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Days open are Monday-Friday.  No holidays.

Times open 10 am- 4 pm central standard time.

Please consider making your appointment at least 1 week ahead.

Your appointment is important to Cynthia.  Cynthia will try her best to get to your message as soon as possible.

If you're still not sure if you would like to have a Reiki session, read the Testimonials and Reviews page.

Many people have benefited by having a Reiki session by Cynthia.



Usui Reiki services offered.

Long Distance Reiki Options:

 1).  Relaxation- feel pampered, relaxed, and refreshed without going to the spa.

  •      30-40 minutes of soothing Reiki.
  •      10 minutes of corresponding.    
  •      $52.00 + tax where applicable.

2).  Full Health- To help maintain energetic balance and health.

  • 50-60 minutes of soothing & balancing Reiki.
  • 10 minutes of corresponding.
  • $73.00 + tax where applicable.

3).  Pain/ Full Health- To help regain energetic balance and help with pain.
  • 70 minutes of soothing, balancing Reiki.
  • 10 minutes of corresponding.
  • $83.00 + tax where applicable.

Please contact Cynthia to make your appointment today!

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After your service is set-up, Cynthia will send you by email some papers to read and fill out.

Any questions, please feel free to contact Cynthia using the Contact form.

New Product!

The eBook consists of beautiful nature photography and graphics with inspiring words.  The articles are from the blog that were updated specifically for the eBook.  The articles range from Reiki- natural ways to heal- and how to stay healthier as a energetic being.

The Reiki in the Prairie LLC blog and eBook were written from the perspective of an Empath and working as a Reiki Master practitioner.  

Cynthia Bergsbaken, Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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