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A Note-My Intention in Regards to my Blog, from Cynthia/Reiki in the Prairie LLC


I'm glad you're here.  It is my hope that you can find something in my blog that will be of service to you. My intention is to provide that "little bit of help" that many of us are looking for.

I know when I was going through my "Spiritual Awakening" I spent months in "fear" unaware of what was happening to me.  I just knew that the things I had been experiencing were not my usual self.  It was hard due to if you start asking others that aren't in the spiritual area, you are looked down at and thought of as a "nut!"  But realize, everyone will eventually go through this.

There are many books and people out there talking about "Spiritual Awakening".  Many books state how "wonderful" this experience is.  But this is not true for everyone.  Some people will be in "awe,"  while others may find the experience pretty harsh and intimidating.

When I went through  this, I had looked for information that was …

Is it a Good Book?

When we judge a book, whether looking at it's cover or story, we miss the story completely.
Thus we feel a sense of lacking in the book.

When we look at a book's cover, taking time to read the story, taking time to breathe and feel the  essence of the story, we find we are completely enveloped with joy, inspiration, and love.

With each book that walks into your life, take time to enjoy it's essence.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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I am honored to have your interest in my writings & photos.  But to …

Be Yourself!

In this world, we are surrounded by strong negative emotions.  At times they are from our own family, friends, coworkers, or boss.  It's o.k. to feel these emotions.  For when we do, we realize we are feeling another's unhealed pain.  We're not here to fix the other person, to take on their pain, or even to project back the same negative emotions.  We are here to feel the pain and  understand it,  find  compassion & forgiveness, and heal ourselves.   We are here to find out who we are, and to follow in life what gives us enjoyment, excitement, curiosity, and happiness.

If people or a situation in your life does not provide you with enjoyment and happiness,  but grief, oppression, and demeaning feelings towards yourself, do what you need to do to change it.  If it requires you to be "assertive" in life towards the situation and people, then do so.  By understanding the situation and you figure out there is no way to change the situation or people with asserti…

Our Sacral Chakras

We as humans have what we call Chakras.  Chakras are moving wheels of energy (Chi) channels that takes in  energy (emotions/Chi) from around us and brings it to our subtle bodies.  We are able to read energy and emotions by the use of these chakras.  We have seven main chakras that align up and down our bodies located in the front and flowing through into our back of body.

Here is a diagram showing our auric fields and the seven main chakras aligned up and down our bodies.

I want to make quick mention of all the chakras.  Wanting to concentrate on the second chakra.

Chakra 7; or Crown chakra.  Located on top of the head.
Chakra 6; or the Third Eye chakra.  Located in-between the eyes.
Chakra 5; or Throat charka.  Located at base of throat.
Chakra 4; or the Heart chakra.  Located upper chest and lower chest region.
Chakra 3;  or the Solar Plexus chakra.  Located above the belly button region- in the gut.
Chakra 2;  or the Sacral charka.  Located about 2 inches below the belly button. …
Rumi asks us to be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.  Dead leaves???  Dead leaves meaning, what does not have life in our lives any more.  This could be your job, your relationship, or even your house due to age.  Dead leaves could also mean "the past".  We humans are able to basically "time travel".  We are able to take our consciousness and re-visit the past.  We are able to time travel to the future!  But if we look at these closer, we will find out that the past is "no more."  It is dead.  There is no life there.  It happened and we can not go back and change it.  If we stay in the past in our minds, we may become depressed.  There is no life in the past-dead leaves.

 If we look at the future, it has not happened yet.  We can imagine it.  We can imagine it in a negative way causing ourselves to "worry" and feel anxiety.  Or we can have expectations for the future.  The problem with that is that no one knows what the future holds for…
Reach out & touch someone!  If you sense someone else is in need, take time for them. 
If you find your emotions have been triggered by a person or experience, go within and give your Inner-self your time & attention.
 Our Heart chakras, located in the middle of our chests, are governed by the principle; “Love yourself & Love others.” 
Loving yourself is good self-care, which includes accepting ALL your physical, emotional, and spiritual self.  Loving self is to lovingly hold your Inner child during times of distress.  Loving yourself is to find compassion and forgiveness for those that judge you, look down at you, and send hate.  Loving self means not to give so much to others that you have nothing for yourself.  Loving self means to “let go” of hard emotions and hard experiences. Loving others is to give them your attention and time when needed. Loving others is treating them in loving, patient, and forgiving way.  When we are able to follow this principle in life, we ha…

What Better Way to Love Ourselves

I have a Inner child who at times feels fears, doubts, and hurts.  What is a Inner child?

We all have a Inner child.  A Inner child is our Subconscious mind.   You can picture your Inner child as you at whatever age you want . I like to view mine at ages of 3-6 years old. As children we experiences hurts, fears, and overwhelm.  Many times, a child does not know how to deal with these emotions and so the emotions are not processed.  Instead they are stored in a child's subconsciousness mind and body.

Our energy system- Subconscious mind is like a giant computer.  Every moment of each day and night we record everything that is around us, whether we are aware of it or not.
Our energy system-Subconscious mind records the faint odor of green, freshly cut grass in the middle of summer.  Our energy system records the faint whispers of adults in the other room talking about the children.  Our energy system records the fear we may have felt when our Dad and Mom left us with a babysitter f…