I was ready to fly home. Currently, I had been visiting in a foreign country. I entered the airport.  It was not the largest airport I had ever been in. There was a bar to stand and talk, a phone booth, and some other rooms.  I looked around looking for a phone.  I had still needed to make my airplane ticket reservations. 

People were already boarding an airplane that might have been the one I had wanted to take.  The plane was half a shopping center, and the other half was for sitting.  And so, while flying you could get up and go shopping for entertainment.  Cool!

As I stood there, bullets came flying in from the front of the airport.  The exterior of the airport had terrorists attacking us. I woke up with feeling anxious.

Have you ever had a dream where you felt like someone was chasing you?  How about a dream where you were standing buck-naked in front of some stranger?

Dreams are a great way to understand yourself, your life’s situations, and the areas in your emotional life you need to heal.

So, for example, my dream above talks about an airport and taking a plane ride home from a foreign country.  This tells me I’ve been in a different life’s situation.  Not my usual way of life.  This for me to understand can help me realize whatever different situation I’ve been in.

I’m looking for a phone booth to make a reservation.  To me this means I’m looking to communicate.

The terrorists shooting outside the airport are symbols of people criticizing, put-downs, and judging others as well as myself while in this foreign land. (situation) 

And so, this dream has nailed it on the head for me where I might be picking up some anxiety. 

Or how about dreaming you or I were buck-naked in front of some stranger.  That would be a horrible dream to have.   This dream could be showing us that we felt naked (emotionally) in front of some stranger.  Maybe our guards were let-down in front of him/her?

Our dreams are important ways to help us understand what we are going through and how to heal it if need be.

Dreams help us understand the situations we find ourselves in.  They help us come up with answers to what has been going on in our lives. 

For example, say you took a job interview.  It seemed to have gone well, but you came away feeling negative about it.  But why?  You answered all the questions perfectly.  You were charming and easy to get along with.  The interviewer was accepting of you, it seemed.  What seems to be bothering you?

The next day, you get a phone call saying the business wants to offer you the job.  Wow!  Great news, right?  But how come you feel anxious and insecure about it?  How come you don’t feel like celebrating after searching for a good job for a year!  A wise choice would be to say you’ll let them know.  You need to consider the job offer.

And so, the great news here is you can ask yourself for a guidance dream.  A what???

A guidance dream.

 Before you go to bed, you will ask yourself a question to be answered with guidance.  It maybe be, “I ask my Higher self/God for guidance on this job position.”  Make sure you have written this question down on paper that is kept next to you as you sleep.

You may not receive any kind of guidance dream right away, but sooner or later, you’ll have a dream that shows you what your Higher self/God felt while in that job interview.

This dream may come the next night or it may take a week or so. 

Each morning, write down all your dreams on your paper before getting out of bed.

So, say you received this guidance dream.

 The dream shows you working at your new dream job.  As you work, big, black, tornadoes full of lightning enters the company, demolishing everything in sight! People working there are not noticing these storms.  You are feeling fearful, anxious, and not happy working there.

This dream may be showing you there will be a lot of chaos in the form of negative energy storms throughout the company.  Maybe the company has a lot of unhappy people working in it for some reason.  This may suggest there is no real leadership or negative leadership.

This dream lets you know what might be coming your way if you take the job.

When you receive a dream about something, don’t follow the dream if it suggests you do something negative.  Never do something to hurt yourself or others.  But if the dream gives you advice, you may want to keep it in mind.  It may not be saying, “Don’t take the job.”  But it may be saying, “If you do take the job, there could be some problems going on now or soon.  Be aware.”

Everyone must make their own choices in life.  Our dreams can help us understand what we felt or what we are going through.  Our dreams can help us make decisions that we feel insecure about. 

We all have different types of dreams.  Dr. Judith Orloff in Emotional Freedom names three of them.  Emotional dreams, Guidance dreams, and Predictive dreams.

Emotional dreams are dreams such as standing in front of a stranger buck-naked.  It helps us to understand our emotions.  We are placed in situations that shares our strong emotions to ourselves.  Thus, we can relive those emotions in our dreams, showing us what needs to be healed in our day-to-day life.

Guidance dreams help us to find solutions.  These dreams may have images or situations that are filled with energy.  The advice you receive will feel right to you.  While in the dream you may experience sensual feelings such as goosebumps.

Predictive dreams.  These dreams can help you understand what the most important information you need to know about yourself and the future.  It’s not about asking whether you will get a pay raise or if you’ll get that modeling career.  Try asking your Higher self/God a general question on your paper.  “What is the most important information about the future that could help me?”

When you receive information in your dream, it may be in a non-emotional form.  Sort of like watching a movie in a movie theater.  You watch it, but you’re not really interacting with the it.  Same as in your Predictive dream.  You are watching it, but you are not interacting with a portion of it or all of it.  You may not even feel any emotions until you wake up.


Our dream worlds can be exciting, debilitating, and/or interesting!  Allow your dream life to help you maneuver your life and health situations.  After all, know-one knows us better or loves us more than our Higher selves/God.

Each night, keep a paper tablet and a pen next to your bed, on your bedstand.  If you wake up during the night, keep yourself feeling groggy (no lights on and don’t get out of bed) by just letting the dream flow out of your mind while writing it down.

When you wake up in the morning, do the same.  Try not to wake up fast.  Take your time laying in bed a wake and write down your dreams.  Write down every detail you can remember.  Colors, every aspect of the room you were in, people, how you felt during the dream, and how you felt after waking up.

To understand the symbolism in your dream, it may be helpful to buy a dream dictionary.  But the best way to decipher your dream is by you!  The dream is from you.  And so, all the symbolism in it is how you describe things. How you understand things, situations, and people. 

So maybe start off using a dream dictionary.  Then after maybe a couple of months, try to figure out your dream without it.  If you want to do this by yourself and then look at the dictionary to see if they have some new ways to describe the meanings of your dream, then do so.

There are many dream dictionaries out there.  I happened to buy a discounted one from Barnes and Noble years ago called Dream Dictionary by Tony Crisp.  I’ve read Tony Crisp has been around for a while writing about dreams.  I have enjoyed this dream book.

Figuring out dreams can be daunting!  But don’t give up.  Soon you’ll start to understand more and more.  Thus, you’ll start to understand yourself and your situations more and more.  The more you understand about your dreams, the more you can help yourself with whatever situation you’re in.

The more haunting the dreams are, the better.  Why?  Because these dreams are the ones that help you see what is basically kicking your butt in life. 

Here’s to a great dream!

By Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

August 30, 2021



  • ·       Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff, M.D.
  • ·       Dream Dictionary by Tony Crisp
  • ·       The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook (Spirituality) by Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D.

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I have used all procedures I have written about and have found them to be helpful as tools to help myself become a better person.   I am sharing them with you because used as a tool, they are helpful in Shadow working on ourselves.  (Shadow working is healing our inner shadows that are unconscious or subconscious.  Inner shadows are our belief systems, our thoughts, our behaviors, our life experiences.)

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