•   "Receiving a Reiki treatment from Cynthia was a wonderful experience. The level of relaxation and peace I found, was phenomenal. I look forward to receiving more sessions. Cynthia’s knowledge and technique are very impressive. Thank you so much!"  Jennifer Dunn Wall on Facebook, October 6, 2019.  Five star rating.

  •  "Thank you Cynthia Bergsbaken for giving me my first Reiki experience!  When they say it treats the whole person, body, mind, and spirit with feelings of peace, security and well-being, all in an hour of relaxation, it's all true!!  Much needed, very cool."   Lesle Tobkin  2015

  • "Thank you Cynthia, I feel so wonderful.  The only way I can describe it is right after a spring rain the smells, how wonderful it feels that's how I feel."  Amy Neal  January 15, 2015, Facebook reviews, five stars.

  • "I believe you are through this page providing/supplying needed information (to people who are ready to absorb and use it.)"  Facebook reviews,  December 15, 2015 by Rene Martin, Five star rating.

  • "I felt so relaxed, I fell a sleep on the table.  I woke up refreshed and balanced feeling."  Five stars on Facebook review, by Anonymous May 23, 2016.

  • "So far I have had about 4 Reiki sessions.  It's always nice to be able to fit one in when I have the time.  During the sessions, Cynthia-the Reiki practitioner-makes you feel at ease and comfortable, which is good if you have never experienced a Reiki session before.  The room feels clean and well kept and many plants to help aide to the overall atmosphere.  Afterwards, I always feel relaxed and happy and ready to take on the stress from my day to day life."  by Anonymous May 23, 2016 Facebook reveiw-Five stars.

  • "I went in for a session and had a wonderful experience, 10/10 would have it done again.  Thank you Cinthia."  by Alex A. S. March 26, 2017 on Facebook reviews, Five stars.

  • "Very relaxing and I felt good."  by Anonymous June 24, 2017;  This same client reviewed Tibetan singing bowl healing for a specific issue as "Interesting." 2017

  • "Had a session that really felt good and calming.  Went in for a sore shoulder.  Thanks Cynthia!"  by Bruce L. December 9, 2016-Facebook review, five stars.

  • Facebook review by Eric on December 1, 2016, five stars.

  • "I found out I had a Kidney stone when I started to bleed.  I promptly went in to see my medical doctor.  He confirmed I had a Kidney stone in my Urethra, but it was too large to try to remove it Ultra Sound.  He suggested surgery.  So I was booked for surgery in a week.  He  told me, that I have a little time to try to pass the stone, if I am able to.  The medical doctor thought I'd have to have surgery to release the stone.  I made an appointment with Cynthia of Reiki in the Prairie LLC for a Reiki session.  I had hoped the Reiki session would help me to relax and possibly help me to pass the stone so I didn't have to have the  surgery.  The session was a relaxing one.  When I have sessions with Cynthia, I typically fall a sleep because I feel so relaxed.   I told Cynthia about my Kidney stone.  She also suggested using Sound healing on me besides the Reiki session.  She performed an intuitive scan on me to locate the area of the stone and areas that the stone was producing problems.  She gave me a whole Reiki balance session, plus she worked on the areas that the stone was showing problems in with Reiki.  As she worked in the affected area, I noticed I needed to stop her to use the bathroom.  She finished the affected area and I got up.  I passed the stone!!!  I had passed it when I had used the bathroom during the Reiki session.  I was so relieved and excited.  Today is the day before my surgery.  I talked to my medical doctor, letting him know I felt god.  I was told to go in for another Ultrasound.  About an hour later, I was told the great news, "Your stone is gone."  I know I was on an antibiotic and drinking more water then usual, but I really feel the Reiki energy sessions and the Tibetan bowl sessions played a big part.  Cynthia was great to work with.  She shared with me what she learned from my energy system, during each session.  She gave me information on the source of the stone and how to stop producing anymore in the future.  I truly never thought reiki was much other then to feel relaxed.  But after I passed the stone, saving me money, pain, and taking time off from work for a $5000.00 surgery, i will recommend Reiki sessions to others.   I am in the medical field and so keeping my identity to myself is preferred due to the reactions of telling other medical doctors that I was helped with energy work.  Thank you Cynthia for the wonderful energy sessions.  You have made me a believer in energy work!"  
by J.O.B. / Medical worker, November 2017 (This client had several sessions of combined Reiki and Sound healing.)

  • April 8, 2021

    I just received this email from Jennifer.  I had provided her with a Long Distance Reiki session to help with her recovery from COVID.  (She is on her 2nd month of recovering.)

    From: mymassagecenter  Thu 4/8/2021 5:47 AM

     To: Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC  

    Thanks for all you do! 

    My name is Jennifer and I am recovering from bilateral pneumonia due to Covid. Cynthia kindly offered to perform a long-distance Reiki treatment for my breathing issues after my hospital stay. The experience was quite profound. I could feel energy in various parts of my body and focus on areas of injury. Post treatment I was very calm and felt much more centered and my breathing was easier. I am very appreciative of Cynthia taking the time to help me. I would definitely recommend a session to anyone seeking help with a variety of health concerns. 


    Hope you have a great day!!! 


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