What is Reiki?

What is Reiki? 
Good question. 

The word Reiki is pronounced as  Ray-key. 

Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Force energy.

The word Rei means Universal or all encompassing.  Rei is what we think of  as our inner selves.

The word ki means Life Force energy.  This is the energy that runs through all of life.  It is the energy that binds all living together.  Ki flows around earth in unlimited amounts. 
Ki is equivalent to Prana which is Sanskrit for energy.  Ki is also equivalent to Chi which is from the Chinese meaning energy.

Reiki is said to be the most powerful energy healing when combined with the Universal Mind.

A brief History of Reiki.

A well, learned man by the name of Dr. Mikao Usui (Usui Sensei) ediscovered Reiki near the mountain of Kurama of Japan around the late 1800's to the early 1900's.
He was a man who was interested in learning how to heal like Jesus and other ancient people.  He studied Buddhism.  He sought the answer out from his teachers.  But no one either knew or they would not tell him.  So he traveled to Mt. Kurama for a 21 day fasting retreat where he would go with-in himself and find the answer.

Indeed, he found the answer or the answer found him!  While meditating, he saw a  vision of  Reiki energy traveling straight towards his third eye.   He wanted to run, but he had no strength  due to fasting for 21 days.  While meditating, he was attuned to Reiki.  He woke up excited to share this news to the teachers in his temple, he hurried off.  While doing so, he ended up stubbing his toe.  He placed his finger on the "physical hurt" and it healed.  He walked into a restaurant, eager to eat a huge meal.  He found that the worker at this restaurant was ill.  So he healed the worker.   He ate his large meal with no ill effects due to not eating for 21 days.  He hurried back to his temple only to find his teacher was ill.  He healed his teacher as well.  These occurrences are known as the Four Miracles.

Usui Sensei traveled healing the poor and deformed physically.  But he found out that many people did not want to be healed of their deformities due to they became lazy.  They wanted everything to be given to them for free. Thus people would "give" the deformed beggars free food and living.  It was a easy life for the beggars. 
So, Usui Sensei developed what is known as the "energy exchange".  He would ask people for a small gift, didn't matter how small,  in exchange for teaching them how to heal with Reiki energy.  He traveled all over China and Japan healing and teaching to the people.  Because of the overwhelming interest in learning and healing with Reiki, Usui Sensei opened up many clinics to heal and teach. 
In 1926, Dr. Usui died from a stroke.  Up to that time, it is said that Dr. Usui taught up to 16 Masters-teachers. 
It is said on Dr. Mikao Usui's tombstone there is a prophecy written.  This prophecy goes like this;  "The practice of Reiki will spread all over the world, healing the people as well as Planet Earth herself."  This was written by a beloved student named Juzaburo Ushida in 1927. (2)  How correct he was!  Reiki is practiced all over the world by many religions, races, and social status.

How did Reiki get to the United States?

It is said that Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the Master/teachers that Dr. M. Usui taught, opened up many clinics for Reiki healing.  He focused on different hand positions that could heal different ailments.  Soon World War II broke out.

 Dr. Chujiro Hayashi was a sensitive healer that did not want to be apart of hurting others.  So it is said, he just left his body-he died.  But before dying, he taught a lady who had traveled from Hawaii.

  This lady, Mrs. Takata (born in 1900 in Hawaii)  came to Japan to seek out her sister who was ill and dying.   While visiting, Mrs. Takata became ill herself.  She was hospitalized with need of surgery.  Mrs Takata did not want surgery so asked of other options.  They told her about Dr. Hayashi's clinic.  She went there, was healed and was taught the first two degrees of Reiki.  She returned to Hawaii where Dr. Hayashi, later visited and finished teaching her the last two degrees. 
Mrs. Takata opened up many clinics.  She was known as a powerful healer.  She taught people Reiki but only up to the first Two degrees.  She would not teach beyond that.  She also created what is known as "Western Reiki".  Performing Reiki healing without the use of "feeling Byosen". (discord).
Learning to feel Byosen (discord) and understand what you're feeling can take many months or years to understand. 

We all have the capability of giving Reiki energy for healing.  We all have a Divine Inner self.  Our Divine Inner selves/ Universal Mind/God/Creator/Source provides us with the Reiki energy/healing energy. 
It does not matter what religion you are, or what color of skin, or how much intelligence or money you have or your belief in Reiki energy.  What matters is that you want to help someone with love in your heart.  Coming from "Love" and "Intention" will make you a good healer.

There are many versions of the Reiki history.  No one today knows 100% what happened.  But every year there seems to be more and more information surfacing.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

(1).  My Usui Reiki manual written by Desiree Quintana.
(2).  "The Hayashi Reiki Manual" by Frank Arjava Petter; Tadao Yamaguchi; Chujiro Hayashi
(3).  Me.


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