Why is My Child Crying in School?

Published by Reiki in the Prairie LLC-Monday, January 23, 2017

Why is my child crying in school?  I have been around a few children who would cry in school off and on.  When asked, they do not know why.  I've talked to children who feel overwhelmed in school.  The ones I'm talking about are overwhelmed by their own emotions and other's emotions.

 I've seen children complain about stomach aches off and on in and out of school.  Now all of these can be from simple issues such as upset stomach from foods or nerves, feeling sad, so they cry.
Of course, there is always the possibility that they are being bullied.

There is another possibility that could be causing the child problems.  Consider that your child might be a sensitive and/or a Emotional Empath.  "I don't believe in that sort of stuff!", you say.  I ask you to read and to consider this about your child.

 Is your Child  highly sensitive?  Does your child love to touch things in their environment?   Do they dislike  being in large groups of people?   Are they sensitive to strong odors, sounds, feelings?  Upon meeting someone, do they know instantly that this person will be a  friend or foe to them?  Your child maybe a sensitives or an Emotional Empath. (I have a link at the end of this article that is to a test to see if your child may in fact be a empath.)

As a parent, you feel like you need to help your child, but you don't know how.  Here are my suggestions based on myself and working with children.

These suggestions will work on a child that is able to understand direction from you.
I suggest you teach them how to "ground" themselves, "shield themselves", "feel emotions", meditate everyday, and teach them how to" be in the present moment".

Empath children, note there is difference between having empathy and being  a Empath, may have trouble being grounded.  Grounding attaches your energy to the Earth, so you don't feel like you are floating above yourself.  Notice if they feel spaced out or dizzy or not being quite all there.  Grounding lets you drain off all negative emotions that a person feels and takes on from others.  These negative emotions will flow down in to the ground.  By grounding yourself, you feel like you are in the present moment and not off in another world.  As a parent, you may have experienced those days where you don't know if you're coming or going.  You feel dizzy or light headed and can't focus.  Try grounding yourself.  How do I do this?

Some easy ways to ground oneself would be:  get out in nature everyday for at least 20 minutes, taking baths or showers, walk outside in the green grass barefooted, carry a Black Tourmaline, Hematite, or even an agate in your pocket everyday, and/or everyday at least 2x try focusing on your feet to intentionally ground yourself.

Tell your child to focus on her/his feet.  Pretend we are like a tree.  The tree has roots that grow deep in to the ground.  So do we! (but ours is energy).  Have your child send roots deep down in to the ground, all the way to the center of Earth.  Ask your child what they think the center of the Earth looks like.  Have them describe it to you.  Now ask them to wrap their roots around the center of Earth, once or twice.  Now bring your child's attention back to their hip area, either side.  Tell your child they have this pretend lever that once they push it down, it opens up their roots to let in nurturing water (energy) from Earth and releases negative energy from them in to the Earth to be changed in to positive energy.  Let your child know it's important to remember to open that lever.
Your child is now grounded.  Try having your child do this at least twice a day.  Maybe once before school starts and again after they get home from school.  They will feel more focused and energetic, and less overwhelmed everyday.

Teaching your child to shield themselves helps the child to feel safe when they feel lots of strong emotions surrounding them, such as in a busy classroom.
From my experience, classrooms are typically 20+ students in the public school system.

 Now imagine yourself, as a parent having your child's abilities.  So as you sit in this classroom, full of noise at times, you are surrounded by 20+ kids.  Each child projects their own energy of emotions and sound (voice).  Now if you felt these emotions as "pain" or "aggression" in your body, and all of this is coming from 20+ students=overwhelming and even can be scary at times.  It can be hard at times to feel our own emotions let alone feel 20+ others' emotions besides.  It gets confusing and overwhelming.  Especially if there is a lot of negative emotions going on.
It's no wonder why some children will resort to "crying" in the classroom.  For me, I did not talk or dare to cry for fear of being labeled "different".

Crying is a way an empathic child copes with negative emotions, which releases the negative emotions from his/her energy body and physical body.
Crying is a great way that we all are able to release emotions we don't want.  It's a way to show others how we feel.

Teaching your child to shield themselves can help with stopping overwhelm.
After you have taught them how to shield, let them know they can use this shield when feeling overwhelmed or strong negative emotions come their way, by simply remembering they already have it around them.
Teaching your child how to shield can also stop a lot of "stress" they feel while around many people.
My suggestion on how to teach shielding to a child.

Tell the child they need to put on their space suit, or a suit of armor, or whatever they find interesting.
(of course, this is their invisible suit made of God's energy.) ( Note, this particular idea is for a young child who may not think to put up a shield while feeling overwhelmed.)
"This suit is made of bright light.  This suit is made from God's light."  Ask your child "what color is it that makes you feel safe?"  Maybe this suit is sparkly.

Now ask your child to put on this suit.  Maybe do this after their bath or shower in the morning.
Ask him/her to put one leg in the suit.  Now the next leg in.  (Like putting on a space suit.)  Pull the body part up and place one arm in and then the next arm.  Now it's time to put on the hood.  Now zip up the suit, starting at the crotch and zipping it up to the top of the head.
There!  Let your child know they are safe with God's-light body suit on.  Safe to feel all the strong emotions others have around them.  If someone gets angry with them, it's o.k.  If they feel lots of emotions come to them-energy, they are safe.  Let your child know, they can sit relaxed and feel what they are scared of and they will still be safe.  Just feeling what comes to them, they will be fine.  If they feel overwhelmed, it's o.k.  Just feel it as relaxed as possible, and let it dissolve away.  Dissolving would be like watching how "Kool Aid" is poured in to water and it dissolves in to something good and beautiful.

Otherwise, a different shield, that works better with older children, would be to have the child imagine a sparkly, white bubble surround them whenever they needed it.  A bubble that is like when we get a container of bubble fluid and we take the wand out and blow air through it, causing a beautiful bubble to occur.  The bubble color is white, but it reflects all the colors of the rainbow.
This bubble is also God's-light or call it God's-love.
Let your child know that this bubble is always with them and will keep them safe.  If feeling overwhelmed or scared, call for the bubble by feeling it and seeing it around their body and mind.
Every time the child is going some place crowded with people, carnivals, circus, school, malls, movie theaters, church, etc., try having your child use the shield technique.  Everyday, use a grounding technique.

Teach your child to stay in the present moment.  Tell them to notice what they are doing, feeling, hearing, etc.  When they write on paper, what does the paper feel like?  What does the pencil feel like?  What does the pencil sound like when writing?  What are the sounds in the classroom?  etc.  Every time they take a step, notice what it feels like in their foot.  What does the floor feel like?  What does the shoe feel like?  Does their shoe make a sound on the floor and what does that sound like? Etc.  Noticing feelings and other body sensations will help  keep the child in the present moment.  Why is this important?

It is important for all of us to do this, but for a sensitive/empathic child, it's very important to stay in present to understand where an emotion comes from.  Empath children take on others' energies (emotions) as well as dealing with their own.  Now, imagine how confusing it is to feel someone else's emotions and the child thinks it's theirs.  When we feel emotions, we automatically think it's our emotion.  At times, it is.  But many times, the empath child will feel others' emotions and misunderstand it to be theirs.  For example, your child feels another child's fear of being hit by a ball in gym class.  Your child, not being in the present moment or simply not understanding that they have "gifts" they need to understand, will assume it's their fear they are feeling.  Thus, your child takes on this new fear of being hit by a ball.  Your child doesn't want to play ball in gym class anymore-shows a dislike for it due to taking on some else's fear.
To help a person/child practice staying in the present moment, you as a parent can teach them to calm their minds with meditation.

Everyday at home, have your child sit still with no one around for 5 minutes.  They can sit on floor or on a chair.  Have them make themselves comfortable, but no laying down because they will fall a sleep.  This practice is to still the mind for relaxation and getting to know how they feel. (emotions)  Now have them close their eyes.  Tell them to concentrate on their belly's and lungs moving up and down.  Tell them, if their minds start to think or wonder, have them bring their focus back to their bellies and lungs moving up and down.
This practice is great for relaxing before starting school or after school to calm down and to feel their emotions.  This also trains them to know "what they feel inside."  If a empathic child knows how they feel inside of them, they will be less likely to take on other people's emotions as theirs.

When your sensitive/empathic child is old enough, teach them how to understand their gift.  Educate them with quality books or quality educational  empath webpages.  To be a successful person in life, one must learn about themselves, understand themselves, and accept one-self.  To accept ourselves and honor ourselves is one of the most important lessons in life.

Some books and links I find educational:

1). "The Empath's Survival Guide" Life Stragies for Sensitive People. By Judith Orloff, MD

2).  "Dodging Energy Vampires" An Empath's Guide to Evading relationships that drain you and restoring your health and power. by Christiane Northrup, MD.  (Maybe for teens)

3).  "Assertiveness for Earth Angels" How to be loving instead of "too nice." by Doreen Virtue
     *Empaths and sensitives tend to lack in personal boundaries. ( This is a great book to learn more.)

4).  "Practicing the Power of Now" Essential teachings, meditations, and exercise from "The Power of Now".  by Eckhart Tolle  (staying in the present moment.)

Internet web-pages that have quality information:

1).  Take a test to see if your child is a empath.

2).  https://drjudithorloff.com/

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