Tropical Vacation?

 Are you wishing you could take a warm, tropical winter vacation?

You can!

Use your imagination.

Using our imaginations can give us that little bit of positive we were looking for.

Don't let Covid stop you from enjoying life.

I created my little tropical paradise sunrise photo from my living-room in -17 f. South Dakota, USA.

I call the photo, "Dreaming."

I challenge you to create your vacation using your imagination.

Tropics?  Bring out the tub of sand to lay back in while soaking up the sun from the window.

Put on some Mexican music and make that Virgin Pina Colada with the cute sun-umbrella in it.

No limit to our imaginations!

In the past we've had Hawaiian parties with just my immediate family members.

We put on Hawaiian music, had tropical photos from Youtube on the television, made Mai Tai drinks, laid out beach towels on the floor where the sun was shining, placed our sunglasses on and suntanned.

We even played Limbo game (the game where you lower the pole and try to get under it.)

Had a fun time.  So take up my challenge.  Have fun with it.  

Have a great, restful time on your vacation.

If you decide to take my challenge, how about telling us about your awesome, imaginative vacation in the comments.


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