Lesle Tobkin reviewed  Cynthia  Bergsbaken  in the winter

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of 2015

“Thank you Cynthia Bergsbaken for giving me my first Reiki experience!  When they say it treats the whole person, body, mind, and spirit with feelings of peace, security and well-being, all in an hour of relaxation, it’s all true!!  Much needed, very cool.”

Testimonial and Review for Cynthia Bergsbaken, written by Lori Vough McEwen(aka Gale Stein) Author and Psychic Medium, 3/4/ 2015.

Heidi, by Cynthia Bergsbaken

“Last night I had my very first Reiki session given to me by Cynthia Bergsbaken. I really did not know what to expect. What I got was truly amazing! ”

“The lovely young woman who performed the Reiki session on me, Cynthia Bergsbaken, instructed me to lie down comfortably for approximately 45 minutes at a pre-determined time while she performed long distance Reiki session. She told me she was going to cleanse and balance my chakras. I, never having done this before was not at all sure at what to expect. If nothing else, I would lie quietly and meditate or sleep.

It was not long before images began to flow; these images were not random, but pertained to a cleansing and blessing ritual. A Golden Retriever and a longhaired tabby cat came and sat down next to me. They told me they love the energy that Cynthia releases when she performs Reiki and they always come to experience it. When the session was over, I told Cynthia that I thought it was neat that her pets join her when she performs Reiki. Cynthia informed me that the dog and cat I saw and spoke to are indeed in spirit.

My point of view had changed to that of an observer. I saw myself lying flat, hovering in mid-air in a non-descript open space. Many spirits all dressed in white stood around me. I felt they were there to protect me as I had said a prayer for protection while I was to be in such a vulnerable state. A cherub Angel had appeared to remove a white crown, like a burger king crown, off the top of my head. The angel flew upward with the crown making way for a powerful stream of white light to flow into the top of my head where the crown had been. After a period, the angel placed the crown back on the top of my head ending the flow of white light. I became aware of a spirit with female energy standing by my side. Although I was able to see some facial features, she was completely white. She gently touched my forehead, and then moved her hands to my throat. Vivid colors began to appear, lavender at my head, blue at my shoulders. When she reached my heart, which was a lovely green, we were both surprise at what happened. As she placed her hands on my heart, which was a large green ball, it opened up and out came my two boxer dogs and my cat Peanut, all I love dearly, all who are in spirit. The female spirit was surprised and delighted at what she saw, I became emotional but it passed quickly. She lifted my heart over her head with both hands, into the hands of a male spirit above her.

I watched as he placed a small round gold object into my heart, as I looked closer at the object; I was able to see it was a pocket watch. The male spirit tinkered with the watch until I was able to hear a rhythmic tic-toc. It was so strong that I was feeling the corresponding pulse in my head. Just as I was beginning to become uncomfortable with this, the male spirit handed my heart back to the female who then placed it lovingly on my chest. The female spirit assisted me in sitting upright while someone gently cupped their hands over mine and massaged my fingers. It was so soothing, especially since my fingers ache from the beginnings of I believe arthritis.

The female spirit guided me to lie back down; she then leaned into my ear and said, “The healing power is within you”. She placed her hand on each chakra point on my spirit, beginning at my head. The vivid images of colors flowed as she moved from point to point. While my spirit lay in the vivid colors of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, lavender, and bright white, my perspective changed. I was still an observer, but I was looking at my solid body. It was at that moment I realized something had changed and that something was missing. I can only liken I to the absence of a hum that only you can hear. Perhaps you have had a head cold for the past two weeks and all the while, you have a barely noticeable hum in your ear. Suddenly that hum has vanished, your stuffy head is clear and you feel as though you once again have clarity of thought.

What I want you to know is that although you cannot see it, things are happening during a Reiki session. Your healing session involves many loving spirits, each performing a specific task tailored to the needs of your spirit. I had some noticeable physical sensations during my session that is true. Moreover, as we are all individuals, we will have our own unique set of sensations and experiences. Nevertheless, as I said, it is not as much how I felt during my first Reiki session that inspired me to share my experience, but rather what I was as a Psychic Medium. I wrote this commentary to tell you that Reiki is real!”

Lori Vough McEwen(aka Gale Stein), Author/Psychic Medium


Amy Thuringer-review 5 stars (Facebook)
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· January 15

Thank you Cynthia, I feel so wonderful the only way I can describe it is right after a spring rain the smells how wonderful it feels that’s how I feel .  (Off of Facebook).


Rene Martin  review 5 stars (Facebook)  December 15, 2015·
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I believe you are through this page providing/supplying needed information (to people who are ready to absorb & use it.)  (Off of Facebook.)

Anonymous reviewed Reiki in the Prairie LLC 5 stars

May 23, 2016

“I felt so relaxed, I fell a sleep on the table.  I woke up refreshed and balanced feeling.”

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Anonymous reviewed Reiki in the Prairie LLC-5 star

May 24, 2016

“So far I have had about 4 Reiki Sessions. It’s always nice to be able to fit one in when I have the time. During the sessions, Cynthia-the Reiki practitioner- makes you feel  at ease and comfortable, which is good if you have never experienced a Reiki session before.  The room feels clean and well kept and many plants to help aide to the overall atmosphere.  Afterwards, I always feel relaxed and happy and ready to take on the stress from my day to day life. ”



Testimonial by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM, IARP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

September 13, 2016

About a week ago, I was dancing to the eighties for my exercise. In one weird motion, I injured my shoulder. It wasn’t too bad though. About two days ago, I was placing clean sheets on my bed and I re-injured my same shoulder. But this time, it was in pain. It feels like I gave myself micro-tears in the muscles that surround and support my shoulder.

And so promptly, I gave myself Reiki specifically for this problem. After my Reiki session, I had no more pain. It was stiff and achy, but not painful while hanging down. I was able to go to bed that night without taking any pain medicine. The next day, I again gave myself more Reiki. This time, I soothed the stiffness and a little more achiness. My shoulder is still very sore if I move it wrong, but it is healing faster than I thought possible. With receiving Reiki, I did not feel the need to take any kind of pain medicine.

I am confident the Reiki energy is healing my injured shoulder at least 2x faster than normal. I invite you to try a Reiki session, whether it is for pain, cancer, illness, emotional problems or just because you like to stay healthy.



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  Alex Abigail Santi,  March 26, 2017  (Facebook) 5 stars

I went in for a session and had a wonderful experience, 10/10 would have it done again. Thank you Cinthia



Anonymous Client – June 24, 2017

“Very relaxing and I felt good. ”  This client said this about receiving Reiki energy session.

“Interesting”.  This client said this about receiving  a Tibetan singing bowl healing for a specific issue.


Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Testimonial on 6-26-2017 by a medical worker.

I had been diagnosed with a Kidney stone in my Urethra by my medical doctor. I was scheduled for surgery about a week later, due to the stone being not the kind you can use Ultrasound on to break up. I never would of considered using any energy work, but the thought of going in to surgery was not appealing. The time off, the cost of it ($5000.00), and being in the hospital. I knew that Cynthia of Reiki in the Prairie LLC here in my town, gave Reiki energy sessions. I booked a couple of sessions for Reiki hoping for ridding myself of the stone. She also suggested trying a Tibetan Singing bowl healing session. I ageed. All of my sessions were so relaxing, I fell a sleep. The Tibetan bowl healing was different, but relaxing. During my last Reiki session, I needed to use the bathroom. I do believe I passed the stone then. Today is the day before my surgery. I talked to my medical doctor, letting him know I felt good. I was told to go in for another Ultrasound. About an hour later, I was told the great news, “Your stone is gone.” I know I was on an antibiotic and drinking a increased amount of  water, but I really feel the Reiki energy sessions and the Tibetan bowl session played a big part. Cynthia was great to work with. She shared with me  what she learned from my energy system, during each session. She gave me information on the source of the stone and how to stop producing anymore in the future. Thank you Cynthia for the wonderful energy sessions. You have made me a believer in energy work!
Sincerely, J. O. B.

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r 13, 2016