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How Do I Choose the Right Reiki Practitioner?

November 05, 2019

Receiving Reiki healing is a great experience.  But like any other form of service you receive, it is wise to feel comfortable and confident about and around your practitioner.

Here are a few tips about choosing the right Reiki practitioner for you.

*Meeting with a new Reiki practitioner before committing to taking their service is a must.  Asking questions not only about the Reiki service they provide, but a little about the person.
Each Reiki practitioner has a different personality and different beliefs, just like anyone else in the world.  I would suggest you meet up with the new practitioner days ahead of any thought of receiving a Reiki session.  This way, you can get to know the person and understand:  what Reiki techniques they use, if they are combining other energy type work with their Reiki, what is the type of Reiki they are using, understand the difference between Reiki types, Get to know the person.

I have read articles from people that have received their f…

Dancing for Health

What in the world are you talking about, you ask me?
Dancing is an art form.
 It also is away to become active, healthy, and a way to release emotions.

  Dancing can be a form of meditation, where you just listen to the music and flow with it.  When we dance to music we love, we enter in to a state of joy.  We move our bodies in any way that feels good.  Whether we learn a certain dance and flow with it or we make up or own steps as we go along, dance helps you to release any pent-up emotions by letting you feel your body.

Dance brings you down into your body, so you can experience every physical sensation.  Dance will ground you.  Have you ever felt like you were in another world, mentally feeling separate from your body?  You need to ground yourself.

I will put on my 50-60's rock music and I will dance with whatever step I think of and desire to perform.  I even have placed in my karate kicks in between my Latin dance moves.  I use dance as a healthy exercise, off and on during…

Puzzle Pieces

When looking at our present life's experiences, we truly do not have all the facts.  Our vision is clouded.

I have been recently looking at some of my childhood beliefs and fears.  I was able to feel how I felt at certain moments as a child.  I have seen how childhood beliefs and fears are able to affect us in our present lives.

I was a 4-year old child that spent my days playing and being with my Mom.  My brother was in school, while my Dad was at work all day.  For a few days, I was left without my Mom's attention due to her stay in the hospital.  One day, my Dad, my brother and I, with excitement, drove to the hospital to pick up  my Mom and our new baby sister.  As we drove home, I got the idea I could take care of my sister the way I did for my dolls.  I asked my Mom if I could help take care of her.  My Mom told me I was too young.  That day was the start of my beliefs of rejection, being left-out, unworthiness, unloved, and jealousy. My Mom spent her day giving much lo…

Find Healing in the Beauty of Solitude. Take Time for Your Self.


With All the Hustle and Bustle, How Can I Stay Positive?

The Holidays can really be hard and hectic on people.  It is really hard to stay happy and positive.  Here are several ways I use to stay positive while shopping or at parties or just at home.

Rose Water; Spray Rose water on yourself after your shower.  Spray it on yourself when your'e taking a minute break in the rest room.  Spray it on yourself in place of heavy, artificial fragrances.  The Rose water is light, but it has a wonderful effect on your whole body.  It calms, relaxes, and makes you feel joy.When around other people, you will tend to see dramas unfold!  Respectfully ignore the drama.  Walk away from it.  By not taking the time and energy to watch someone else's negative drama, you give yourself permission to seek more positive energy of seeing and doing what pleases you.  By walking away, you do not soak in the negative energy.  What we see and experience, we keep in our subconscious minds.Give yourself plenty of time to do what you need to do.  Going shopping?  M…

How to Cope with Grief During the Holidays

At this time of year there is a lot of joy and anticipation in the air.  But for those that have lost loved ones and those who are feeling loneliness, there is grief.  How do we handle grief this time of year?  Here are some suggestions:

Help others who could use companionship.  Nursing homes have many elderly that on Christmas eve and Christmas day, have no one to visit them.  I have from  my own experiences seen many depressed and lonely elderly sitting in their wheel chairs all alone on Christmas eve and Christmas day.  A lot of these elderly people have no more family around because they moved away or because they are all deceased.Help out at the "soup kitchens".  These kitchens could always use volunteers.  Bring your smile and physical help to those that have no home or much food.Be a secret Santa to someone who could use a smile, laugh, and some love n their life.  Connect with  your family.  If you haven't talked to family members for along time, maybe it's t…

Smudging Introduction

October 03, 2019

Smudging is an ancient ritual that has been used for thousands of years  to clear out stale and negative energy from one's home.  Negative energy, I define as:  negative emotions, bacteria, virus, stale air, and stagnant air.

Smudging consists of burning a bundle of herbs, White Sage, sweet grasses or Cedar.  (A word of caution here.  Burning dried Cedar may cause an explosive type combustion.)
While the bundle smolders in a pot, clay crock, or anything else that can safely hold the smoldering bundle, a person goes from room to room, floor to floor, filling each room with  smoke and saying a prayer with intention.  I have learned to go to each corner of the room and start at the top corner of the room and bring down your crock of smoke all the way down to the floor.  Do this for each corner and behind doors to make sure you release smoke in these confined areas.  After each corner, I will go to the center of the room.  Each room I may say 4-5 prayers as I smoke th…

The Flu Box

October 18, 2019 It's cold, flu and other sickness season!

From my own experiences I have found that these natural ways are excellent in combating the symptoms.
I am sensitive to many medications and so I have learned to find natural ways to heal.
I call this my Cold/Flu box.

1).  Thyme tea
       Thyme tea is a great expectorant.  Drink a hot tea  a few times throughout the day to help bring up the mucus.  Start by boiling a cup of water.  Add in a tea strainer, 1 teaspoon of dried Thyme.  Let the Thyme sit for about 10 minutes.  Drink the tea slowly.

2).  Netti Pot

 A Netti pot is a small little ceramic tea pot that is used to place treated water in to your nasal passages, irrigating them.  This is an ancient technique that goes back to ancient India.  It is a way to cleanse the nasal passages of irritants that cause problems in the sinus region.  Irritants such as:  pollen, bacteria, virus, and mucus.  Irrigating the sinuses is a great way also to combat allergies caused by pollen.