How Do I Choose the Right Reiki Practitioner?

Receiving Reiki healing is a great experience.  But like any other form of service you receive, it is wise to feel comfortable and confident about and around your practitioner.

Here are a few tips about choosing the right Reiki practitioner for you.

*Meeting with a new Reiki practitioner before committing to taking their service is a must.  Asking questions not only about the Reiki service they provide, but a little about the person.
Each Reiki practitioner has a different personality and different beliefs, just like anyone else in the world.  I would suggest you meet up with the new practitioner days ahead of any thought of receiving a Reiki session.  This way, you can get to know the person and understand:  what Reiki techniques they use, if they are combining other energy type work with their Reiki, what is the type of Reiki they are using, understand the difference between Reiki types, Get to know the person.

I have read articles from people that have received their first  Reiki session for the first time.  They assumed all Reiki practitioners are providing the same type of Reiki sessions.  This is not to be assumed.  There are many kinds of Reiki.  There are many types of Reiki sessions out there.  There are many types of practitioners combining their other beliefs of energy with the Reiki. My thought of a Reiki session is straight up providing Reiki energy.  No sound healing, no crystals, no energetic surgery, no Shamanic stuff, etc.  to me, a Reiki session is laying the hands above the body by inches or on the body and providing the Reiki energy.  This in it self is very healing and relaxing.  This is the reason to go and "interview" the practitioner.  Find out all you can before committing to a session.

*Intuit the person's personality.  What I mean by this is when you first walk in to the Reiki practitioner's office, what do you feel?  Do you feel good, trusting of the person, or do you feel "put down" like they are looking down at you.  Notice your feelings.  Are they positive or are they negative?  Does your stomach feel tight in the Reiki practitioner's presence?  Follow your own instinct on what you feel.  If negative, I suggest you find another Reiki practitioner.  Our bodies do not tell lies.

*A practitioner's title can tell you what level of their Reiki education they are on.  But to me, that's all it tells.  Just because someone has the title of Master doesn't mean they are the right fit for you.  It doesn't mean they are a better Reiki practitioner for your needs than a Reiki practitioner,  2nd level.  This goes for Reiki Master teachers.  Just because they have gone on in their certification, doesn't mean they are right for you.  I have met some Reiki Master/teachers only to figure out they were not providing the right type of Reiki service to me.  Either by what they taught and used or by their own personalities.  Remember, under the title there is a real human being no different then you and me. Here again, listen to your own body and self on what you feel in their presence.  Do you feel looked down at?  Do you feel like they are coming from left field?  Do they act like they are a gift to you?  Do you feel less than while around the Reiki practitioner?   If there is a negative feeling personality, I run for the hills, sort of speak  My belief is, we are all equal, including if someone else has a title behind their name.  A title doesn't give someone the right to treat you like you are less then them.

*If the Reiki practitioner has a office, what do you feel when you walk in to it?  Comfortable?  Uncomfortable?  Do you feel like it is dirty, but it doesn't appear to be dirty?  Does it feel clean?  Is it cluttered?  Do the sheets on the Reiki table feel clean?   Smell clean? Does the room feel smothering due to fragrance?  Is the Reiki practitioner placing crystals under the table?  Some people are very sensitive to this.  (if so, are they energetically clearing the stones after each session with other people?)  Ask if they are.  Have them removed  for your session if you wish.  Again, notice what you feel.  Don't dismiss your intuitions about this office.  If negative feeling in anyway, I would suggest to leave and find another Reiki practitioner.  One cannot heal in the presence of negativity, whether it is from the practitioner's personality or from their office.

I hope these thoughts can help you make a good choice for yourself for you Reiki session.  If you receive a Reiki session you were not comfortable with, please don't judge all Reiki practitioners on what you received.  Next time, try to interview the Reiki practitioner first so you understand and know what you will receive.

Here is to our Well-being.
Best Regards,

Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki in the Prairie LLC
 * using Western Usui Reiki

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April 11, 2020
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