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Cynthia is excited to announce Reiki in the Prairie LLC will be in the Watertown, SD mall Holiday vending event throughout December, 2022. 

Are you looking for unique, handmade gifts for Christmas?

Look no further. 

Cynthia will be part of Holiday vending located in the Watertown, SD mall. Reiki in the Prairie LLC will be offering unique-original spa-like Sage spray (for clearing negativity from hotel rooms to clearing a room in your home.), organic tea that was grown in Watertown, SD, and Chakra necklace/ other precious metal/stone jewelry.

Come and join Cynthia during the listed times on this page. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer by Reiki in the Prairie LLC and Cynthia Bergsbaken copyright 2015

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or medical doctor.  These articles I have written, are from reading and experiencing them.  Many of these articles are my own experiences with my own inventions to heal as well.

If you have a medical condition-physically/mentally/emotionally, please see a qualified medical doctor.  Do not substitute my articles for proper medical care.  You are too important to the world.

I have used all procedures I have written about and have found them to be helpful as tools to help myself become a better person.   I am sharing them with you because used as a tool, they are helpful in Shadow working on ourselves.  (Shadow working is healing our inner shadows that are unconscious or subconscious.  Inner shadows are our belief systems, our thoughts, our behaviors, our life experiences.)

I created this blog for my Reiki clients originally.  Combining these tools with Reiki creates a happy, healthy person.  These tools, when used alone are also beneficial!

***All original content is copyrighted by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Perceptive Blogger & Reiki in the Prairie LLC.
Reiki in the Prairie LLC is a legal Entity under law,  2015.
This includes, but is not limited to all photos, writings, products, designs, pages and posts, advertisements, social media posts, etcetera .
April 11, 2020
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