I Know that you Believe you Understood What I Said

This quote speaks volumes to me!  You see, I had the experience of meeting and sensing the energy of an artist  from a different country.   I really enjoy watching his artwork in action.

 I was excited to let this person know how much I enjoyed his art!  And so I did, a couple of times. As I followed this person on social media, I noticed I kept picking up on his energy that seemed the opposite of what I thought of this person.  I started to feel that this person was "swearing" at people.  I started to feel like it was derogatory towards me and others, especially women.

I obviously started to take this person's energy personally, letting it affect my energy.

In the past year or so, I've been around many people that are from other countries through the internet.  I like to post my thoughts and ideas in some communities for others to look at and maybe find value from them.  I know there has been misunderstandings between us at times, due to beliefs and  culture.

As far as the artist & his swearing,  I found out his country has different beliefs then mine in "swearing" & bantering with swear words.   Using swear & slang words is very acceptable in his  country compared to how I was brought up in the USA.   I found out, in some  countries, swearing and bantering is just the norm!  In fact,  swearing and bantering with slang/swear words between close friends is what they expect.  Now of course, everyone in that country may not hold this belief.

 In my town of USA, we don't particularly swear, at least not much.  The words of "crap" and "douche bag" have been in place for a while now.  There are some here who will use strong swear words, but not in my family.

If we, in some areas of the USA were to walk up to a friend,  acquaintance, or a stranger  and call them a swear word,  use hand gestures to call them a swear word or use a hand gesture/word that means "to have sexual intercourse", the conversation would be cut short.   This person who used the hand gestures or swear word names would potentially lose a friend,  acquaintance, or probably the chance to make a friend.  If the hand gestures/ swear word names come from a relative, I feel it would create "hurt" within the relationship.

 I started to think of all the wars=political, social, religious, and personal that have occurred just because of different beliefs we each grew up with.  All the wars caused by thinking one groups thinking & beliefs are more important and right to follow then others.  All the friendships that could of happened, but were cut short due to misunderstandings of another person's beliefs, words and behaviors.

I know I've wanted to visit Europe, to see the ancient ruins and to experience the cultures.

But when I started to watch old library videos on one of the countries there, I was warned about the  hand-gestures, some neutral and others not so neutral, that occurs in daily  driving and daily life.
I had also read some articles talking about how swearing, using swear words to name someone and using swear words to banter with are also very acceptable in many of the countries in Europe.

Now I'd have to say, I was really turned off in visiting Europe.  Again, upbringing creates the way we perceive others and their worlds.

 But I've decided to follow my own advice, which is, "Don't judge a book by it's cover!
 In order to know and understand the book, you must read the cover, read the book inside, feel the essence of the book and be open to accept it as is."  The book is analogy for people/cultures.

"People only want to be accepted, seen and acknowledged in this world."
I heard this idea on a page on the internet.I feel it is right.  We are all the same deep down inside.  We all want to be accepted, seen & acknowledged in who we are.

Next time I feel I've been disrespected, maybe I'll try communicating by way of mouth and humility.  And maybe I'll take more time to understand the book.  I'll try to remember  there maybe just a difference in how we were brought up in life.  Doesn't mean we or the other person is wrong.  It just means we need to  learn and accept the other person/culture.  I also know that when we take the time to look at the cover of the book, read the inside of the book, and understand the book to a certain degree, we may not "jive" with the book.  We are all the same on the inside, but we are all on different paths in life.  These paths tend to place us in  different energy vibrations.  These different energy vibrations will at times clash with each other.  And other times, they will "get a long".  Sort of like electrons and protons and their charges.  (negative and positive charges)

 I know I will be more open to observing differences in cultures and asking questions.  Energy never lies, but we must also read the whole story and not just assume we know the whole story (person/culture) .  As humans we make errors in our thinking and perceiving due to unhealed Emotional bodies, culture beliefs, family beliefs, and childhood beliefs. 

The energy we read on a daily basis flows through our Emotional bodies.  The Emotional body is where you keep all of our inner hurts that you've received throughout your life.  The unhealed Emotional body will "warp" what you perceive.  And so, your perception of an life event could be skewed due to an unhealed Emotional body.   We need to use knowledge and use empathy to understand & accept others.

If you feel upset at someone's behavior from a different culture, a different country, a different way of life, before having bad thoughts of this person, first try "rebooting" your subjective mind and your objective mind.  Just say this to yourself, "I re-balance my objective and subjective mind immediately."  I know this works for me to get out of my emotional mind set (subjective) and mix in my objective mind which gives me more factual thinking.  When we perceive problems, I believe we are coming from a subjective mind set. (emotional)

"I know that you believe you understand what I said, but I am not sure that you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."  Robert McCloskey

Next time you meet with someone from a different race, culture, country, and you feel affronted by them, take time to try to understand where they are coming from.  Take a look at their culture-their beliefs.  Next, try to understand the "book". (the person)   Not only by it's cover (their mask they wear in life), but by it's whole essence (all their dark and light inside of them).   We all have a story to tell.  We all have dark and light in us.  See and accept the whole book (person)  and go from there.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, May 23, 2020
Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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April 11, 2020
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-Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki in the Prairie LLC, April 11, 2020


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