By Cynthia Bergsbaken

June 8, 2017 and every Thursday of the summer, Reiki in the Prairie LLC along with Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia will be at the Downtown Watertown, SD  “Thursday Night Live Farmer’s Market” and live music event.  I will be there with Reiki in the Prairie LLC’s Holistic shop-White Sage, White Sage spray, DIY books, meditation cds, and gift certificates for the health/wellness sessions.

The Thursday Night Live Farmers Market will be on Maple St. between Kemp and 1st St. from 5:30-8:30 pm every Thursday night throughout the summer.



June 30, 2017  Tibetan Bowl meditation, free w/canned good.

Tibetan Bowls by Cynthia Bergsbaken
This is a musical meditation starting at 7:00 pm-7:45 pm.   While you lay on your mats, I’ll be playing my chakra attuned Tibetan bowls. I ask that you bring your own mat, blanket, pillow, and canned good. The canned good is the price of the meditation. You will be donating to our local food shelter. I invite you to come and enjoy the ancient Nepal sounds of my Tibetan bowls. Expect to feel relaxed. *(Note; I will limit this to about ten people.) This event is in Downtown Watertown,SD. I will let people know, closer to the date, the address. Please use this Facebook site   or email me at, to let me know you’re coming. I ask for your name and away to get a hold of you.