A Note from Reiki in the Prairie LLC



I'm glad you're here.  I've enjoyed creating and running Reiki in the Prairie LLC. 

 Working with people on a one to one level has been good for myself as well of my clients.

I created Reiki in the Prairie LLC to bring pain relief (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) to people using  alternative methods- Usui Reiki and Tibetan singing bowls. (channeling high vibrational energy for healing and using the high vibrations of musical notes for healing.)

At the time of my opening up spiritually, I couldn't find much on what I was going through.  Most of the sites and communities I had found on the internet were full of "fear" talk.  Which only created a lot of fear in me.

  Many people have "fearful" beliefs of the "unknown" which can be manipulated by those that seek power and money.

And so I decided when I became a Reiki practitioner, I'd write articles from my own experiences that could possibly help someone else who was going through a "health issue" or what seemed that way.

I wanted people to find that "little bit of help" they may have needed or wanted. 

 As Reiki in the Prairie LLC, I offered and still do,  Reiki sessions.  But I realized many people may not be able to afford  Reiki sessions or they weren't ready to trust having a Reiki session. (fear)  

So, I began to write my blog in hopes that the articles could help people in a DIY way.  The Whole Health blog includes various alternative, natural ways that  can make a big difference in ones life.  I know the experiences have made a difference for me.

So please, read the blog and know that no matter where you are in life, you can always  change your life's circumstances!  It's up to you! It's always been up to YOU.   

Take care and enjoy.

 Cynthia Bergsbaken, Usui Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC, January 14, 2021.


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