Smudging (Saging) our homes and ourselves


is an old practice found in varying degrees around the world.  In some cultures, burning incense is used in religious rituals to purify the air.  In North America, the native Americans have burned herbs (White Sage, Cedar, etc.) to purify themselves and their rooms of any negative influences, including virus.  I have burned White Sage in my own home with the intention of purifying my home and my aura of all negative energies.  I have also used it in my home office to clear out any extra energy that has started to accumulate from giving Reiki sessions.  But when I give Reiki sessions in public or in the office I use in our town for clients, I am not able to burn White Sage.  And so, I make my own White Sage spray and I use this instead.  Using White Sage spray, I feel, is just as beneficial if not more than burning sage.  The biggest benefit is you don’t have to be around smoke.  Using a Smudging spray (in my case, White Sage spray) smells light and fragrant, especially if there is added essential oils in the spray.  If you’re interested in Smudging with White Sage and/or herbs, here is how I do it.  Everyone does it differently to some degree. 

Burning White Sage or herbs or combined:

To cleanse your home, I suggest you start in the basement.  You will be going from room to room.  You will need to place smoke in each corner of each room, including closets.  And while you do this, have the intention of-for example, of “purifying my house of all negative influences.”  Before you start, open at least one window on each level of the house.  It only has to be opened a crack.  This allows the smoke attached to negative energy to leave the home.

Light your White Sage stick on fire.  Have something under the stick to catch any ashes and/or sparks.  I’m not fussy, so I use an aluminum pie pan.  To use the White Sage stick, blow out the flame.  You only want the smoke.  Now go to the lowest part of your home-basement.  Start in one room.  Take the smudge stick and place smoke in one corner of the room, starting from the floor and moving up.  At the same time, I like to say a prayer/intention as I move from room to room.  I say something like this, “In Jesus Christ name, I bind all negative energy to the sage smoke and I send it outside to be turned to positive energy.”

Spirit Earth Science has this one you can say instead, “In Jesus Christ name, I release all negativity that surrounds me in to this sage smoke.  I release all fear that holds me back.  I release all energies that do not serve me.  Passing positive energy to those I cherish.”

There are different prayers you can make up yourself.  Say what you feel heals your home.

Place smoke in all corners and through center of the room.  Move to next room and repeat with your intention/prayer.

After you finish the basement, move up to the main floor.  If you have any other floors, continue until you’re done.  I have an attached garage and so I include the garage and my automobile.  You can also use a smudging stick to smudge your aura.  Just move the smoke around you while saying your intention/prayer.  Leave your windows open until your house has cleared up of the smoke.  You’re done.  Use this every time you suspect negative energy, virus, or if you’ve had a fight in your home.

The smudging spray is used in the same way, except you do not light it. (hahaha).  Just go from room to room, spraying in each corner and through the center with stating your intention/prayer.

I will share how to make Smudging spray.  But for those who would rather leave creating smudge spray to others, I offer you Reiki in the Prairie LLC’s smudge spray for sale in the Facebook shop.

Everyone who makes smudge spray adds their own little touch-Reiki in the Prairie LLCs included.

White Sage Smudge spray:

Take about 1 quart of Vodka (clear, non-flavored.)

Add about ½ cup of White sage leaves.  Place all of this in a large 2 qt. glass container.  Let it sit in a dark, cook area for about 6 weeks or more.

When the 6 wks is up, pour this through a cheesecloth.

Pour in to individual spray bottles.  To top off bottle, I add sterilized. Distilled water.  Now if you’re interested, you can add your favorite essential oil to each bottle.  Just make sure you shake your smudge spray before using it.

Smudge spray can be used in your office, house, in your aura, or any other place you feel needs to be energetically/physically cleaned.

Here is the link to Reiki in the Prairie LLC’s shop, just in case you decide you would rather buy smudge spray.

Hope this article was enjoyable and of interest to you. 

Anyone can smudge their house or self.  It just takes a little time and intention.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of

July 25, 2017


We are all Sound Vibrational Beings

We are all Sound Vibrational Beings

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

June 20, 2017

pic by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Each person, animal, vegetation, fish, rock, etc. are vibrational beings.  Each one, individual vibrates at his/her own frequency.  Each of us creates our own sound, projecting it to others.  If we are harmonious, our sound will be harmonious.  If we suffer from disease, we are unharmonious in our sound.  Disease, also known as dis-ease, comes from our own inner world we create.  If we tend to act towards ourselves and/or others with negativity, we cause ourselves to create negative emotional blockages in our Etheric layers of our auras.  The area that has the blockage always corresponds to the chakra that governs that area and associated organs.  If the blockage is left intact, a disease is created in one or more of the associated organs of that charka.  Thus, you have created dis-ease in your vibrational frequency you project to others and yourself.  Disease is also known as being unharmonious.

A person who is harmonious or unharmonious can change the harmony of others just by being around them.  If you are unharmonious in your vibration, by being around others, your unharmonious vibration affects other’s harmonious vibrations by changing theirs to being unharmonious also.  This isn’t to say, by being around someone who is unharmonious will cause you to become diseased.  I’m only stating that being around a negative person can change your positive outlook to a negative outlook.  This can be seen in families, close friends, coworkers and other relationships.  One person is grumpy and by being in the presence of a family member, the grumpiness (or the unharmonious vibration) converts the harmonious vibration to an unharmonious one.

Sound healing and Reiki energy healing are ways to bring your whole being back in a harmonious state. To be harmonious is to be healthy.  Whether receiving Reiki, listening to a sound healing session, or using crystals, they all heal in the same way.  Each one of these projects harmonious vibrations to the affected chakra and energetic area.  Following the teachings, that all disease starts in the Etheric layer of your aura, placing a harmonious energy that is attuned to that chakra, the harmonious energy will change the unharmonious area to a harmonious vibration again.  This dissolves the negative emotional block.  This in turn lets your energetic system flow freely once again providing clean energy to the afflicted area.  The afflicted area is bathed in harmonious vibrations once again, becoming healthy.

In my belief, if a client comes to receive Reiki, crystal, and or Tibetan bowl therapy, I feel there needs to be an added step in helping the client to become harmonious again. The person needs to understand, in order to stay healthy, he/she needs to understand, accept, and change some of their behaviors, their thoughts, their thinking, and some of their beliefs.  If these are not addressed, dis-ease will start up again, but maybe in a different organ. All these alternative therapies are here to assist a person to become harmonious again.   But to stay harmonious, one must be willing to look at what caused the dis-ease in the first place.  And then, one must be willing to “change” themselves for the better.

When I provide a Reiki session, I provide an after-session talk. I talk about what I found during the Reiki session.  I provide suggestions to what the blockage was from.  If the client wants to talk more about what the blockage and how it was created, I try to assist them.

I do believe we are all here, on Earth, to heal our inner wounds. We have people, loved ones, friends, coworkers who are meant to be in our lives for the sake of either providing us with loving support or to show us, by their own bad behavior, we also have the same bad behavior-inner wound, that needs to be acknowledged, healed, and let go.  If we do not look close at ourselves, we risk the ability to not know ourselves, to misunderstand people around us, and we become unharmonious (dis-eased) in life.  And because we are all connected, if we are unharmonious in life, we will also tend to convert those around us to a dis-eased state.  It is our job here on Earth to tend to our own inner-wounds and not be judgmental towards ourselves or others.

I have hopes that people will want to be harmonious in life, providing all of us with their unique, beautiful sound that will in turn, create more beauty in life for us all. Remember, harmonious vibrations can also convert unharmonious vibrations to harmonious energy.

Be the harmonious energy!

My Sacred Place


picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken


It is a gift to yourself and to others, to find a quiet place, whether it is in your home, work, or outside in nature. This quiet place is where you can relax, be yourself, and go within yourself.  This is where no one judges you, criticizes you, or tries to change you.  This place needs to be a place where you can connect to your higher self.  To make your quiet place your own special place, try placing objects there that have special meaning to you.  Special pictures, rocks/crystals that you enjoy, flowers, books, essential oils, candles, feathers, music, whatever makes you feel good and it’s yours.  If you’re at work and you cannot have special belongings left there, try bringing in your favorite belonging in your pocket.  Take it out and have it in-sight when you relax and/or meditate.  My special place is my home office where I make jewelry, give Reiki to my family, work on the internet, write stories and blogs, give Reiki to myself and meditate.  I have family photos, stones/crystals, essential oils in the air, my favorite wool throw blanket, and my cushy chair to sit in.  Some people will even make a sacred place by placing an alter there with their favorite items.  Your own sacred place is all about “You”.  Take time to make a sacred place and to use it daily.  Honor yourself and surround yourself with items that talk to you, about you.  This is a place you can retreat from chaos that surrounds us in daily life.  By doing this, you can find that you are a vessel of “peace”.  You have always been and will always be this way.  By making that sacred place around you and finding the sacred place within you, you will find peace and love.  You will become a vessel of peace, projecting it to others around you. You will become the positive change for others, in your life.  I will leave you with this one last thought.

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep.  Do not go back to sleep.  Do not go back to sleep.” By Rumi.

Make that sacred place around you, so you can find that sacred place within you.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Reiki in the Prairie LLC




Sound Healing


The Spoken Word. picture
by Cynthia Bergsbaken


I have shared some articles on Sound healing. Sound healing has been around for thousands of years.  When earth was created, God used sound to create.  Sound can be:  music, single notes played,  syllables sang, it can be chanting,  thinking, prayer, and it can be the spoken word.

We all do sound healing every day when you provide a simple encouragement to someone at the appropriate time. When someone is feeling low and maybe even depressed because of what they are going through in life, even the smallest word of encouragement can help.  When we acknowledge the person and his/her experience, and give them the time and patience to speak what they are feeling, we give them the space to start healing.  When we take the time to listen, we will know the proper time to give that other person a positive statement that can completely change the way they are thinking and feeling.  By saying even, the simplest words to another person in need, we help them to see that they are not alone, they have support, and they are loved.  Some small words of encouragement are intended as guidance for people, while other words are meant for providing clarity in life.

Lela was a young, vibrant woman that was cheerful, friendly, and creative in life. She was following a spiritual life, enjoying using her newly founded spiritual gifts.  Lela felt sure of herself, reading about all her abilities and strengthening them.  The evening after Lela had her birthday, she began to have many paranormal things start to happen to her.  She began to become fearful.  She was being spiritually attacked in her bed at night.   She started getting attacked, spiritually every day.  One evening, she decided to call a person whom she did not know, but read about in his newly written book.  She thought this person might be able to shed some light on to the situation. This person was a professional Psychic Medium.  She called this person and talked to him.  He was perplexed as to why she would call him.  He was also perplexed on what to do.  They talked for a bit, Lela feeling calm, but the psychic medium feeling nervous.  Then the conversation ended.  Lela hung up with no answers to her problems.  Each day, Lela thought about the conversation she had with the psychic medium.  Even though there were no concrete solutions provided to her, she remembers one sentence that caused her to re-evaluate her situation. One sentence that was spoke at the correct time to her that completely changed her thinking and feeling.  Lela had needed to be reminded about how powerful it is to “pray”.  This psychic medium reminded her when times are hard or we are going through something bigger than us, we need to use our spoken words, in this situation, prayer.

This true story, with a name changed, is an example of using the spoken word as a form of healing to another in life. How simple one word can be that can change a person’s perspective in life.  Even a stranger can provide healing words to another.  Lela is doing well and has come to appreciate the support and help others can provide at just the right moment with the spoken word.

Sound healing is all about providing loving vibrations that break up negative blockages inside of the energetic body. Once these blockages are dissolved, a person can have clarity of mind, body, and heart.  A person can become balanced energetically, which causes the rest of the body to become balanced also.

Let’s all of us  get out in to the world, whether it is in a huge city or in our own little neighborhood, and be there for another with gentle, loving, kind words that when spoken to another at the appropriate time, can cause them to start healing themselves.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

There are times we feel dizzy, like we are in a wonderland of some sorts.  Our reality around us feels a little distorted, like you’re not quite in your body.  Does this sound like you at times?  I know for me, when I was younger, this feeling would happen here and there.  Why?  If it isn’t for medical reasons, you probably are not grounded.  Grounding is being in your body, feeling it, and accepting it.  Grounding is pulling your attention down in your body, your feet and the ground.  Highly sensitive people will have hard times with being grounded in life due to being a higher vibration in life.  Living life in a higher vibration will cause a person to spend lots of time “up in their heads”.  Staying grounded in life provides you with a way to:  enjoy life as a embodied Divine spirit, helps you to stay in the present moment, helps you to release negative energy that you receive, and it provides you with stability in life’s experiences.

Here are some ways I use to stay grounded:

-Imagine you have tree roots growing through the bottom of your feet and your Root chakra.  Send them down into the ground to circle around the middle of the Earth.  Bring them back up to wrap around your ankles and your waist.  Imagine a lever at your side, open it.  Now with intention, send the negative energies down into the ground to be changed to positive energy. (Don’t forget to open this lever.  If you do not, you will not be able to get rid of the negative energy.)

-Be in nature for at least 20 minutes.

My Feet, picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

-Walk on the bare ground with bare feet.  This is called Earthing.

-Send your attention to your feet.  Notice how your baby toe feels.  Wiggle it.  Now move to the next toe and feel it.  Ask yourself how does my toe feel?  And so on.  When you’re done with your toes, try feeling your foot and ankle.  This is bringing your attention down in to your body.

-Wearing grounding crystals.  I like Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and Gold Sheen Obsidian.  The stone must be a stone that tends to activate the Root chakra.

-Wearing certain essential oils.  I like Lavender, Pine, and Frankincense .  They are  relaxing and tend to bring me down into my body.

-Making sure you eat protein before encountering known experiences that are stressful  to you.  I cannot get grounded with lighter proteins such as Tofu.  For me, I need to eat animal meats.

-Keep plants in your home.  The smell of the dirt and the feel of the plants helps you become grounded.

-Walk barefooted in your home.

-When out and about, if you’re feeling ungrounded, try noticing every step your feet make.  First notice how the foot feels when it steps down in front of you.  Notice how your foot rolls and moves up again.

-If you’re feeling off, ungrounded while amongst people, try imagining a can of paint in your favorite color.  Now place the pail above your head and let it pour out on top of your head.  Watch the paint as it drips down  on your neck, your chest, and so forth.  How does it feel?  What does it look like?  How do you feel wearing your favorite color?

-playing drums or listening to drums can activate the Root chakra.

I hope some of these techniques can help you stay grounded.


Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Reiki in the Prairie LLC



Reiki in the Prairie LLC·Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

I just read a very good article on spiritual responsibility.  How people who are highly spiritual are afraid of  taking their spiritual responsibility in life-be big in their soul’s purpose.  People tend to have excuses to why they should not follow what their soul’s purpose is on earth.  We manifest health issues, we manifest financial problems, we manifest rivals to either stop us or slow us down in our true purpose.  Why are we here? we ask ourselves.  What is my soul’s purpose?  Am I fearful of taking on my power in life?  Am I fearful to feel the inner power, my “I Am”, and so I sabotage my efforts?  We all have a beautiful, powerful ,light spirit in us.  We are here to bring our own inner light (power) to earth and manifest God’s love.  We are here to plant our light (love) on earth and hold it there.  In other words, we are here to recognize our own Divine selves.  We are also here to assist others in their struggle to  recognize their own Divinity.  Are you fearful of your own inner power, your responsibility?
Above note is written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM, IARP

Here is the article I share with you to read.  Enjoy!

Brought to you by Reiki in the Prairie LLC  Here I share my on experiences and how I helped myself.  DIY articles on whole health.  I also provide Reiki energy session  information here.
Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Shadow Working

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

I,  off and on make comments on posts in the Empath communities on Facebook.  It’s typical for me to suggest to others, the most important experience I’ve brought to my self is “Shadow Working” on my self.  Usually the comment I get back is, “What is Shadow Working?”

Shadow Working is basically you excavating in to who you are.  To start, you can pick any area in yourself that you notice.  Such as;  Likes and dislikes-What is your favorite color?  Why?  How does it make you feel?  Why do I like this….?  Why don’t I like that?  Another area you could dive in to is your beliefs.  A lot of our problem beliefs were taught to us as children.  Question your beliefs;  Do you still believe in……?, Why?, Where did you learn it from?, Does it still make sense?, Is this belief always true for you?  If you find a problematic belief, it’s time to “dump” it and make yourself a new belief to take its place.  By using the formula that Luis Angel Diaz, author of “Memory in the Cell” shares with you, you start to see how the belief was benefitting you, in a negative way.

Formula exercise from “Memory in the Cell”(1).

Find the strongest emotion regarding your belief.  Example rage.

Now place that emotion in to this formula-  “What is the benefit of your feeling ………(example rage)?  Answer this.  Try writing all this down on paper.  If the benefit is an action word, write down how you feel about it.  Keep writing down this question with each new beneficial  emotion.  When you get to the most positive emotion you can have from this, stop.  Now look at all your first answer(example rage) and your last answer(example love).  Place the last  answer in the first spot in this formula.  Formula 2.   “In order to …….I need to……”.   Than take your first answer and place it in the last spot in this formula.  Now read it and think about it.  This is how you think in terms of this belief.  “In order to feel love, I need to rage”.   Does this make sense to you?  This is a good way to heal mistaken, negative beliefs in your life.  By noticing what you actually believe, you’re able to heal and release them, replacing them with a positive  belief.  It is amazing to see and understand, how some of our beliefs from childhood became twisted.

Shadow working is also looking at your behavior in life.  Why did I react the way I did to that person?  Anytime you are triggered in life, or react negatively to an experience, you are projecting your negative emotions out to others.  This goes for any person that acts negatively in life.  People and experiences come in to our lives to help us “heal”.  At times, they trigger our negative reactions.  The person that triggered this in you is your mirror.  They just mirrored to you what you need to heal in yourself.  Example;  You are all excited because you bought a new purse that was different, but fun,  from your usual purchases.  You show your new purse to your sister, looking for that validation that it is so cute!  Your sister looks at the purse and says, “It looks like you bought that from a rummage sale!”  You become embarrassed at first, wishing you hadn’t bought  the purse.  But then you become angry at her.  Why?  Why did you  become embarrassed?  Your sister criticized you which made you feel ashamed.  She shamed your happy experience of having a cute, fun, out of the ordinary purse.  By becoming ashamed, you just let another person manipulate you.  Your sister, criticizing you , is a mirror image that shows you, you have this “criticizing” tendency also in you and have used it towards yourself and others.  Now ask yourself, why did I feel angry?  Because your personal boundaries were just attacked.  Your sister walked all over them and you did not stand up for yourself.  These are questions you need to ask yourself.  Why did you react the way you did and what is being shown to me (the others bad behavior) that I can heal in myself.  By healing the behavior in you, you actually start to also heal the other person’s behavior in them.  To heal behaviors shown to me by others, I have successfully used the “I love You” technique or also known as Ho’Oponopono technique.  The Ho’Oponopono technique

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

was introduced by Dr. Hew Len of Hawaii.  I wrote an article talking about how to use this.

Lets take a closer look at the embarrassment or shame you felt from your sister criticizing you and your purse.  Why did you feel shame?  Again, this can be someone’s behavior towards you when you were young.  Think back to your parents, sister/brothers, etc.  Was there someone who off and on embarrassed/shamed you and others?  When you figure this out, it’s time for you to heal it.  Know when others act negatively in life, they are showing their inner realities to everyone they treat badly.  When you realize this, you start to think differently when someone acts badly.  Instead of feeling embarrassed, you start to have forgiveness and compassion for them.  You also can realize when someone purposely tries to make you feel bad about yourself, it’s called manipulation and control.  Manipulation is the” art of making someone’s soul dance for the manipulator’s pleasure.”  Stand up for yourself instead of dancing.  How?  By becoming assertive.   Assertiveness is not aggression, it’s simply stating, out loud,  what is happening, communicating how you feel about it, and stating what you want done about it.

Working on all your boundaries will also help you.  Look at each of your boundaries-Personal, Emotional, Mental, Sexual, and Business.  Write all your beliefs down regarding your boundaries.  Do they make sense?  Do you need to re-vamp them?

All these ways are a way to start “Shadow Working” on yourself.  I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now and I have enjoyed every stage of it.  I can’t think of any better way to show love to yourself than getting to know yourself.

I’m also a believer in using natural stones to help learn about your self.  By wearing one  or more of these stones, their energy vibrations will assist you in bringing forth emotional areas in your life to be healed.

Picture by Ancient Wisdom jewelry by Cynthia.

-Calcites                                              -Lepidolite

-Carnelian                                           -Magnesite

-Blue Chalcedony              -Malachite

-Citrine                                                   -Rainbow Moonstone

-Dragon’s Blood Jasper                        -Blue Common Opal

-Unakite Jasper                                    -Pink Common Opal

-Lapis Lazuli                                         -Rose Quartz

There are many other stones to choose from that can help you Shadow work.

Receiving Reiki energy in a session will also help you bring forward emotions and areas in your life that needs to be healed.  Reiki energy goes in to you and balances all aspects of you.  For more information on Reiki and Reiki sessions, go to

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

I will list all my resources.  I also suggest you take a look at these books and videos for yourself.  I found them to be so helpful.

1.  “Memory in the Cell” by Luis Angel Diaz;

-Formula exercises for understanding your beliefs(1)


2.  Dr. Hew Len’s “I love you” technique, called Ho’Oponopono

-Found on Youtube as a video called, “Inner Child meditation”.

Dr. Hew Len also has a book about this technique talking more in detail.

“Zerolimits” by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD.

3.  “The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook”  by Edmund J. Bourne, PhD

(This is the 2000 edition.  There are newer editions available.)

4.  “Assertiveness for Earth Angels.”  by Doreen Virtue

5.  “Anatomy of the Spirit”  by Caroline Myss

6.  “Sacred Contracts” by Caroline Myss  (book on archetypes)

7.  “The Instruction” by Ainslie MacLeod

8.  “Emotional Freedom”  by Dr. Judith Orloff

9.  “Astrology for the Soul” by Jan Spiller

10.  “8 Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation…” by Paul Lenda

11.  “Shame on You!  Do you Use Shame to Control Others?”  by Psychology Today






Be the Miracle!


Jellyfish by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Reiki in the Prairie LLC· Friday, February 24, 2017

Be the miracle!  Miracles may not happen if you just wish for them or ask for them.  It’s time that you stop observing, and talking about them  and actually do the work.  Be the miracle in life.
By Cynthia Bergsbaken  of Reiki in the Prairie LLC for inspirational and educational articles and for Reiki session information

Imagination, One of Your Super powers

God’s Unconditional love surrounding earth.
Our imaginations are one of our superpowers on earth. This is stated in the book called “Your 3 Best Super Powers” by Sonia Choquette. I feel she is 100% correct. You see, in this world, we use thought and spoken word to bring to us our own realities we live in. In other words, if we think negative thoughts and/or speak negative thoughts, we bring to us a world that is pretty negative. We bring other negative people to us that provide us with negative experiences. And so, I feel it is important we use our imaginations in loving ways. Watch our thoughts and spoken words. Are they loving? or are they in need of a little “tweaking” to a more positive feel. Instead of thinking of the future in “worry” and “resentment”, how about using your imagination and think of how beautiful your day will be. Think about all the smiles you can give out and think about how people will respond to this-in a loving way. Imagine yourself, walking through your day with a circle(aura) around you that projects “love” to everyone you see and meet. Think about how your evening will look. Maybe imagine you are meeting friends, a significant other, or family and you see yourself having the greatest time. All of you are laughing, smiling, and enjoying each others company. Or maybe you had a fight with someone the other day. Now imagine yourself walking up to the person and hugging them. The other person is stunned, but then melts into the hug and says, “I’m sorry” and hugs back. Now after you’re done thinking and imagining these experiences, how do you feel? You feel more positive and loving. Now, when you go out in to the world, notice how people react to you. You are projecting off “love”. Notice how people will look at you with warmth and love in their hearts. Notice you’re making a positive difference in your area. Now think of how it started by you using your imagination in a loving way and how it is impacting the area around you, like a domino affect. Why not, in your imagination, place your love and God’s unconditional love around our world and ask it to stay for eternity. I invite you to help change our world with “using your imagination in a loving way. “
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC for more whole health/inspirational articles and Reiki session information.
sources:  Your 3 Super Powers by Sonia Choquette

Ho’Oponopono, the “I love you” Technique

                                          Ho’Oponopono,  the “I love you”

                                                    Technique    12/15/16

What is Ho’oponopono technique and why should it interest you? This technique is an ancient Hawaiian technique for clearing out your Subconscious mind.  The Subconscious mind is also known as our “Inner child.”   Our Subconscious minds contain all the information and memories of our existence.  Our Subconscious minds are like computers collecting all the data that comes to us as energy. Energy that is equivalent to emotions, thoughts, ideas, thinking, etc.  This technique was brought to the public by Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD.  Dr. Hew Len is a psychologist who was working with mentally ill criminals in Hawaii using this technique to cure them.   This technique uses “love” to heal.  It sounds like a fairy tale, but it is proven through Dr.  Hew Len’s accomplishment of healing all the criminals in Hawaii’s hospital.  He did this without even seeing the patient!   This is just a quick back ground of this technique.  My intention is to actually give you the technique to start using it in your everyday life. I may have inadvertently changed a few of the words, but it still works.  Dr. Hew Len has a Youtube video that he talks to the audience about this technique and how to use it.       

 There is also a book that I have read about this technique called, “Zerolimits” by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD.

Let’s get back to your Subconscious mind (Inner child). What kinds of things do I need to erase from my Inner child?  Building a good relationship with your Inner child is the most important relationship you can make in your life, says Dr. Hew Len.  Your Inner child can be looked at as yourself at a young age.  Talking to your Inner child, acknowledging him/her when you feel yourself having negative emotions, and asking him/her what do they need, is being a good parent to your Inner child.  You need to be a loving parent to your Inner child, providing him/her with security and fulfilling needs.  As far as what should you erase from your Inner child, it’s whatever you feel is detrimental to your young self.  And so, if you had a bad experience, whether from your past or now, it would be wise to use this technique to heal it and erase it from your Inner child. Treat your Inner child like any other precious, young child, but in this case, it is you as a young child.  If the experience would not be beneficial for a child to be around, this is prompting you to use this technique to release it.  When you use this technique, you’re not only healing yourself, but you are also healing the other person involved with the experience. 

So here is the technique. I started using this technique about 2 years ago now. 

The words you will use (technique) are:

“I’m so sorry”

“Please forgive me”

“I love you”

“Thank you”

Yep, it’s that simple! When you say these words to your Inner child, you are telling your Inner child (which is also your Divine self) you’re sorry for neglecting him/her.  How many times have you asked your Inner child, “how are you doing?  Do you have a need?  Or I feel you’re scared, how can I help, how can I give you support?”  Our Inner child has been with us since we were created.  We are apologizing for not paying attention to their needs, for not healing the “bad” experiences and emotions we have stored up all our life.  The Inner child has had to continually experience all your “bad” experiences in your life. 

Saying “please forgive me”, we’re are asking our Inner child (Divine selves) for forgiveness for neglecting them.

Saying “I love you”, you’re creating that precious relationship with your Inner child. In order for us to heal ourselves, we must love ourselves first and foremost. 

And finally, letting your Inner child know that you are very thankful for their help, again is part of making a precious, loving relationship with your Inner child. (Divine self). You are thankful, that they will heal and erase what needs to be.

These words are said 3x in a row.

So here is an example how I use this to clear my Inner child.

Example: On the internet, I have a person become mean acting to me.  I figure out she is jealous of my ability to make jewelry.  After I get home, I will ponder if this same kind of behavior is in me? (jealousy of another’s abilities.)  We all are mirrors to each other, showing what is in our aura’s that is unhealed.  I think back to my life, reviewing it and looking for similar behavior.  I find that I have become jealous of other’s abilities in my life.  And so, to use this technique, I’ll say, “Cynthia (my name), it’s time to clean house. Please find all the information and memories of me being jealous of other’s abilities in life.  Gather all this together and release it up to God to be healed, neutralized, and erased. I am so sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and I thank you.  I say the bold line 3x’s.  That’s it, the behavior I had previously had in my Subconscious mind stored up has been healed, taken out and erased. This technique can also be used for unhealed past life issues.  Just say the same words, except place in “gather all this information and memories from my past lives and present life.” 

 The more you do this technique, the more space you make for inspiration to enter your mind.  Thank you  Dr. Hew Len for bringing this technique forward in to the public.  I, myself am very thankful!

Information from:

*“Zerolimits” by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

*Youtube video by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len (Dr. Hew Len)

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, RM, IARP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC (a registered member of International Association of Reiki Professionals)


To love oneself is to take care of yourself!

To love oneself is to take care of yourself!


Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken
This would include, creating your own personal boundaries, standing up for your personal boundaries-no matter the cost, walking away from issues that do not have your highest interest at heart, watch what seeds you plant in life (watch your thoughts and what you say, make sure it is not opinion (judgement), but factual and kind. Instead of seeking revenge on another for their negative projection to you, find compassion, forgive, and send “Blessings” for these are the people who truly need to be healed and could use “blessings”. Be authentic to yourself! (talk authentic, act authentic-no matter the consequences.) Exercise, eat foods that your body feels good on.(This doesn’t mean the foods that your head says, yum, yum to.), stop any addictive behaviors(smoking, drinking alcohol, binge eating, emotional eating, etc.) Learn to be more assertive. Learn to say “no”. We are not “superman/woman, when that next volunteer job comes up and you already have your hands full or you’re not interested in it, just say “no”. “No” is a complete sentence, so use it. You’re not the only one in the world that can help this new group, or help that person that sooo needs to have some help. When life gives you “sour apples”, don’t blame others for your “sour apples”. Instead, look closer at what your thoughts, behavior, and actions are in life. Take responsibility for the Universe giving you the experience in the first place. We receive what we put out there. Each experience will teach us all about ourselves. Take the time and learn about yourself.
These are some ways we can “love ourselves”. We can only love others when we love ourselves first.
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, RM IARP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

You’re Unique and Beautiful

In this world, we are surrounded by strong negative emotions. At times they are from our own family, coworkers, or boss. It’s ok to feel these emotions for when we do, we realize we are feeling another’s unhealed pain. We’re not here to fix the other person, tosundogs take on their pain, or even to project

(picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken)

back the same negative emotions. We are here to feel the pain, have compassion, understand, release the pain to the ground to be healed and to move on with our life. We are here to heal ourselves, to find out who we are, and to follow in life what gives us enjoyment, excitement, and happiness.

If a situation or people in your life does not provide you with enjoyment and happiness, but grief and demeaning feelings towards yourself, do what you need to do to change it. If it requires you to be “assertive” in life towards the situation and people, do so. By understanding the situation, you figure out there is no way to change the situation or people with assertiveness, be ready to walk away from it, be it a job or an abusive relationship.

Life is too short to put up with disrespect, criticism , gossip, controllers, manipulators, or abusers.

If you do not have already a good sound “personal boundary” then make yourself one and stand-up for it. Stand-up for yourself! After all, you are the only one of you. The world needs individual people and not ones who conform to what others think you should act like or be like. Don’t you think it’s time you “love” yourself- do this by holding on to strong “personal boundaries” and truly being your authentic self.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM, IARP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM, IARP

The Leopard Frog Story


The Leopard Frog Story

by Cynthia Bergsbaken  7-12-2017


It was an early Tuesday morning, around 7:00 am on July 12, 2016, when I let my dog Quinn out to do her usual business. She was outside for a bit, when I decided to go outside and look for her and join her in walking around the yard. It’s enjoyable to walk outside our house in the middle of summer in bare feet. We live out in the country where there are no neighbors to watch you as you stroll around in your yard. We have window wells that are quite deep all around our house. The day before we had a mouse stuck down in my son’s window well. My son showed great interest in rescuing the mouse and so I left it up to him. Today, I decided to check all the window wells including my sons. Now in the past, we have had mice, moles, frogs, toads, lizards, and Muskrats fallen down in the window wells. And so we try to check the window wells often. Out in the prairie, we can not use the usual plastic coverings for the window wells due to the constant wind we have. The first window well I came to, I noticed a green Leopard frog. He was all huddled up against our cement wall of the basement. I thought, “oh, I’ll just come back later when I’m completely dressed to rescue him.” But then I thought it may be too hot for him in the window well by the time I got back. And so with my p.j. top on, long sweat pants and my thongs on my feet, I jumped solidly down in to this window well. These window wells are about 4′ tall. And so when I’m standing in the window looking out, I have the metal edge basically lining up to my throat. If I needed to get out again, I would have to use my arm strength to push my body up and out. I slowly kneeled down to look at the frog. He  layed there looking up at me. I thought, “I’ve never really held a frog before in my hands.” I can’t say I was looking forward to the feeling. So I decided to gently pet the top of his head. I did this a couple of times. I was amazed to feel his skin was cold, but not wet to the touch. As I pet him, I realized I was feeling extreme fear. I pulled my hand away ready to pull myself out of the window well in a hurry. Then I noticed the frog. He had placed his hands on top of his head, telling me in body language , “Please don’t hurt me.” The frog was in extreme fear due to his inability to move. Frogs are cold-blooded and so when they are cold, they are stiff and move slow. I had a ah-haa moment. I realized the fear I was feeling was not mine. It was the frogs fear, thinking he was going to be eaten by this huge animal(me) in front of him. At that moment, I kneeled back down and promptly projected love to him. I gently picked him up and carried him to a safe, cool location in our lawn next to our house. Here, he could warm up and then move to a safer place to rest. This was the second time I have experienced a fearful moment with a little animal. I will admit, I don’t like the thought of little critters in my house or crawling on me. The first time, I let fear enfold me, I followed it. I did not like the results of me following fear. This time, I felt fear and almost reacted to it. But from noticing the frog trying to protect himself with his little hands, I felt sadness and love. I realized we all go through feeling fear at one time and another. The secret is to feel it, but don’t react to it. Try to understand why you’re feeling it and then let it go. Bring in compassion, understanding and love for yourself. When you do this, you are able to thoroughly understand why we were feeling fear. This will transmute the fear in to love.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM, IARP

Brought to you by Reiki in the Prairie LLC

My Legacy in Life

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

As we get older, we start thinking of, “If I was to die tomorrow, how will people remember me?” What do we have to show that we were living here on Earth? Good question. Then we start to think of our lives, going in to the past and looking at everything we have done. Did I do exactly what I had wanted to do in this life? Will I be known for what I created? Or will people and family not even know the real me and what I had done in life. At this point, I had decided to write a book on my life. It would include only the positive, happy parts of my life, showing the kids all my experiences I went through. I placed this on my goal list to work on every week. But then, after a month or two of thinking of this and writing some of it, I realized maybe this isn’t what I had wanted to do. I found myself procrastinating on writing it.

Just this morning, I was still thinking of “what my legacy would be”. I had an inner voice come to me and suggest it would be “kindness”. This was really a nice idea, but I really wanted something more personalized to me. Then I heard another inner voice suggest my business, Reiki in the Prairie LLC. Now this was a nice thought. This was also very personalized to me, because I’m the one who created this business and all aspects of it. I’m the one who runs it, helping people become empowered in life again. Then I was thinking, after I die, my business will probably be shut down due to no one in my family being a Reiki practitioner. But then I had a small inner voice speak up to me suggesting to me not to worry. I already have my legacy, it is my children. I co-created with my husband and God to create two beautiful and kind children who have their hearts full of love. They have memories and experiences that we have shared in life that will be remembered with much love.

As I thought of all this, I thought up a story that really shares this idea.

The Sunflower

In life, we find experiences that fill our hearts with joy and love. Gardening is a joy in my life, as long as I don’t have to weed gardens full of Thistle weed every week. Life is like watching a Sunflower grow. We plant the seed and we give it water and nurturing. The plant grows strong and fast. The problem is, some of the seeds will not survive. Some seeds are planted in too shallow of dirt. The roots are not able to penetrate the soil well enough to continue growing in times of drought. These plants will die early in life. Then there are the seeds that are planted in good soil, but are not able to grow fast enough . These plants are overtaken with weeds. The weeds are aggressive, choking out the sunflower plants still young in growth. These plants also die early in life. But then there are a few seeds that are planted in good soil and are able to grow without the weeds choking them out. These plants will grow to their maturity, showing their own glory and light to the earth. These plants stand strong with beauty and grace, emanating their light from their single being. These are the seeds that are here on Earth to bring the rest of us in to God’s love and light. They show us the way to our own highest light paths. They act as guiding stars to us, while we travel in the middle of a dark night. Then, like all others, these sunflowers will also die. But they die with no fear. For they have produced, in all of their glory, seeds, positive seeds that have been left behind to start the process of life all over again. For this is the sunflower’s legacy in life.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken

of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Letting Go

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken.

In life, we are constantly being asked by God to “Let go.”  Each time we move to a new  house, we need to let go of friends and relatives.  Each time we need to heal  traumatic issues and toxic emotions, we need to “let go.”  When we graduate from high school and college, we are asked to let go of friends and that comfortable way of life we’re used to.  We get married, we let go of our dependency to our parents and family.  Our own children get married or move away, again we need to let go.  Soon our relatives and friends start to die and cross over to the unseen worlds.  We are asked to “let go” for our sake and theirs.  When we become known as elderly ourselves, we let go of our youth.  When we come to our last day on earth, God, one last time asks us to let go.  Let go of all physical ties.  Let go of family and friends.  When we are in heaven, we let go from being who we were in the physical realm.  Every time we “let go”, God gives back to us  love, support, compassion, and the ability to learn more about ourselves.  So death at the end of life is not scary, horrible, or new.  For all through our lives, we have been letting go and walking forward, becoming more and more independent, beautiful, compassionate, and loving.  Each time we are asked to “let go”, we find another missing piece of ourselves.  When we are at the end of our lives, Reiki energy sessions can be greatly beneficial to both the one leaving our earthly realm and to those who are left behind.  Reiki energy provides you with peace, calmness, love, and support for inner healing.  These are beneficial to both, the one who is leaving earth and to the one who is left behind. Reiki energy will help with your depression and fear you feel.   I invite you to help your loved  one feel love, calm, and at peace while getting ready for their new life. 

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Usui Reiki Master, RM-IARP

of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Fear and our Survival Archetypes

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Have you ever noticed you act in a certain way when it comes to facing your fears? For example, you find yourself in a toxic job that  has a toxic environment, but you’re unwilling to quit it due to how much money you earn.  This is a good example of having the Prostitute Archetype( a Survival archetype) working in your life. In pursuit of my desires to be the best I can be in life, I came across” Archetypes”. Archetypes are patterns of behavior that we all show through out our lives.  I feel they are really worth looking at and understanding. I’ve been facing my fears in life and so for me,  I have found the Survival archetypes to be the most beneficial to learn about. In understanding these four archetypes, I am able to understand why I act in certain ways in regards to “Fear”.  When you understand these archetypes, one is better able to confront their fears and heal them. Have I peaked your interest? We all have the four Survival archetypes. These four are named: the Child, the Prostitute, the Victim, and the Saboteur. Whenever we feel our survival is threatened in any way, one of these archetypes will show up in you, challenging you to act in the most positive way.  The way our Divine selves want us to act in life.

The Child archetype represents your Inner child. When you view yourself as a young child, you are viewing your “Inner child.” Dr. Hew Len of Hawaii  has mentioned that the Inner child is the most important relationship you would have in your life on earth.  The Inner child, says Dr. Hew Len, is your Divine self.  The Child archetype includes all the different variations of “the child.” Some examples are the Wounded child and the Abandoned child. The Child archetype is here to teach you all about dependency and responsibility. Lessons demonstrating when you need to be independent,  standing on your own or knowing when to stand with the group.

The Victim archetype watches over your personal boundaries. Your Victim archetype will show up when you feel like a victim. There are times a person desires to be in the victim mode.  The benefits of being a victim would be looking for sympathy for oneself and/or not having the desire to stand up for oneself. The Victim archetype  teaches a person  about self-esteem and personal power with the use of personal boundaries. What are personal boundaries? The definition in Wikipedia states, “To have guidelines, rules, and /or limits a person creates to identify for themselves what are reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them.” When you find yourself acting like a victim, such as blaming others, complaining, and/or self-pity, ask yourself, “Why?  “Is there a benefit to acting this way?” Figure out why you feel threatened.  Then use your own personal power to face it and over come it.

The Prostitute archetype shows up when you are in a situation of -“How much am I willing to sell myself for?”-“Yourself” meaning: your values, righteousness, your brainpower, your word, your physical body, or even your soul, to gain physical comfort. This archetype watches over your  faith in yourself.  Anytime one walks their own empowered path through life, they will always meet up with some type of  challenger or opponent who will try to buy, manipulate, or pollute you. These rivals recognize you have your own power(self empowered) in life and so they will try to take a part of you to feel more powerful than you. The dark side of this archetype shows up when you take shortcuts in life to feel more self power. This archetype will be the guardian of your faith, thus notifying you when you are changing from faith to physical comfort.

The Saboteur archetype watches over your choices in life. Anytime you have problems that  happen in your life, you have the choice to take responsibility for your own actions(which includes your thoughts and words) and what you have created in life. This archetype will give you the choice of following your inner “nudges”.  Whether your “inner nudges” are asking you to quit your job, go public with who you really are, or to  open up your own business, use courage and act upon your gut instinct to calm the Saboteur archetype.


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Article written by Cynthia Bergsbaken Usui Reiki Master, RM-IARP

of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken



When You Believe!!

There can be Miracles, when you Believe!sundogsPicture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Becoming a small business owner and Spiritual healer has been a dream come true for me.  But with the good times,  comes the hard times.  Being a business owner, I have found out how hard and frustrating a road this can be.  A small business owner needs to learn how to sell their products, learn about people, learn how to balance finances,  how to advertise, learn computer systems and  learn how to connect with people.  Not all months are good months for a business.  Sometimes a business will have many people interested in and buying your products.  While other months, you  have people not interested in your products or anything you have to say.  This is hard for small business owners who are operating on a set amount of money.  All of this can be really overwhelming and at the same time a good challenge.  The song, “When you Believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston  tells us we need to Believe.  Believe in what?  Believe in yourself!  If you truly believe in something, you can manifest it.  By believing in yourself, you can and will bring your dreams to life.  By continuing on believing in yourself, you will succeed in life.  Life gives us ups and downs, but as long as we believe in ourselves, we can weather all kinds of life’s challenges.  So when I receive those hard times, I will trust and believe in myself.
How about you?  I invite you to believe in yourself!!!!
written by  Cynthia Bergsbaken, RP, IARP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC



Why is My Child Crying in School?

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken


I have been around a few children who would cry in school off and on. When asked, they do not know why. I’ve talked to children who feel overwhelmed in school. The ones I’m talking about are overwhelmed by others emotions. I’ve seen children complain about stomach aches off and on in and out of school. Now all of these can be from simple issues such as upset stomach from foods or nerves, feeling sad or nervous so they cry and/ or maybe they are being bullied. There is another possibility that could be causing the child problems like these. Consider that your child might be a Clairsentient or an Emotional Empath. ” I don’t believe in that stuff”, you say. I ask you to read and to consider it about your child. Children that are highly sensitive, typically introverts but not always, that maybe love to touch things in their environment, that do not like being in large groups of people, that are sensitive to strong odors, sensitive to sounds and seem to know upon meeting someone-they like them or not, can be Clairsentients or Emotional Empaths. Here are a couple of addresses to read the definitions of Emotional Empath(Psychic Empath) and for Clairsentient

As a parent, you feel like you need to help your child, but you don’t know how. Here are my suggestions for your child, whether they are 4 years old or 17 years old. I suggest you teach them how to “Ground” themselves and to “Shield” themselves. Empathic children may have trouble being grounded. Grounding attaches you to Earth, so you don’t feel like you are floating above yourself. It lets you drain off any negative emotions that a person takes in for the day. These negative emotions will flow down in to the ground. By grounding yourself, you feel like you are in the present moment and not off in another world. As a parent, you may have experienced those days where you don’t know if you’re coming or going. You feel dizzy or light-headed and can’t focus. Try grounding yourself. Teaching your child to shield themselves helps the child to sit in a busy classroom and not be so affected by the many emotions going on in the class. From what I’ve seen, typical classes in public grade schools are around 20 + children. Now imagine yourself being able to feel every childs’ emotions in that class. Your child has to sit in their seat for hours, trying to focus on their work, feeling at least 20+ emotions. And this is if each child only has one emotion being projected. Wow, no wonder some kids all of sudden will start to cry. Crying is a way an empathic person releases negative emotions off of them. Crying is a great way that we all are able to release emotions we don’t want. Teaching your child to shield themselves every morning, before school, can save your child from feeling a lot of stress.


Grounding can be as simple as going outside and walking in the green grass with bare feet. Or playing outside. But I’m writing this to help school children feel more relaxed in school. My favorite grounding technique is to tell the child to pretend they are a large Oak tree. Every morning, before school, have the child stand up and pretend their body is the tree trunk. Their tree needs to grow leaves and so they need to grow roots into earth . Have them grow a root down from each foot and one from their crotch area. Now have them imagine each root(3 of them) growing down deep into earth. After a bit of time(10 seconds?) tell them to imagine seeing a red/orange/yellow liquid ball, this is the middle earth. Have them wrap their roots around this liquid. (As many times as they wish.) Now tell your child to call the roots back up to them. The roots will be growing back up to the child. When the roots come to the child’s feet, have the child wrap the roots around their ankles and their waist. Again, wrap them as many times as they want. When the child is done doing this, it is important to tell the child about releasing all the feelings they don’t want. How? Tell the child they have a lever or a handle that is at their waist. After wrapping roots around their waist, they need to push the handle open. If they do not do this, they will not be able to release emotions. After they do this, they can tell themselves what feelings they want to let go down in to earth. Example, Sally doesn’t like the anger that comes off of that teacher. It scares her. And so the child can say to themself, I let that feeling go . The feelings that go down into earth will be changed to positive energy. The child will feel more focused and less overwhelmed in the day. The child does not have to consciously let the emotion go. It will just happen on its own.


How do I teach my child to shield? She is only 4 years old. Children have great imaginations. Turn “Grounding” and “Shielding” into a daily morning game. To shield, tell the child they need to put on, every morning, their special protection suit. It can be like a space suit, a suit of armor, or simply a body suit. Tell your child to pretend putting on a whole body suit made of their favorite color. Example, Sally likes the color green today, and so puts on a body suit of green. Start by putting your left foot in the suit, your right foot next. Now pull the suit up over your body and place each arm and hand into the arm holes. Place the hood and face mask over the head. Now zip up the zipper up the front of the suit all the way to the top of the head. This body suit completely covers their face and body in their favorite color. Now lets place God’s special protection over their favorite color. Tell the child to imagine putting on a body suit that is sparkly white. This sparkly white shows all the different colors of the rainbow in it. This sparkly white body suit is God’s protection. Tell your child to go ahead and put it on and zip it up. Now the child is in a sparkly white bubble of protection from negative emotions/energy. Tell your child that these body suits will help them not feel so many feelings. It will help them focus and feel safe, calm, and happy. Tell them the suit will not stop all feelings, but it help them to feel good. If the child is older, I suggest you have them release their body suits when they get home from school and place up a new one.

Doing these two techniques every morning can help your child feel more at ease amongst crowds of people. If it is the weekend and you’re going some place crowded-mall, shopping, trip, air ports etc., I suggest you have your child do these before leaving. When your child is old enough(4th or 5th grade?) to understand about their gift, it would be wise to help them educate themselves through books or educational empath sites on the internet. To be a successful person in life, one must learn about themself, understand themself, and accept one self. To accept ourselves and honor ourselves is one of the most important lessons in life.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, RP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC