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As Water Reflects the Face

A wise person once said, "As Water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart." -Proverbs 27;19 (NIV) Today, I faced a reality in my life. I at times, will make hasty decisions. These hasty decisions have caused me pain along with others who are involved. These hasty decisions are showing up as pain created from not taking the time and meditating on the experience prior to deciding. If you feel negative in anyway and you feel you need to jump to a quick decision about something, I ask you to sit and meditate on it first. Take time, relax the mind and just feel the situation while meditating. When you can calm the mind, you are more likely to make better choices for yourself. When making a decision, make it for yourself. At times, I have found myself making decisions based on knowing that someone needs help or someone would like...... When knowing this, at times, I don't slow down and take in account how my decision to help them will affect me and…

What You Say About Yourself

I recently was at a social gathering.  It was a beautiful day outside with a large amount of people showing up for this event.  I walked in, observing all the faces I recognized from another time in my life.  I was feeling pretty joyful to experience their presence again, after so many years of not seeing them.  Many of the faces had been changed from time and life events.  As I made my presence known to the ones I knew, I realized some of thee people were not as joyful as I once saw them as.  At first I felt a little saddened by this, like it had something to do with me.  But then I realized this has nothing to do with me.

 You see, everyone in life projects and owns their own emotional energy.  If there are emotional hurts that never were healed, these hurts are stored in the emotional body. 

Energetically speaking, we have a Etheric body, Emotional body, Mental body, and a Spiritual body.  These make up our auras.  Auras are the egg-shaped protective energy surrounding us at all t…

Sharing Reiki

In learning the technique of Reiki, we learn that when we use our positive imaginations combined with the Reiki energy, we can make a big, positive difference in the world.  We are taught to place Reiki energy in our food and drink to make it more nutritious for ourselves.  We are taught to share Reiki with our families, pets, and plants.

I use Reiki weekly on myself.  Why?  When I use Reiki energy, it tends to keep me energetically in balance and relaxed.  (Reiki energy is the Life Force energy that surrounds us.  It is the energy that makes us and every other living creature the beings we are.)  I feel more energetic, more relaxed and more healthy when providing myself with my Reiki practice. 

Years ago,  I was visiting California on the San Andreas fault line.  I remember this well  due to my experience.  It was a typical visit to see my family who lives in Palm Springs, CA.  Due to limited room and an uncomfortable sofa bed, I chose to sleep on the carpeted concrete floor along w…
"I am beautiful, I am loved, I am worthy."
By saying these positive and truthful words, you will find after even a little bit of time, you will have changed what you think and feel about yourself.
No Matter: what size our bodies our, what color our skin is, what culture we come from, how we speak, what religion we are, what job we hold, what degrees we have, or how many people look down at us, we will have changed our perception of ourselves. In order to give love to others, we must first love ourselves fully. When we love and accept ourselves, we will be able to give love to others. Thus creating a domino affect throughout our environment.