The last few weeks, I've had like a writer’s block.

I asked my higher self, “What can I talk about that people need to hear?”

Then it came to me.  I feel everyone struggles with self-acceptance in their life.  

All too common we hear complaints of girls/women feeling; too fat, too short, bulky thighs, finding fault with others, too emotional, vulgar language, etc.

We hear boys/guys complaining of having controlling parents, of going bald, of looking too old, finding fault in others, vulgar language, not emotional enough, etc.

We try not to notice, but we see people trying to hide what they feel are imperfections in themselves. 

 Whether we hide our so-called imperfections with makeup, girdles, physical-body operations to create an illusion of what we desire to look like, grow-hair again tonics, personality-imperfections covered up with an energetic mask while in public, our masks to cover-up our grief of losing someone in life, our masks to cover-up feeling rejected by society, our multiple titles we use to make ourselves feel important, and so forth.

Each one of us has our ways of NOT accepting ourselves in the present moment.  Why?

The fear of not being accepted.  Or in other words, being rejected by society, by loved ones, and by others in life.  I think it tends to be an instinctive behavior from the desire of being part of a tribe/group for protection and well-being.  Most people are a part of some group/tribe/society.  

A family group, a friendship group, a school group, a business group, a church group, etc.

To be rejected and thrown out of the group you feel you belong to brings about fear.  This fear is a survival fear.  And so, this fear is a very strong fear in all people.  If thrown out, the survival fear will tell you, you may die. In the past, many people did die. 

It is time we all face this fear.  Ask yourself questions about it.  

"If I don't go along with the group, what are the consequences?  Will I die if I'm not part of this group?

Will I not be acknowledged by my peers if I leave the group?  If I show my true-self, how will my group react?  All good questions to ask yourself.

I have concluded that at least for me, I am not a perfect human.  I never have been, and I do not expect to be a perfect human. 

For me, I feel a relief of saying this to myself.  A huge weight falling on to the side of mountain that I climb.  It's time to release the illusion of being "perfect" and just accept what we are given in life.  Each one of us has been given what we need and not necessarily what we want.  

Be your true self.  Let the masks slide off, whether they are emotional masks or physical masks.

It's time to feel good about what you already have.  No, none of us are perfect.  But that's o.k.

For me, I find the imperfections make a person interesting.  

Self-acceptance!  Let's give this a YES!  Let's love that human fault.  Let's love ourselves no matter what.

When we can accept ourselves for exactly who we are in life, we become whole.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

October 22, 2021

Disclaimer by Reiki in the Prairie LLC and Cynthia Bergsbaken copyright 2015

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If you have a medical condition-physically/mentally/emotionally, please see a qualified medical doctor.  Do not substitute my articles for proper medical care.  You are too important to the world.

I have used all procedures I have written about and have found them to be helpful as tools to help myself become a better person.   I am sharing them with you because used as a tool, they are helpful in Shadow working on ourselves.  (Shadow working is healing our inner shadows that are unconscious or subconscious.  Inner shadows are our belief systems, our thoughts, our behaviors, our life experiences.)

I created this blog for my Reiki clients originally.  Combining these tools with Reiki creates a happy, healthy person.  These tools, when used alone are also beneficial!


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April 11, 2020

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