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To process by credit card, I will charge 4% extra processing with "Square."

Organic Peppermint Tea
 Harvested on my property in SD on October 8, 2019.
8 oz glass jar with tea. $4.25/jar + 6.5% tax for SD residents.
If shipping is needed, cost is $8.00 extra. Ship only to continental USA.
#pepperminttea #organicpeppermintteaforsale #organicpepperminttea #southdakotapepperminttea — in Watertown, South Tea

Help with Your Grief

For those who would like a little bit of help while grieving, here are two hardcover books I have to offer.
"Grieving the Loss of a Loved One" is offered in Watertown, SD for $12.00 + tax of 6.5%. "How to Heal a Grieving Heart" is offered in Watertown, SD for $6.00 + 6.5% tax.

If you would like to purchase these and have them mailed, shipping will cost another $3.50/ book.
Please message me here.
I accept credit cards with an extra 4% charged or I'll accept cash if brought to Watertown, SD.
#griefbooksforsale #grief #books #booksforsale
 — in Watertown, South Dakota.

Artisan Smudge Spray (White Sage spray)

Handmade by Cynthia, this Sage spray also called Smudge spray is made from all natural ingredients. Alcohol, water, White Sage, and essential oils.
The essential oil blend is a Signature Line of Aromatherapy used in The Mandarin Oriental Hotel's luxury spa and wellness center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Mandarin Oriental's luxury spa and wellness center bases their aromatherapy blends on the oriental principles of the Five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water Thus, a unique balancing experience is experienced.
 Blue glass bottle w/spray top.
Price: $12.72 + 6.5% tax for SD residents. Dropped off in Watertown,SD if would like.
Shipping cost please add $9.00
#Sagespray #artisanmadesagespray #smudgespray #ReikiinthePrairieLLC #cleanhouse
 — in Watertown, South Dakota.


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