My Reiki Success Stories/Testimonials

First of all, Reiki is energy healing. The healing energy, which is the same energy we and all living things are made up of, is channeled through the practitioner. The practitioner places their hands over our chakras, (chakras are our energy centers that sense the world around us.) and channels the energy into the chakras. Our individual higher self or Divine spirit oversees directing the energy. The energy then slowly spreads out throughout the body.
Reiki Energy healing is not new, it is ancient.
I have two stories to tell about Reiki and its healing abilities. These are true stories. Names have been changed to protect the person’s privacy.

  •  My client,  has a husband that does not think Reiki is a loving practice. In fact, he feels Reiki is a negative practice.  My client has received, maybe one other Reiki session from me. She never had Reiki before. She mostly receives distance Reiki from me because she lives out of state. She called me up one day to tell me her doctor said she has Heart disease. She was scared, nervous, and probably overwhelmed. Her numbers were in the low 30’s, which meant her heart was working only 30%. She needed to go see her doctor again in a week to run more tests. At this time, she asked me to give her a distance Reiki session, two days before she was due to see the doctor again. She wanted to give the Reiki energy time to help her body before seeing the doctor. I gave her a Reiki energy session, which helped her to relax and calm down. She received Reiki from me and prayer from her family. She called me after her doctor’s appointment to tell me her doctor was amazed and stunned. Her numbers were all up in the normal ranges. Her heart was back to normal functioning. This story shows how prayer and Reiki energy can help you heal. Her husband still wasn’t convinced on the Reiki energy. But since then, this client’s husband has read more about Reiki energy and has watched his wife become healthy again. As of Feb. of 2016, this man has stated he believes in Reiki as a loving, healing energy.

  •  My second story is about my dog. She is a 11-month-old, lab pup. At age 10 months, she went in to be spayed. She came out healthy acting, but within a week she was dying. Her operation went well, but the pain medication she was on put her in to Kidney failure. Within 6 days, she lost 9 lbs. of weight, showing rib bones and spine. She had no energy to get up, and no appetite. She looked depressed and at times, walked like she was full of toxins. (staggering) The night before she went back to the vet for dialysis, I gave her a Reiki session. The session made her feel relaxed and joyful. Each day she was at the vet hospital, I would go and see her and each night, I would give her distance Reiki. Within 6 days, she was back home again feeling full of energy, life and ready to eat and play. I do believe that prayer, the dialysis, and Reiki healed her enough to pull her out of Kidney failure. As of today, Heidi has no Kidney issues. She is a energetic, joyful, loving dog.

So, in conclusion, if you have the chance to experience a Reiki session, please listen to your heart and try it.
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC   2015-2017   

  •       Today, I (Cynthia Bergsbaken) received a 2nd degree burn on the outside of my hand-the last two fingers and palm.  I kept it under cool running water for a few minutes.  I than placed a ice pack on a towel and placed it on my burns.  Every time I tried to take off the ice pack, my burn would hurt bit time!  After about 10-20 minutes of an ice pack, I took it off.  It hurt and burned immediately.  I promptly gave myself Reiki energy in to my hand.  Within 5 minutes of receiving Reiki, my hand stopped to burn and hurt.  Two-three hours later, I had 95% use of my hand again.  The only thing I couldn't do was to place my hand in hot water while washing the dishes.  Whenever I have hurt myself, Reiki energy has been there for me.  Reiki energy for me either takes away all my pain or takes away about 85% of the pain.  For me, Reiki energy has sped up the healing process.

I invite you to make your appointment now and not wait until you are in pain.  Reiki energy balances your whole system, relaxes you and promotes healing on many levels.
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC  6-1-2017

  • My client came to me with a medical diagnosis of Kidney stones that were too big to remove other then by a medical operation.  He wasn't a big believer in Reiki sessions or Sound Healing, but he wanted to give it a try.  If this could work for him in releasing the Kidney stones, he would not need the operation.  And so I provided him with a Reiki session that was focused on releasing the stones.  Then I provided him with a little Sound healing that also was focused towards the release of the stones.  During the sessions, he had to promptly leave the room to use the rest room.  He released the stones!  This client was really thank full.  He went back to his medical doctor for confirmation.  He was all cleared up.  No more actions were needed.  It's times like these that alternative healing can make a big, positive difference.  Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken 2018  for Reiki in the Prairie LLC

  • Testimonial and Review for Cynthia Bergsbaken, written by Lori Vough McEwen (aka Gale Stein) author and Psychic Medium, 3-4-2015  
          "Last night I had my first Reiki session given to me by Cynthia Bergsbaken.  I really did not know what to expect.  What I got was truly amazing!"
The lovely young woman who performed the Reiki sesson on me, Cynthia Bergbaken, instructed me to-lie down comfortably for 45 minutes at a pre-determined time while she performed long distance Reiki session.  She told me she was going to cleanse and balance my chakras.  I, never having done this before was not at all sure at what to expect.  If nothing else, I would lie quietly and meditate or sleep.

It was not long before images began to flow; these images were not random, but pertained to a cleansing and blessing ritual.  A Golden Retriever and a long haired Tabby cat came and sat down next to me.  They told me they love the energy that Cynthia releases when she performs Reiki and they always come to experience it.  When the session was over, I told Cynthia that I thought it was neat that her pets join her when she performs Reiki.  Cynthia informed me that the dog and cat I saw and spoke to are indeed in spirit.

My point of view had changed to that of an observer.  I saw myself lying flat, hovering in mid-air in a non-descript open space.  Many spirits all dressed in white stood around me.  I felt they were there to protect me as I had said a prayer for protection while I was to be in such a vulnerable state.  A cherub Angel had appeared to remove a white crown, like a burger king crown, off the top of my head.  The angel flew upward with the crown making way for a powerful stream of white light to flow into the top of y head where the crown had been.  After a period, the angel placed the crown back on the top of my head ending the flow of white light.  I became aware of a spirit with female energy standing by my side.  Although I was able to see some facial features, she was completely white.  She gently touched my forehead, and then over her hands to my throat.  Vivid colors began to appear, lavender at my forehead, blue at my shoulders.  When she reached my heart, which was a lovely green, we were both surprised at what happened.  As she placed her hands on my heart, which was a large green ball, it opened up and out came my two boxer dogs and my cat Peanut, all I love dearly, all who are in spirit.  The female spirit was surprised and delighted at what she saw, I became emotional but it passed quickly.  she lifted my heart over her head with both hands, into the hands of a male spirit above her.   

I watched as he placed a small round gold object into my heart, as I looked closer at the object; I was able to see it was a pocket watch.  The male spirit tinkered with the watch until I was able to hear a rhythmic tic-toc.  It was so strong that I was feeling the corresponding pulse in my head.  Just as I was beginning to become uncomfortable with his, the male spirit handed my heart back to the female who then placed it lovingly on my chest.  The female spirit assisted me in sitting upright while someone gently cupped their hands over mine and massaged my fingers.  It was so soothing, especially since my fingers ache from the beginnings of I believe arthritis.

The female spirit guided me to lie back down; she then leaned into my ear and said,
The healing power is within you."  She placed her hand on each chakra point on my spirit, beginning at my head.  The vivid images of colors flowed as she moved form point to point.  While my spirit lay in the vivid colors of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, lavender, and bright white, my perspective changed.  I was still an observer, but I was looking at my solid body.  It was at that moment I realized something had changed and that something was missing.  I can only liken I to the absence of a hum that only yo can hear.  Perhaps you have had a head cold for the past two weeks and all the while, you have a barely noticeable hum in your ear.  Suddenly that hum has vanished, your stuffy head is clear and you feel as though you once again have clarity of thought.

What I want you to know is that although you cannot see it, things are happening during a Reiki session.  your healing session involves many loving spirits, each performing a specific task tailored to the needs of your spirit.  I had some noticeable physical sensations during my session that is true.  Moreover, as we are all individuals, we will have our own unique set of sensations and experiences.  Nevertheless, as I said, it is not as much how I felt during my first Reiki session that inspired me to share my experience, but rather what I was as a Psychic Medium.  I wrote this commentary to tell you that Reiki is real!"  Lori Vough McEwen (aka Gale Stein), author and Psychic Medium.

*Note an update on this last client of mine.  About a week later, Lori Vough McEwen registered in a class for becoming a Reiki practitioner.  I believe she is now a Reiki Master, living in Washington state.  Her books, Gale Stein series can be purchased at  Look under Lori Vough author.  The books will have author as Gale Stein.

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