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Reiki in the Prairie LLC offers you support for your medical programs, your well-being, and your whole health with the use of Chi/Universal Life Force energy.

The use of loving, healing Universal Life Force energy (energy that binds all living beings in life; energy that surrounds and flows through everything living.) combined with either a hands-on or a hands-off approach, gives you a gentle, loving, relaxing experience.

Reiki in the Prairie LLC brings you a unique and loving way to assist you to heal yourself from the inside-out.

I invite you to accept this unique opportunity in releasing old limiting beliefs and old hurtful emotions about yourself and replacing them with positive abundance.  I have felt the limiting beliefs, hurtful emotions, and the resulting negative emotions in many people.  Receiving a reiki session will help to dislodge these limiting, negative beliefs and emotions, giving the client the chance to face them, accept that they are there, and release them, healing the hurt, thus healing the pain.

These hurts/pain energetically is an area in your energy system that is cut off from the flow of your energy.  Sort of like how the flow of blood through your circulatory system works.  Example, if your blood flow is cut off by something-maybe a clot or plaque, it causes detrimental affects in the whole body.  Well, we all are energy.  If our energy is cut-off from a blockage of emotional energy, detrimental affects happen.  All dis-ease starts in the energy field.  If left unchecked, the blockage may cause enough harm to cause physical problems to show up in the physical body.  Example, a blockage, formed by held in grief, left in the Heart chakra (energy center at your chest) may cause Heart disease or Lung cancer sooner or later.  Just some examples.

Reiki in the Prairie LLC offers you this unique way to heal from the inside-out.  Heal your hurts/pain, you heal your whole being.  Please take this opportunity for yourself to feel happier, more relaxed, and healthier.  If you are in a medical program, I ask you to accept this opportunity to help your whole self to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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April 11, 2020
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-Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki in the Prairie LLC, April 11, 2020


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