintain health.  Even if we get enough magnesium in our diets, stress and sugar deletes it again.  Anytime we are under stress or eating sugar in our diets, magnesium is depleted.  And so to say you’re getting enough magnesium through your diet, I feel, is not realistic.  I have found magnesium to help me with relaxation and sleep (combining 200-400 mg of Calcium Citrate with 200-400 mg of Magnesium Citrate before bed.).  I have also found it to help me to stay regular-intestinal. I’m going through Perimenopause now and I find the magnesium helps me to  feel calm and balanced physically.   The women in my  family have Osteoporosis.  I have found out by ingesting only Calcium and not combining it with magnesium, a woman can still get Osteoporosis.  I’m not saying if you take magnesium that you’ll never get Osteoporosis .By taking a better quality magnesium with your better quality calcium, the magnesium mineralizes the calcium making it able to be absorbed well. Thus, the calcium and magnesium goes where it is needed.  In  my experience, if you take too much better quality magnesium, you end up with diarrhea.  This just means, you are getting too much, so back off some of the dosage.  I follow my book called “Dr. Bob’s  Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones” by Dr. Robert DeMaria, a naturopathic doctor regarding magnesium dosage and how magnesium works in our bodies.  Here I have a link to a Magnesium article and the link for Dr.Bob’s book.   Here’s to feeling better!

(I am not a medical doctor.  If you have any concerns, please see your medical doctor.)

“Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones” by Dr. Robert DeMaria

Magnesium, “What is the best Magnesium Supplement?” by   and


Be the Miracle!


Jellyfish by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Reiki in the Prairie LLC· Friday, February 24, 2017

Be the miracle!  Miracles may not happen if you just wish for them or ask for them.  It’s time that you stop observing, and talking about them  and actually do the work.  Be the miracle in life.
By Cynthia Bergsbaken  of Reiki in the Prairie LLC for inspirational and educational articles and for Reiki session information

Imagination, One of Your Super powers

God’s Unconditional love surrounding earth.
Our imaginations are one of our superpowers on earth. This is stated in the book called “Your 3 Best Super Powers” by Sonia Choquette. I feel she is 100% correct. You see, in this world, we use thought and spoken word to bring to us our own realities we live in. In other words, if we think negative thoughts and/or speak negative thoughts, we bring to us a world that is pretty negative. We bring other negative people to us that provide us with negative experiences. And so, I feel it is important we use our imaginations in loving ways. Watch our thoughts and spoken words. Are they loving? or are they in need of a little “tweaking” to a more positive feel. Instead of thinking of the future in “worry” and “resentment”, how about using your imagination and think of how beautiful your day will be. Think about all the smiles you can give out and think about how people will respond to this-in a loving way. Imagine yourself, walking through your day with a circle(aura) around you that projects “love” to everyone you see and meet. Think about how your evening will look. Maybe imagine you are meeting friends, a significant other, or family and you see yourself having the greatest time. All of you are laughing, smiling, and enjoying each others company. Or maybe you had a fight with someone the other day. Now imagine yourself walking up to the person and hugging them. The other person is stunned, but then melts into the hug and says, “I’m sorry” and hugs back. Now after you’re done thinking and imagining these experiences, how do you feel? You feel more positive and loving. Now, when you go out in to the world, notice how people react to you. You are projecting off “love”. Notice how people will look at you with warmth and love in their hearts. Notice you’re making a positive difference in your area. Now think of how it started by you using your imagination in a loving way and how it is impacting the area around you, like a domino affect. Why not, in your imagination, place your love and God’s unconditional love around our world and ask it to stay for eternity. I invite you to help change our world with “using your imagination in a loving way. “
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC for more whole health/inspirational articles and Reiki session information.
sources:  Your 3 Super Powers by Sonia Choquette

Dancing for Health

Dancing for Health

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken


What in the world are you talking about, you ask me? Dancing is an art form that also is away to become active, become healthy and to release emotions.  Dancing can be a form of meditation, where you just listen to the music and flow with it.  When we dance to music we love, we enter in to a state of joy.  We move our bodies in any way that feels good.  Whether we learn a certain dance and follow it or we make up our own steps as we go along, dance helps you to release any pent- up emotions by letting you feel your body. Dance brings you down in to your body, so you can experience every physical sensation.  And so dance will ground you. For me, I will put on my 50-60’s rock music and I will dance with whatever step I think of.  I use dance for a healthy exercise accouple of times a week.  By the time, I’m done with bopping and twisting to the oldies, I have built up a healthy sweat.  On my Facebook site, I have some ladies that do what is called, Journey Dancing.  Again, this is another way to become open, expressive, and releasing pent-up energy and emotions in life.  Here is what one of the ladies just posted.  I write this here with her permission.

“Mark your calendars, next Journey Dance class at Avalon, 404 W. Superior Street, Duluth, MN. March 11th 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. My heart is full, filled with love. Have had an expansive past few months with a few deflations. Yesterday I shared one of my passions, Journey Dance, it was a global event! Even though there was only three of us on the dance floor, it felt like so much more. I’ve always told myself I married my toughest student if I can get him to believe in what I am doing I can conquer anything, Dave was right there with me dancing every step of the way along with a lovely acquaintance  Lisa whom I met at a journey dance/yoga event. We filled the room, the world, with all the joy and love we could muster up.” Said Kim Buskala.

These people and others, are enjoying their bodies, getting healthy and meeting new people. What better way to do this?  Anyone can do this.  As long as you have a body, doesn’t matter what size it is or if you’re in a wheel chair, you can dance.

I invite you to try dancing yourself to health! Whether you do it alone or with a group of people.  There are many types of dance out there to bring you joy and happiness.

Check it out!

Here are some sites that can get you started dancing:

Journey Dancing

– Kim Buskala, is a facilitator of the Superior, WI group of Journey Dance. You can find her on or just follow her on Facebook for all events concerning Journey Dance. The home page is
Kim invites you to open to the joy of life. You are the Prayer: your body, your movement, your…

Qi Gong

Fifties and Sixties music

Ballet (view of DVD to purchase)

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC for Reiki session information and whole health articles.

I’m editing this article to say, even watching someone dance  can be healthy!  I hope this video puts a smile on your face for the day! Seen on Youtube.


The Healing Power of Stones and Crystals

The Healing Power of Stones and Crystals 11/14/2016


I’ve been wanting to write an article about the healing powers of dsc01482stones and crystals. I

(Picture by Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia.  Raw Rose Quartz and Rose Quartz, Tanzanite, and Lepidolite necklace.)

wanted to show how natural stones/crystals can help a person in life with releasing emotional baggage and how they can enhance one’s whole self. The problem is how to start it and what to write.

I’ve always loved stones and rocks, ever since I was a child. I had my huge rock collection saved up in a plastic, quart size Dairy Queen container. The more color and sparkly the rock was , the better. Well, since I grew up, I decided to make myself jewelry with natural stones/crystals. The jewelry is my new rock collection in life. I did this for the love of stones/ crystals and for the desire to have healthy jewelry. I learned how to make jewelry the hard way, by a book. Soon, I was making jewelry like thousands of other people in the world. My plan was and still is, to make quality jewelry with solid Sterling silver or Gold-Filled metals and pair them with authentic, natural crystals and stones. The more natural the stone, the healthier the stone, the more healing energy the stone can provide. Soon I discovered each crystal or stone had its own energy vibration. And so when you put a crystal/stone on to wear, the energy of the stone tends to bring your own aura energy up in vibration to match that of the stones. Some stone/crystals are so strong in their vibration, that it takes days for a sensitive person to acclimate to the stones vibration. This is when I started to discover the healing powers of stones/crystals. You see, different colors of the stones/crystals correspond to the main chakras on a person. For example, black and red stones activate the Root chakra, yellow stones/crystals activates the Solar plexus chakra, pink and green stimulate the Heart chakra and so forth. Each chakra corresponds to certain bodily organs in a person. For example, the Heart chakra will be regulating the energy for the heart and lungs. If I wear a black or red stone, this stone will activate the Root chakra. The Root chakra is known for situations regarding our physical survival in the world. This would include food, shelter, love, finances, and water. This chakra is blocked by “fear”. Fear tends to make a person ungrounded-up in their head worrying. When you’re ungrounded, a person has a hard time releasing negative emotions and energies they take in from others and themselves. By wearing a black or red stone, the person stimulates the Root chakra helping themself to feel grounded and fully in their body. Thus if you’re grounded, a person is more likely to face their fears in life and heal them. The stones help you to rebalance the Root chakra.

Each stone has its own energy vibration. So just because some stones are black, doesn’t mean they all have the exact same energy. The black and red stones will all help you with your Root chakra, but each one may help with other areas also.

I’ve been wearing stones/crystals for many years now. I know what emotional areas in my life are weak and so I will wear the particular stone/crystals that will supplement this area and help heal me along with my own work in that area-“Shadow working” and using Reiki energy.

For years now, I have been “Shadow working” on my self. “Shadow Working” is another name for excavating your whole life emotionally and mentally, releasing what is not your beliefs and thoughts, etc. and healing what is yours. I suggest this to anyone who lives on planet Earth. ( Note: Here is an article that gives you how to do some “Shadow working” on yourself. Go to and to the section called Emotional/Mental. Click on this and scroll down to the article titled, “How do I Heal Myself from Past Emotional Traumas and Baggage.” )

Because I ‘m a Reiki Master practitioner, I give my self a Reiki session seven days a week. This is so I can keep a high vibration and stay energetically healthy so I can provide the highest level of Reiki energy to my self and to the public. The Reiki energy and natural stones/crystals help me to stay clear of energy blockages and they help me in finding what I need to release in my “Shadow working.” The Reiki energy, after receiving it, lasts about 4-5 days in my body. How do I know this? I found out from trying something new and finding out it was not a good choice for me.

When I first started out with Reiki, I decided to use Rose quartz with my Reiki session. Rose Quartz is a valuable stone for healing one’s emotional wounds in regards to loving oneself. What you do is send Reiki energy through the Rose quartz and in to your body. This is a great way to add healing to the Reiki energy-although Reiki energy is highly sufficient on its own. My problem was, I could not wear Rose Quartz comfortably due to its strong energy vibration. This did not enter my mind when I gave myself Reiki sending it through my Rose quartz. Rose quartz is known for Divine love, helps you love yourself and others and it activates the Heart chakra. Well, after my session, my body was truly vibrating from the inside out. My body was full of the Rose quartz energy vibration, which was strong for me. I basically panicked with this feeling. I had the Rose quartz feeling for 4-5 days. This told me:

1). Reiki energy goes in to a person’s body and it disperses immediately in to all parts of the body.

2). The Reiki energy is a round in your system for 4-5 days after receiving it.

3). Rose Quartz is a strong healer stone, but should be used with knowledge and respect for its ability.

Now I give myself Reiki energy everyday along with wearing certain stones/crystals throughout the day. Using natural stones/crystals and Reiki energy helps me with staying balanced energetically, keeps my vibration high for healing, helps me to release any emotional baggage, shows me what I have to release, helps me feel confident,and they help me to purify any negative energy (emotions) that gets in to my auric field. Plus the last benefit of wearing natural stone jewelry is that it looks beautiful.

I have no concrete proof that natural stones/crystals can help you heal emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, but I know from my own experiences using them, they are a healthy, supportive ally.

Here are some of my favorite crystals and stones to wear:img_1052

(picture by Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia.  This bracelet contains Hematite, Carnelian, and Shell.)

1. Black Tourmaline-Great for grounding and clearing your energetic system of negative energy. Root chakra activation.

2. Rose Quartz-Great love stone which helps with loving yourself and others and feeling Divine love. For those who are sensitive to the strong vibration of this stone, try using Pink/Red Tourmaline. Activates the Heart chakra.

3. Sodalite-Great for accessing the subconscious mind. Helps you detach from worry’s in life. Helps you to perceive your reality from a higher state of consciousness. This stone also helps to regulate and support blood pressure. Activates the Third eye (6th chakra).

4. Carnelian-Great for helping you feel courageous, energetic, and confident.

Activates the Root chakra, the Creative/Sexual chakra, and the Solar plexus chakra.

5. Amber-Great for general healing. This stone can help with S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and other depressions caused by lack of sunlight.

6. Amethyst-Great for helping you stay feeling positive when amongst many people. This stone is also good for countering addictive behavior. Amethyst also helps you find the root causes of certain habits and behaviors that can cause blockages and disease. Activates the Third eye, Crown chakra, Etheric and above chakras.

7. Lepidolite-Great for helping you to release stress, giving you a calm, relaxed feeling. This stone helps you stay strong emotionally, not letting external dramas affect you. This stone also is great for hyperactivity and insomnia due to stress and worry. Activates all the chakras especially the Heart and Third eye chakras.

8. Ametrine-This is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. The Amethyst keeps you positive while you’re around groups of people. The Citrine activates your Solar Plexus or your “own will”. Thus you combine your will with our Divine’s will. This stone activates the Third eye, Crown chakras, Etheric and above chakras, Root chakra, Creative/Sexual chakra, and your Solar Plexus chakra.

9.  Golden Sheen Obsidian

This stone is black with a metallic golden sheen on it.  This stone, other then being beautiful, is a good negative energy shield.  It forms a shield surrounding your aura, stopping any negative energy from entering in.  It is great for grounding oneself to the earth.  The golden sheen activates the Solar plexus.  Thus, it tends to help one with their own will power in life.  This stone affects the Root chakra and the Solar plexus chakra.

These stones I listed, have more ways to help you, but I listed some of the main ones. There are so many beautiful, natural stones and crystals out there to enjoy and to help you enhance your energy field. I invite you to look in to purchasing yourself a stone/crystal that you’re attracted to. Another way to choose a stone that can help you if you don’t really know what you need help with is whatever attracts your attention in regards to natural stones/crystals-the color, texture, the luminescence, and/or the energy. These are the stones that can enhance your whole being, (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.) You can wear the stones/crystals as jewelry or you can simply place them in your pocket for all day.

Welcome to the wonderous world of stone and crystal healing!


“The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, MP, IARP

From Reiki in the Prairie LLC

and Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia



Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Why do we have pain and suffering in our lives?
To me, pain is the body telling us, we have unhealed emotions and lessons to learn.  When we feel pain, we as a society try to get rid of it or cover it up with pain meds.  Just like our medical  practices, we cover up the problem not wanting to look closer at it to  figure out the real source of the pain.  We ignore it so we can get back to our work and fun in life.  But by ignoring it, are we actually helping our selves get rid of it?  No, we are just pushing it back-hiding it from conscious memory.  I feel in order to get rid of the pain, we need to observe it.  When we feel pain, we need to observe the pain, ask our selves what emotion is in this pain.  What emotional  issue is this pain from?  We  will find all the answers in side of us.  What does this exactly mean?  I’ve heard this time and time again from people and spirit.  But no one seems to define this or put it in to step by step form.  So what does this mean, to look inside yourself for answers?  From my own experiences I have found it to be true, to look inside yourself.  But I will spell this out for those like me,  that need it to be spelled out.  Inside of us all, we have a beautiful, loving Higher Self or Divine spirit, or God self, or also called your soul.  This being was created in the form of God.  This being was made with a spark of God, which means you also have Divine spirit in you.  Your soul/Higher self is one of God’s children.  Now getting down to the step by step, how do I look inside for the answers.  Our souls have infinite information at their finger tips.  Our souls have been living for hundreds  of years.  If you believe that your soul has been on Earth before,  playing out a different life in a different era, then you can also understand you soul has much knowledge.  Your Divine soul is also able to connect in to the “Almighty’s brain” for  infinite knowledge.  Now here is the step by step part.  Take a seat some place quiet.  No distractions.  Close your eyes.  Sit quietly concentrating on your heart area.  If you have any thoughts come up to you from every day life, just let it flow through your mind and let them go.  Still concentrating on your heart area, you may start to feel something there.  This would be the emotion of “love”.  This love comes from your own Divine spirit inside of you in that area.  Now, still sitting quietly, ask yourself the question you need answered.  What emotional issue is related to this pain I have in my _____?  Wait for the answer.  Don’t concentrate on the question, just let the question go and wait.  Sometimes it may take minutes.  Sometimes you may not  receive an answer while sitting there.  The answer may not be a voice  telling you.  You may feel a feeling, emotion, you may see a picture in your head.  Just go with it and accept it.  Again ask yourself another question.  What emotion I’m I feeling in the pain?  What color is this pain?  What lesson do I need to learn in life that this pain is trying to show me?  These are questions you will want to ask and to remember.  Write them down.  Re-read them when you are done.  Does any of it makes sense?  Now again observe your pain you’re feeling.  Do not judge it.  Do not hate it.  Do not try to cover it up.  Instead, this pain is there to help you learn.  This pain could be from a strong emotional issue you had as a child.  for example, strong lower abdominal pain could be a lesson in people relations.  How are you relating to other people?  What emotions are you putting out there?  Gossiping?  or Sending only love?  Maybe this pain is there for you to learn how to slow down in life and nurture your self.  This is a lesson in taking care of yourself.  The last step I suggest is while observing the pain, give it all your attention and love.  Yep, send it your love and hugs.  Make the pain feel the acceptance and love you hold for it.  I feel, once you do this, you’ll notice a lessening in your pain.  Pay attention to your pains in your body.  Pain is meant to teach us and to help us grow.  Pain is not meant to be masked.

Whether you want to follow the steps above, or just receive a Reiki energy session, or do both, emotional/physical pain must be dealt with.   The source of pain originates from emotional blocks we create for ourselves.  These emotional blocks start off in your Emotional layer and your Etheric aura layer and if not dissolved, will continue on in the physical body.  You create them by suppressing your own negative emotions to life’s experiences.  Receiving Reiki energy will help to dissolve these blockages, bringing the emotions  forward for you to “see”, acknowledge, and to release.  Reiki energy is your ally in combating  emotional blockages.  Once the blockage is released,  your whole person can start  going back to a balanced state.

So, I suggest you try one of these ways to help you release pain in life, whether it’s emotional or physical.  Give your body the respect and faith that it can heal.  No masking, no denying, just accepting the pain and releasing it.
So I’ll end with the Latin phrase:
“Inevitabilis  est  poena, dolor est optio.”
Translation:  ” Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. ”
Written by  Cynthia Bergsbaken RP, IARP  of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Fats that are too toxic to feed to any living creature


Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Trans-fats or also known as Hydrogenated fats are still being used in many foods today, including gravy mixes, breads, baked goods, inexpensive chocolates, and candy.  These fats were introduced in 1911 as the “all-vegetable” oil shortening.  Trans  fats were suppose to be a lot healthier than “lard” which  was commonly used.  Lard is an animal fat that is hard at room temperature.  The “all-vegetable  oil” was popular due to the texture it gave baked goods and the “good  for you” belief.  Artificial Trans-fats are formed by adding hydrogen to the liquid fats under extreme heat and pressure.  Thus, a semi-hard form of the fat was made.  To make a product with more flavor and possibly, less money, the food industry introduced tropical oil trans fats.  In the 1980’s, anti-tropical oils and anti-saturated fat campaigns were launched.  Heart disease and hardening of arteries were blamed on the “tropical oils” industry.  In this scientific study, tropical oils were tested, but only the hydrogenated ones were used.  By the 1990’s, new scientific studies came out with the real truth.  All trans-fats/hydrogenated fats, no matter what kind of oil was used, is toxic to all living creatures.  When trans-fats are consumed, the body goes in to an inflammatory response that lasts up to 51 days.(this is known as the half -life of the fat.)  And so, after eating that one cookie that was created with hydrogenated fats, your body will suffer at a cellular level with inflammation.  When your body is in an inflammatory response, your body will automatically create cholesterol.  This cholesterol acts like the fire engine truck going to put out a fire(inflammation).  Now, imagine if you decide to eat trans-fats every day.  Each day tacks on another 51 days of inflammation  in your body.  And so, basically, you have   chronic inflammation in your body.  This kind of inflammation will eventually  cause diabetes, heart disease, and coronary disease, just to name a few.

So what can you do?  Read your food labels and only under the ingredients list.  If you read the label where it states % of protein and fats, it can say 0% trans-fats and still have trans-fats in the food.  How?  The USDA has given a guide line to how much trans-fats a food can have without stating it has any in it.  Sounds a little deceiving doesn’t it.  So read your ingredient list on the food.  If the food, such as baked goods does not state the ingredients, then don’t buy it.  Chances are, they are using trans-fats and not wanting to let you know.

From my own inquires I have found out all frozen pizzas except the Kraft pizza, has trans-fats in them.  There still is a lot of grocery store baked goods with trans-fats, including the donuts and rolls.  Bread rolls and pizza crusts in the refrigerator area has trans-fats.  Gravy mixes, cakes and cookie mixes,  and restaurants use trans-fats.  So beware!

Your body is the only body you will have in this life time.  If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you with being healthy.


Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RP, IARP

Our Energy System, the Auric Field and Major Chakras


Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

The Etheric body is the body that is located right next to your physical body.  This body is typically 2 inches wide.  This body acts as a barrier to all external negative forces that could harm you.(bacteria, negative energies)  By having a healthy life style:  healthy diet, low stress,  no drug, alcohol, nicotine  or other addictions, you will be protecting yourself and honoring yourself with the consequences=  healthy Etheric body= good health.

The Emotional body is the next body that has to do with your emotions, feelings, etc.  This is the area you will store unresolved emotional issues in your life now and from past lives.  If you do not resolve these emotional issues in your life(by seeing it, feeling it, forgiving yourself and others, compassion, and letting it go) they will remain there corrupting your way of perceiving your reality as seen in the Mental body.  Example:  A woman or man felt  angry at his/her  brother or sister  for not asking you to go to a store  with them.  He/she  see’s all the other brothers and sisters were asked, except he/she was  not.  You perceive this as being left out, abandoned from your family, etc.  This has happened time and time again.  He/she felt  lots of rage over this situation of not being asked.  In actuality, this person was not asked due to it involved hunting.  He/she was not a hunter, thus he/she  was not asked to go shopping in a hunting store.  This example shows that there is an emotional issue that was never  healed, whether it was from a past life or this life.  The issue is there causing a corrupted perception of the person’s reality  to his/her life pertaining to his/her  well-being.   This is a lesson in life,  stop procrastinating on looking at yourself, healing one’s self and letting go of these emotional blockages.  If not, your reality will not be truthful!

Reiki sessions sends Life Force energy(chi, prana)  in to each major  chakra.  From here, the Reiki energy acts like “Scrubbing Bubbles”, clearing out any blockages and releasing to you any emotional issues you need to observe, feel, forgive and release.  Reiki sessions are an excellent way to maintain your health.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, RP IARP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC.

Netti Pots

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Feeling low with a cold, allergy  or flu?  I suggest you try a Netti pot.  This is a picture of one.  I think this is the best invention.  Some people are sensitive to drugs or they just do not like taking drugs for their health.  Try a Netti pot.  The Netti pot irrigates your sinuses, cleaning them and leaving behind some salt residue.  Salt residue, Is this healthy you ask?  Sure, it’s like going to the ocean and breathing in the salty air.  Here is a story about salt water and salty air.  One year I went to Mexico, down on the Pacific ocean.  On the plane,  about 25% of the people  were coughing and having obvious symptoms of colds etc.   I stayed on the ocean in a hotel.  While walking around the town and hotel area, I noticed absolutely no Mexican people having any kind of cold symptoms.  It was amazing to see the only sick acting people were us tourists.  I realized breathing in salty air and swimming in salty water protects your sinuses from any bacteria and viral infections.(at least cold and flu.)  When I first tried the Netti pot,  I wasn’t looking forward to trying it.  Who wants to put water up their nose?  From my experience of water up the nose, it was not pleasant.  The salt water I use in my Netti pot  gave me a start to my healing my head cold.  It worked great.  Here is my recipe if you would like to try it in your Netti pot.  There are also factory made packages of “stuff” you can put in your Netti pot.  Salt water:  I measure 2 cups(usually I add about 1/4 cup more because with the boiling you  will lose some water) water(tap) into a pot.  Add 1/2 teaspoon of Canning salt.(why this salt?  it is plain salt-no iodization .  Canning salt is pretty clean also.  I do not care for sea salt in my Netti pot.)  Bring this water up to a boil, cover pot  and then time it for 5 minutes, letting it boil the whole time.  Now take the pot of water and sit on counter until the water is cool enough to comfortably touch your inner wrist to it.  Now you are ready to use the water.  I use 1 cup/nostril.  Have your tissues ready.
The reason why I boil the water is because I’m actually purify it.  You say, “We live in the USA where the water is clean”.  I’m sure it is pretty clean, but I am in charge of my own health, not some person that adds chlorine in to our tap water.  There has been reports of people becoming infected with a brain eating amoeba.  This is found in fresh water, like lakes, etc.  Apparently, the person using unboiled water in their Netti pot, had not so clean of water from their tap.
Please don’t let this scare you.  Just take proper precautions and feel the difference a Netti pot can make.  The Netti pot is superior to salt nasal sprays.
Written by  Cynthia Bergsbaken RP, IARP  of Reiki in the Prairie LLC