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Top 40 Websites and Blogs for Reiki Practitioners to Follow

It's neat to see my blog for Reiki in the Prairie LLC has been listed since around 2016 as #19 on the top 40  websites for Reiki. 
Thanks Feedspot!

A Reiki Experience

Reiki energy is used for healing the body-mentally-emotionally-spiritually.  Reiki energy can also be used to balance and heal plants, animals, geographical areas, and buildings.

On this web site I wrote about sending Reiki energy to the San Andrea fault line near Palm Springs, CA.  Many years ago, I  heard the sad sound of grinding stone against stone some 60 miles away during a fault movement. (earth quake tremor.)  The sound resembled a very ill Earth in that area.

A few years ago-
My Reiki clinic was next to a room that was being used for mediation.  Mediation brings about much grief and emotional pain from individuals going through this.

One day, I walked into that room to look out the windows.  We were having our annual High school Home Coming parade walking down the road.  I noticed the room was filled with grief.  I could feel the air was drenched in grief.  Not a good feeling to feel it all around you.
So I decided to clean up the room with Reiki energy.  Within 30 seconds o…
With the pandemic, we are told to go into solitude.  Many people are fearful of this idea.  Fearful they will be lonely.  Fearful there is not enough stuff to do=bordem. Fearful they will not ever get back to "normal life". 

Solitude and nature are a winning combination.  Nature is healing and so is being by yourself for a while.  Listen to the birds.  Listen to the sounds of nature.  Listen to the wind.  Feel the wind gently caress your face.  Smell the fields of grass growing.  Smell the flowers that bloom in the sun.  Notice, using all your senses.  Look closer at nature.  Let the cooling breezes carry away your tension and anxiety.  Let the sights and sounds relax your whole body/being.

Know that you are never alone.  Know that you are part of a beautiful Universe that beckons to you to heal in it's  heart-Nature.

To help relieve anxiety and stress, I also suggest receiving a Distance Reiki treatment.  This can be beneficial, bringing healing through relaxation.

By …

Be the Person You Would Like to Meet Someday

Who do you most want to meet someday?  Do you want to meet up with someone who has a heart full of negativity?  Or someone who has love in their heart?  Be that person.

If you were energy sensitive, would you want to feel strong, harsh, domineering,cutting to bone type energy as felt with many who have a heart full of negativity?  Or would you want to feel gentle, loving, smooth, vibrant energy?

If you were energy sensitive, would you want to receive from another person, (whether they are a energy practitioner or a person in the public or a loved one) negative energy or loving energy?

We all have choices to make in life.  We all have had our share of experiences that have scared us.  We all have free-will to make our own choices.  How will you choose to react to circumstances that are out of your control?  Will you choose to be the person that you least want to meet?  Or will you choose to be that person you have longed to meet someday?

The choice is yours.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken, Rei…

Thoughts on How to Keep Our Immune System High

*Get enough quality sleep. *Eat quality, lean meats and proteins. Some ideas .  If you have any others to add, I ask you to comment.

The Importance of Shadow Working

What is Shadow Working? Working late hours?  Being a ghost buster?  No, not quite.
Shadow working is healing your Inner Child.

It is noticing what in life triggers your emotional response.  Thus, understanding why you respond in the way you do.  You ask, "What is a Inner Child?"  Is there some little toddler running around in a building?  Is it a young child who is in my house?  Is it a some toddler running around inside of me?
To a certain degree-yes. 

Your Inner child is the child like part of you.  This is where old tapes of negative emotions (anger, jealousy, bitterness, fear...), old thought patterns, and beliefs are stored playing over and over in your life.  This is your subconscious mind.  (similar to a computer with programs.)

To spot your Inner child in yourself, watch for your little boy/little girl ways of feeling and acting.  The way you were treated by parents and others while growing up is stored up here.
These beliefs and thoughts of yourself stay here until …


Worry has been a big player in my life.  I grew up around many people who worried.  Worried about what others thought about them.  Worried about sickness.  Worried about money.  Worried and feared what the future would bring.   So, as a young child, I "digested" the belief and thought pattern of worry.  It is a hard habit to kick. But once I started to see what it actually was, it helped me.

What does worry do for us???  Worry is a way to cope with what we are experiencing in our outer world realities.  It makes us feel like we are in control of the situation.  Worry gives us the illusion of doing something about what we are experiencing.

Worry, in fact, does the opposite of what we think it does.  Worry brings our energy vibrations down, which in turn brings more lower energy experiences to us in life.  In other words, we experience more of the situations we do not care for.  Worry brings forth the very thing we worry about in to physical reality.  (What we keep our attentio…

Helping Yourself Before and When You Meet the Inevitable Foe.


Meditation Series 3 Guided Meditations

Mediation is a valuable way to feel calm, relaxation, release of anxiety, clear mindedness, and understanding your own self energetically, emotionally, and spiritually.

At times, meditating while sitting still and watching the days thoughts float by is almost impossible for some people.  Our minds are too much in motion.  (Monkey chatter or Magpie chatter.)
So in order to meditate the standard way, no thoughts just sit and focus on nothing, can be really hard.  But you can still meditate!  Have you ever heard of guided meditations?

Meditating with a guided meditation is super easy and is very healing.  This type of meditation is advisable for beginners and anyone else who has trouble with a standard way of meditating.  I've been meditating for at least ten years now and I still will use guided meditations on and off.

Guided meditations are a great way to introduce yourself to sitting quietly and relaxing.  There are many benefits you receive by simply sitting quietly.  Benefits o…

Meditation Series 2 Qigong/Tai Chi

Meditation is a healthy spiritual practice that anyone can do.  Meditating has benefits to your physical, mental, and spiritual body.  A nice way to feel calm, relaxed, and conscious of your thoughts.  Meditating doesn't have to be sitting in a chair or on the floor, holding a Lotus position. 

Meditating can be walking in a beautiful forest listening to the birds or sitting in front of an ocean and watching the waves roll in and out.  Meditating can be playing your musical instrument for yourself.

One form of meditating that I enjoy is Qigong/Tai Chi.  Qigong is defined  as a holistic system of holding different body postures, while being in the present moment, observing our whole bodies, breath, and being.  We are aware of all our slow movements.  Qigong is slow, focused movements meant to be used for health (exercise, meditation, and martial arts.  Qigong has it's roots from Chinese medicine and martial arts.  It was traditionally used to grow and balance a person's Lif…