Reiki and Our Energy System

In order to understand how Reiki works, we must learn about our energy systems.  We all have an auric field and chakras.

The aura resembles an egg that circles around us.

The aura is made up of layers of "bodies".  Each body does a different job.  I will talk about four main layers.

The Etheric body, the Emotional body, the Mental body, and the Spiritual body.

The Etheric body is a 2 inch thick layer of vital energy or also known as "Life Force" energy, Prana, and/or Chi.  (Depending on your culture, the name is different).  This layer of Life Force energy acts as a protective barrier against all external materials that could harm us.  (bacteria, harmful energy, etc.)

The   Emotional body is the next layer.

This layer carries all our emotions, feelings, and character traits.

Our emotions we experience, are reflected in to our Emotional bodies.  These reflected emotions are projected out to others through our chakras and pores.  And so if you sense someone is sad, you would be taking int heir projected energy of sadness in to your own chakras and reading the energetic information as "sadness".

The Mental body consists of our ideas, rational perceptions, intuitive perceptions, and our thoughts.  We take in information through our chakras.  Then it is passed through our Emotional bodies and sent to the Mental body.  These perceptions are in regards to your physical well-being and concerns regarding our world.

The Spiritual body is the level that is the immortal part of us.  We experience the highest level of vibration from the spiritual level of being.  This energy streams in to us flowing in to the Mental bodies, the Emotional bodies, and the Etheric bodies.   This body gives us the experience of inner unity with all life.  It connects us to pure Divine Being. Only through our Spiritual bodies is it possible to recognize the source and goal of our being and the purpose of our lives.  We gain wisdom, power, bliss, and unconditional love when we open up to our Spiritual body.

Besides having an aura, we also have chakras.

The chakras are all over our body, but for this talk, I will only bring up the 7 main ones.  The 7 main chakras look like little ponds swirling around and round.  Each one swirls around in a different direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise.  Charkas take in information in the forms of energy.  Everyday, we meet up with people.  We take in their emotions and feelings as pieces of information int he form of energy.  We take in information from nature, places, and even from our computers.  Everything in our lives is made up of energy.

Chakra 1-Root chakra
     Physical needs in life such as food, water, shelter, trust, health, and love.

Chakra 2- Sacral charka
     Has to do with our physical relationships in life-our family.  How we relate to people, finances, creativity, and sexuality.

Chakra 3 -Solar Plexus chakra
     Our own power in life.  Your will power.

Chakra 4 - Hear chakra
     Where we feel emotions such as love and grief. 

Chakra 5 -Throat chakra
     How we communicate in life.  Speaking our truths.

Chakra 6 -Third Eye chakra
     Intuitive awareness or insight.
Chakra 7 -Crown chakra
     Spirituality and connection with the Divine (God) power.

All the information that is brought in by our chakras is kept in our auric field. (our subconscious mind.)

To better understand the flow of Reiki through the chakras, I have created an analogy.

Think of a stream.  The stream is your energy system (your aura).   Chakras are like little whirl pools of water in the stream and your aura.  A healthy stream's flow keeps all the water clear and fresh. 
 Leaves and natural debris act to slow down or block the flow of energy, we came in contact with every day.  The leaves and debris gently fall in to your stream.  If too many fall in to the steam, a blockage forms.  When this happens, the stream becomes a trickle of water flowing.  There, forms a small clogged pool.  This pool does not get fresh water (energy) in it, so the water goes stagnant. 
The water becomes cloudy, dirty, and smelly. Think of a stagnant pond in the end of summer.   A blockage that lasts for a while is the first sign of disease forming.  When you form more blockages throughout the stream, you have no clean water (energy) entering in to the steam body.  (your body)  A lot of stagnation and disease starts to form.  Reiki is introduced to the body, like a rainstorm to the stream.  The rain storm brings in fresh, clean clear water to the stream causing the stagnation to dissolve.  The clogged areas are broken a apart and sent down the stream.  Reiki enters the body through the chakras and/or body.  (It depends on the Reiki practitioner).  It flows through every part of your energy system (steam), looking for blockages.  When Reiki comes to a blockage, it promptly dissolves it and releases it so more energy can start to flow in through your chakras.

The blockages I talked about in this example are negative emotions we tend to push down, not experiencing them, day to day.

Certain emotions are thought to create the blockages in each chakra.
Here is a list of the emotions that cause blockages in our chakras:

Root chakra (1), blocked by fear.
Sacral chakra (2), blocked by guilt.
Solar plexus chakra (3), blocked by shame.
Heart chakra (4), blocked by hate.
Throat chakra (5), blocked by telling lies to yourself.
Third Eye chakra (6), blocked by Illusions.  One of the biggest earth illusions is the thought that we are all separate from each other.
Crown chakra (7), blocked by earthly attachments.  Staying attached to material objects of earth.  Staying attached to people-not able to let them go.

Each physical organ in our body is governed by a certain chakra.  When a chakra is blocked or out of balance (inharmonious) and left that way, over time, a physical ailment or dis-ease will occur.

Reiki energy and it's benefits:

Reiki provides benefits to a person, whether they believe in it or not or whether they are sick or healthy.

Reiki energy is Universal energy that is channeled through a Reiki practitioner's hands. (We all take in Universal energy. 
But a practitioner is able to focus it, bringing balance.) This procedure is also known in ancient times as "laying on the hands".  

Reiki energy enters the body through a chakra or body part.  It is thought to be guided by God.

Reiki enters the body, flowing through all our energy channels, finding blockages or dis-harmony.  

The Reiki energy will re-balance your energy system.  The Reiki energy cleans each chakra.

Reiki energy re-creates your healthy environment in your body, mind, and spirit.

Reiki energy enters the body and spreads through it quite quickly.  

Reiki benefits any given physical, emotional, and spiritual problem.

Reiki is also beneficial to use along side of standard medical treatments.

Reiki is not affiliated with any religion.

Reiki is not faith healing.

Reiki practitioners do not guide the energy to where it's needed.  Your inner spiritual selves do.

Reiki is energy that is spiritually guided.  And so, Reiki is intelligent energy.

Reiki is an ancient form of "laying on the hands" healing.

Reiki is for anyone who would like to receive it.  Elderly, middle aged, teenagers, children, and babies.  

Reiki is also for animals, plants, and our beloved pets.

Reiki energy is also used on jewelry/stones.  The stones are infused with Reiki to help them provide you with a high vibration-positive energy.

Reiki is used to relax you!  Most of my clients would fall a sleep while I gave them the Reiki energy.  I know when I receive it, I feel love in my heart and super relaxed when I receive it in my gut.

Ask to have a Reiki practitioner in with you during your dental operation or hospital operation.  How about receiving it after your operation.  Receive it during Hospice to help with your transition.  Receive it during your fight with cancer!  Every weapon against the cancer is an alley to you during this time of "physical battle".  Or just receive it every month to keep your chakras running smoothly and staying healthy.

My thoughts on Reiki and related energy healing.
Me posing with my Reiki advertisement sign at a vending show.

I am a believer in energy healing.  I am a Reiki Master that at this time is  providing Reiki to the public.  I have seen some of my clients have some amazing results in the past when I was open to the public.  

I am also a believer in music healing.  Music also is energy.  I practice this form of meditation with my Tibetan Singing bowls for clients.  I have used them on a few of my clients for music (sound) healing. And again, I have seen some good results.

With all this said, I would like to add:

Receiving Reiki energy from a practitioner that you feel comfortable with and believe in them is a good start.  Try getting to know the Reiki practitioner a  little before asking for a session.  Why not interview them?  If you don't feel comfortable about them, move on to a different one that you do.  Healing is a team effort.  Your medical doctors, your Reiki practitioner, your family and friends, and yourself.  It takes all of you, working together  giving you support.

Reiki is not a band-aid treatment.  The Reiki practitioner may help you to see why you have been forming  blockages.  If you don't change your habits-thoughts, etc., you will keep forming the blockage.  In order to heal, you will need to change.  No more repressing emotions.  Eat healthy.  Exercise.  Etc.

Remember also, receiving a Reiki session for a ongoing problem, you may need more then one or two sessions.   It has taken you maybe years to form these blockages.  It will take more then one hour session to remove them.

Reiki energy sessions are very relaxing and helpful to each and every person.  But if you have fear in regards to receiving a session, interview the practitioner and ask questions.  They are there to help you understand what Reik is and how it works.  

Here's to providing "a little bit of help" to each other in our time of need.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken
                 of Reiki in the Prairie LLC 
                  September 5, 2019

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