Free Reiki Thursdays

 Every Thursday, I will provide free Reiki energy to whoever would want some.  Please sign up by Wednesday to receive the Reiki on the next day.  Otherwise, I may wait until the next week.  
Please limit your free Reiki  to once a month.

Please sign up in the comments here or on my social media page or on Wednesdays.  If you sign up later, I may send it the next week.

Please leave your first & last name. ( If you're signing up for someone else, you need to make sure they are consenting to a Reiki session. )   Also include your town/city & state.  Also include your country.
I can provide Long Distance Reiki to any country in the world.  You do not have to believe in Reiki or me to have Reiki work for you.

I will send Reiki to people all day on Thursday, Central Standard time. 
This is not a Reiki session.  I am simply sending you some Reiki energy.
Reiki energy is positive energy.  Any positive energy is beneficial.
Please stay clean of alcohol and/or recreational drugs.  If you are under the influence, the Reiki session will be discontinued immediately and you will not be allowed another one.

If you have any kind of emotional/mental problems that require a medical doctor, please don't sign up until you have talked to your medical doctor.

Reiki energy is positive and healing for all, including your pets. 

I thank you for your interest.  If you have questions or don't understand something, please message me or comment.
Thank you, 
Cynthia Bergsbaken, Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

***All original content is copyrighted by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Perceptive Blogger & Reiki in the Prairie LLC.
Reiki in the Prairie LLC is a legal Entity under law,  2015.
April 11, 2020
Plagiarism is a crime. 
 If you would like to post one of my articles on your site, please copy the address/URL only and share.  Do not change my article in anyway!  To copy the actual article or photo is Plagiarism.  If you would like to use one of my photos, please obtain written permission from Cynthia Bergsbaken.  Send a email to

I am honored to have your interest in my writings & photos.  But to steal one's work is a crime and is disrespectful. Use your inspiration to create your own works with your  own experiences and your own words.
-Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki in the Prairie LLC, April 11, 2020


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