Pay Attention to Yourself!


We all know about self-care.  If we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves.

Self-care is:

  •  Meeting our Physical needs-  food, shelter, water, love, money.
  •  Meeting our emotional needs- love, acceptance, attention, trust, etc.
  •  Meeting our mental needs-  self-esteem, feel good about ourselves, confidence in our self, etc.
  •  Meeting your spiritual needs- faith in a higher power, trust in your higher power, having a spiritual practice, etc.
 I was thinking about Self-care the other day.   

We need to listen to ourselves!  Pay attention to what we are feeling.

To listen to ourselves is listening to our "Inner-Child."  Our Inner-child is the most important relationship we can have on Earth."  said Dr. Hew Len.

Our Inner-child is the child we once were in life that lives with us in our bodies/minds/emotions.  Our Inner-child is our Divine Soul.

When our Inner-child is triggered, it tells us we need to ask ourselves, "What does my Inner-child need right now to face what is triggering me and how to heal it?"

A lot of times, it goes back to an event that "hurt" us during childhood. An event that we pushed down in ourselves, hoping to forget it.  Problem is, it will always be there, until we heal it and release it.  Thus, our Inner-child will share to you that he/she still has this hurt and he/she will react to it from time to time.  Over time, the intensity of this, will become stronger.

 Accept that it happened.  And realize everyone lashes out when they are in pain.  Feel the emotions you once felt during this event.  Then try using  Ho'Oponopono to release  it.

When we listen to ourselves, we need to be aware of what our bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits are feeling and trying to tell us.

To help do this, practice being in the "Now."  Present moment awareness.

To help yourself do this, do exercises  everyday in regards to Present moment awareness. 

Exercises:  While walking, notice how your feet are feeling. (tired, achy, swollen, happy, cozy, dry, etc.)

While driving feel your fingers.  How do they feel to you?  (tight, loose, warm, cold, dry, scratchy, bumpy, etc.)

While working, take time to notice how your body is feeling.  (Tension, relaxed, warm, hot, uncomfortable, happy, goosepimply, etc.)

While outside, notice how the air smells & feels, notice the sounds, notice the sights from afar and close up.

When you eat, put your attention to your gut.  Notice what you feel.  (super hungry, gurgling sounds/feelings, half full, fullness, or overly full feeling.)  Notice what you taste, smell, the texture, etc. 

My intention of introducing all of this to you is for you to  listen to how your body reacts to people in your life.  

Each day we meet new people in-person and on the internet.  Each day we see people we are related to or know very well.  Each day we follow people and communities on social media.

It is a real nice way to feel like you're staying connected to civilization, especially during a Pandemic.

It is also a nice way to learn knowledge, have some fun, be entertained, and run a business.

But not everybody, including on the internet, is meant to be or stay in our lives.  

Everybody we "follow", we invite not only their opinions, likes/dislikes, beliefs, and knowledge/or lack of knowledge into our lives, but we also can take on  their "hurts" in life.  = their Energy.

Energy???  Everybody has a vibration to them.  This is who we are-Divine soul.

Energy vibrations of people are unique to each person.  Some people have a low vibration, while others have a high vibration.  Some people have coarse feeling energy, while others have smooth energy.  Some have sharp energy, while others have energy that is soft feeling.  Some have strong energy, while others have barely noticeable energy.

You get the picture.  

Why is this important to know?  It's like I said earlier, not everyone is meant to be or stay in our lives.

To take care of ourselves, we need not only follow the above Self-care, but we need to make choices for our own well-being.   Who is supporting and loving in our lives and who is not.  We need to at times "clean house."  If you don't like to "clean house", then we need to be more aware of who we are letting into our lives.

What does this have to do with our Inner-child and present moment awareness?

Our Inner-child is also known as our Divine soul.  He/she not only has all our memories from everything we've ever touched, heard, smelled, felt, experiences, etc., but he/she also lets us know what our Divine will is.

Divine will?  Follow your heart.

You will know Divine will by simply following your heart in life.  What makes you feel positive?

In order to do this, we also need to be "aware of the present moment."

To live in the "future" or the "past" in our heads, is to dismiss our life.  There is no life in the future or past.  There is only life in the "here and now."  The past is over.  You cannot redo what has been done.  The future has not happened yet.  

Lets get back to understanding who needs to be in our lives and who should not be.

All people who enter our lives are there for a purpose.  Some are there to teach us-at times the hard way.  Some are there to support us.  Our relationships & choices in our lives are there to teach us various truths.

One would be Self-care.

There are people who do not take care of themselves.  What???  Could be someone you love very much.  Could be your boss.  Could be that favorite author.  And it could be yourself.

Taking care of yourself is noticing how you feel, react, and do while being around someone else.

For example, you go to a small get together of friends.  You find you feel more outgoing, more opt to do things you'd never really wanted to do.  

They push for you to try a new alcoholic drink, a drug, using profanities.  But when you leave this small gathering of people, you find you feel relieved, comfortable, and happier.  This is a definite sign you were with people who are teaching you about your self-care choices.  

Do you like who you are while around them?  Do you still like who you are when you're not?  Do you feel they support you-your well-being?

Many times, we find we need to make choices for ourselves.  The choice to give ourselves good self-care or the choice to follow a crowd that may not be your best choice to be around.

Try following these tips to help yourself make a choice that helps you  stand-up for your self/your well-being.  Know matter how it makes others feel, you need to make these choices for your own-self.  

Your self-care.

  • Follow what your body says to you while in the presence of a person, internet site, or community.
Our bodies are mostly water.  Think of a gentle, silent lake on a sunny day.  Now what happens when we throw a rock in to the water? 

The force of the rock disrupts the water, causing ripples and discord throughout the whole depth of water in that area.

Now think of a gentle, silent lake on a sunny day.  What happens when a leaf gently floats down on to the surface?  The water barely notices it.  
Very small ripples occur, mostly on the surface.

When we are in the presence of other people, internet sites, communities, we can notice how our body feels by them. 
 Our bodies, like the gentle lake water,  will react to another's energy.  The more force the other uses in life, the more forceful their energy may feel.  Just don't mix up strong energy  with aggressive energy. 

Some have strong energy, but are not aggressive.  While others may have both or just aggressive energy.  Strong energy may mean the Divine soul has brought down a lot of energy for your life.  This doesn't mean it is "bad."  Aggression is another story.

          You may feel a toxic feeling.  You may feel sickened.  You may begin to have a stomach ache.  You may feel like you are getting the flu/achy.   You may feel like your energy is like water, while the other's energy is oil.  They don't mix. 

This tells you to distance yourself from this site or person.  They are toxic to you/ your energy.  If you don't, you may continually have problems.

Try reading body language for hints on the person's character.  Do they lie?  Do they lie all the time? (Notice  what happens to their eyes when questions are asked.  Many feel when people speak to you, if their eyes aren't in your face looking back in to your eyes, they are lying.  This is not always true.  Many factors come in to play here.  Culture, upbringing, privacy, etc.)  Are they forceful? (Notice their body movements.)  Do they act like they own you when around other people? (Right away they'll put their arm around you and steer you away from people.  Placing hands on you when someone is trying to talk to you, is showing a relationship ownership.)   Notice all of these hints to their characters.

  • Try listening to your gut instinct. When we are around people who don't have our best interest at heart, we will feel our "gut" contract.  We may feel like we've been punched in the gut. We may feel sick.  Our gut may feel tight, tension, or shaky.  Notice when you feel this.  Notice who you are around.  This is a sign you may not want to be around this person much.  Aggression?

  • Notice your emotions when you're around others, including the internet. 

 Example, "Oh that new site I started to follow seemed great when I first found it.  But a week later, I've been noticing I am  sad/weepy, depressed,  disliking myself/not happy with who I am, and anxiety." 
Notice your emotions.  This is your Inner-child getting your attention to the experience/person.  If the person or site makes you feel "negative" in anyway, it is a sign you may need to leave the site or the person.  You may also need to heal a Inner-child hurt.

  • Notice your mental state.  

  • Example, "I've been dating this hot looking guy.  He is so kind and gentle.  But lately, I've been feeling looked down at.  And now, I feel like I'm not good enough to be around him."
When you know yourself, you will have a easier time noticing things like this.  Noticing a belief that  was not yours until you were around a certain person or group.  Notice this in  yourself when around others.  

  • Notice the energy.  

Most people are not energy sensitive aware.  We all read energy subconsciously or unconsciously, but some are able to read energy consciously.

Energy does not lie.  People may lie, but energy (vibrations) do not lie.

People can manipulate others, emotionally.  Energy can be manipulated also, but all in all, time tells the story with the energy  vibrations.  

A person's energy/their aura energy, tells you everything about that person.  More importantly here, it will tell you if you are able to be supported/loved by them or not. 

People who do not read energy consciously can benefit from all the above ideas.  For all of the above mentions are also felt energetically.  You just weren't aware of this.

An aggressive person will exhibit a lot of sharpness in their energy.  Where an assertive person does not.  

A person who comes from their dark side, negative behaviors, will have a low energy vibration (darker.)

When we try to mix our energy (water) with a person/group who has energy that resembles oil, we will notice the discord (unharmonious) feeling in our energy. 

 Another analogy is when we watch ocean water (salt water) try to mix with a river. (fresh water).  The two can not combine.  They have a push-pull going on, but no blending, no support.

Anyways, we are here, on Earth to give ourselves good Self-care.  If we do not, who will???

Make choices that reflects your love for yourself, your life, and your character.
Clean house!

 Make those hard decisions in regards:

 To letting go of a job that doesn't make you feel good, but has good money. 

 Letting go of that relationship that makes you feel stupid, but you want it cause others are envious of you.  

 Letting go of friends and internet groups that make you feel toxic, but you want to "belong", be a part of a group.

When we do this, we are able to fill our cups up.  Thus we have a full cup to help out others in life.
Just like when we fly on an airplane.  We are instructed, during a plane emergency, we must first put on our own life jacket.  Then help others, including our own children next.

Making your own well-being First Choice.

 Otherwise,  if we put others first, we ourselves will have absolutely nothing to help others with.  
To love others, we must first love ourselves.  And to love ourselves, is to take good care of ourselves.

Make your choice- your well-being or someone else's choice.  
What is your decision?   

By Cynthia Bergsbaken/ Reiki in the Prairie LLC

***All original content is copyrighted by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Perceptive Blogger & Reiki in the Prairie LLC.
Reiki in the Prairie LLC is a legal Entity under law,  2015.
April 11, 2020
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