Intention and Goal of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

The goal of Reiki in the Prairie LLC is to provide a little help to people, so we can move forward in our lives with clarity of mind and to know that we have the ability to empower and heal ourselves.

To bring a little bit of help to people.  Emphasizing whole health, alternative, natural ways to heal, and  emphasizing "Shadow working** on oneself" bringing forward your best self in life.

**Shadow working is looking deep inside yourself everyday.  Noticing when your thoughts, words, and actions come from the  negative side of you.  (dark-side).   When you notice you are coming from your dark-side, you acknowledge this with no judgement and you heal it, replacing it with positive thoughts, words, and actions.  
Everyone has a dark and a light side.  Two sides of the coin.  When we come from our dark sides, (negativity), we are playing out a emotional hurt we received in the past which has it's basis through fear. (many times from our childhoods.)  When we come from our light sides, we are coming from "love."

To make an appointment with Cynthia Bergsbaken, Usui Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC, please call or text 605-237-1701 or make it on


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