What is Reiki?


Client receiving hands-on Reiki Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Reiki is an energy therapy that promotes healing, balancing and relaxation to a person, animal or plant. Reiki energy promotes healing in a person, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Receiving Reiki energy does not guarantee you to be totally healed, but there have been cases where people were healed, totally.  At the very least, receiving Reiki energy provides you with the means to becoming healthy again.    Reiki energy can also be used to clear out negative energy in a house.  Reiki energy promotes “whole health” and good self-care.

The word Reiki is pronounced “Ray-key” and can be split up in to two words for the meaning. Rei meaning Universal. Ki means Life Force energy. In other cultures, this energy is known as Chi in China or Prana in Sanskrit. And so, the word Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force energy.  This energy is what flows through everything you see in the world. During a Reiki session, a practitioner will place their hands either above your chakras, on your chakras, or in problem areas of your body, in different hand positions. The client is fully clothed during the whole session. The practitioner is channeling the Reiki energy in to the person’s chakras and body.

Picture by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Above, in the picture, is your auric field. The aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding your body extending up to 4-5 feet in healthy people. In unhealthy people, the auric field is diminished in size, dull and not very bright in light whereas the healthy person will have a bright, large aura. The auric field is made up of layers of energy (seven layers) that interconnects to our subtle bodies and chakras. Each chakra is related and connected to a layer of the aura. A chakra is a spinning wheel of energy that takes in all the information from our surroundings and experiences. The main chakras are located down the front and back of the spin area on a person.

An aura also acts to shield our subtle bodies, such as the mental body, emotional body, and so forth. The auric field is our subconscious mind, recording every experience, information, and memory throughout your life. Our energetic system requires certain levels of Life Force energy or also known as Prana to stay healthy. Our physical bodies require certain amounts of oxygen to maintain a healthy environment. Oxygen plays a big part in our health as does Life Force energy. Our lungs need oxygen to provide a healthy environment for our physical bodies, just like our subtle bodies require Life Force energy or Prana to maintain health and function properly within the aura. If there is a lack of oxygen for the physical body, illness and disease set in. If there is a blockage or a lowered level of Life Force energy entering in to the aura again, the subtle bodies will not be able to work properly and maintain health. In order to maintain health in the physical body, a person must exercise. In order to maintain health in your aura, a person needs to be involved in some form of energy flow control. Reiki Energy Therapy sessions provides Life Force energy directly in to the chakras and the aura where it then dissolves any blockages and rebalances a person’s energy system. Thus, Reiki Energy Therapy sessions creates an environment for maintaining health in the person. The first signs of illness is seen in the energetic system of the person. If the blockage is not cleared up, the decreased flow of Life Force energy results in subtle bodies not working properly. When the subtle bodies do not work properly, this causes imbalances in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Disease in some form, whether physical or mental results in the physical world. Our physical bodies, emotional bodies, and spiritual bodies are all connected.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken Usui Reiki Master practitioner, RM, IARP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC


Created by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Reiki energy History

Reiki energy is an ancient method to heal, also known as “laying on the hands”. In the late 1800’s Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki energy in the Japanese mountains. He brought it back to share the healing with his family. Soon friends found out about the benefits of this energy and wanted Dr. Usui to help them. Dr. Usui opened the first Reiki clinic in Japan, treating clients with Reiki and teaching Reiki. Dr. Usui healed many people across Japan and China. Because there was such a overwhelming amount of people who wanted Reiki, Dr. Usui trained many Master level practitioners. Reiki healing was brought back to the United States by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. She was born in Hawaii in 1900. She travelled to Japan in hopes of visiting her ill sister. While there, Mrs. Takata became ill herself. She went to one of Dr. Usui’s clinics to be healed. She was healed and promptly trained in the Master level of Reiki. Mrs. Takata opened Reiki clinics in Hawaii to heal and to teach the art of Reiki.