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  • USPS used.  Only Continental USA.
  • I accept credit cards and cash. I use "Square" to process your order.
  • To purchase, please call 605-237-1701 or text.
  • Can be picked up in Watertown, SD at 502 Jenson Ave. SE, Watertown, SD.

Organic Peppermint Tea

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Help with Your Grief

For those who would like a little bit of help while grieving, here are two brand new hardcover books I have to offer.

  • "Grieving the Loss of a Loved One" 
            Price $13.00. 
  •   "How to Heal a Grieving Heart" 
               Price $8.50

Shipping (USPS) add additional $3.50/ book.
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Artisan Smudge Spray (White Sage spray)

Handmade by Cynthia, this Sage spray also called Smudge spray is made from all natural ingredients. Alcohol, water, White Sage, and essential oils.
The essential oil blend is a Signature Line of Aromatherapy used in The Mandarin Oriental Hotel's luxury spa and wellness center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Mandarin Oriental's luxury spa and wellness center bases their aromatherapy blends on the oriental principles of the Five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water Thus, a unique balancing experience is experienced.
 Blue glass bottle w/spray top.

***Smudge spray is used for clearing negative energy from your space, whether it is your bedroom, bathroom, your office, or any other space that needs clearing.  I have used this to clear energy from books when using  library books. I enjoy this more than the White Sage that is burned.  No smoke!!!
The Smudge spray is clean, refreshing, and soothing smelling.  I use this in my Reiki office to help clear energy.  To read more,

Price: $14. 45/ 4 oz glass bottle.     
Shipping:  USPS additional $9.00.
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Chakra necklace

The chakra necklace is handmade by Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry.  It consists of 14 kt Gold-filled:  chain, handmade clasp, and stone links.  All metal is 14 kt Gold-filled.  The stones represent each chakra.  Some feel that by wearing each major chakra color, the stones will help you to stay in balance.  The back side of the necklace has a single Black Tourmaline stone dangling.  Black Tourmaline stones are helpful in taking negative energy off of you.  For more information, please go to

Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry is owned and operated by Cynthia Bergsbaken.

 Reiki in the Prairie LLC is
located in Watertown Wellness & Chiropractic Center
502 Jenson Ave. SE
Watertown, SD

To purchase any products, please call Cynthia at 605-237-1701.  Leave a message and I'll get back to you.
To make an appointment, go to our Facebook page  Https:// 
or call me at 605-237-1701.  Please leave a message and your phone number.

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