We are What we Eat

My parents listen to the news everyday.  I feel they feel it's their duty to listen to it. Off and on, they go in to a panic about some news feed that is circulating.   If you've ever watched, listened, or read the news, you'll quickly realize the negative stories may spread fear  among people, like a domino effect.   When a person continually takes in negative news or negativity from oneself or others (negative energy), one becomes what they digest.
We maybe digesting sadness, anger, coercion, greed, fear, and etc.

My parents called me about a bacterial infestation in lettuce that was making many people sick.  They were in fear about eating lettuce.  Bacterial infestations happens all the time in all produce.  Why?  Due to it is grown outside in the ground where there are bugs, birds, animals, and others that use the soil to eliminate their waste products.  That is one big reason why a person needs to always wash their produce well.
If not, we digest toxic substances including coliforms (bacteria found in the intestinal tract of animals).

Parents, authoritative adults, and others in your child's life who have negative emotional behaviors such as  controlling, criticizing,  a victim persona, yelling with anger to force another persons' will, etc. are all teaching the child to feel insecure and fear in life. These types of emotional patterns stem from insecurity and fear.  If the child is around these behaviors continually, the child will most likely absorb it, digest it and soon act insecure and fearful in situations that trigger them.
We are digesting negative behavior patterns.

The foods we eat, we absorb and digest are also important to our health.  Many people, including school children,  rely on fast-foods and packaged foods to obtain their nutrition.  Check the labels and notice all the sugar, salt, preservatives, coloring, artificial ingredients, lack of fiber, low quality fats, and too much fat.
I'll never forget the day I worked in a school and all the school children had bright blue lips,  tongue, and teeth from eating a blue pop-sickle.  All day I was noticing blue lips!

Man-made Trans fats or hydrogenated vegetable oils have been linked to many degenerative diseases.  Even if the label under the percentages says zero percent Trans fats, you must look for it in the ingredients list.  Even a little  Trans fat can cause the entire body inflammation for around 52 days.  Now imagine if you ate the little bit of Trans fats everyday!  Everyday, you'd add on another 52 days of inflammation in your body.  Your body would never be able to release the inflammation this fat is causing.  Inflammation in the body is the cause of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

Sugar can be naturally found in fruits, veggies, and dairy products.  Sugar as a refined product is found in many processed and packaged foods as a flavor enhancer.  People want less salt, so the food producers chose sugar.  There is some research that states refined sugar is more addictive then Heroin!  Sugar also is a culprit for degenerative disease in the body.
We are digesting inflammatory substances here.

As a society, we listen and watch violent shows/movies.  We play violent computer games/electronic games.  We feel joy when the so called "bad man" is killed in the movies.  We feel joy when we kill the other in the electronic games.  We are rewarded for this behavior (killing) by receiving more playtime, more points, and more extra weapons in the electronic games.
We are digesting violence.

Music has the ability to heal us, but it also has the ability to create fear.  All negative emotions stem from fear.  I really watch what I listen to.  If I listen to hard rock, I find myself feeling anxious, head- achy,  and negative.  If I listen to country music that sings about how they were betrayed, cheated, or alone, I feel sadness and anger.  But when  I listen to songs that have gentle, upbeat music and upbeat words, they provide a positive message, I feel joy and happiness.  When I listen to nature's voices, such as crickets, rain, wind, and water flowing, I feel light, open, relaxed, secure, and love.
We are digesting either fear or love.  All negativity stems from fear and all positivity stems from love.

What we listen to, eat, hear, and feel makes a big difference in our health.  Remember, our bodies, minds, and spirits are one. They are connected together.  And so when one feels negative energy or inflammation in their body, the rest of the body will also be negative.  When we are in balance, we are in harmony.  But when we are out of balance, we are in discord.  Discord is the start of disease.

By simply providing ourselves with:   whole unprocessed foods to eat, keeping harmonious people around us, giving ourselves time to be in nature,  dumping the violent electronic games and replacing them with games that provide us with joy and happiness , listening to beautiful music, and etc., we are giving ourselves the best we can.  We are nurturing ourselves with love, which manifests in us as love.

Whatever we digest in this world, it will become apart of us.  This digestion includes every person, food, situation, thought, etc. that we come across in life.  What you digest becomes apart of your inner world.
What are you digesting fear or love, toxins or wholesome, negativity or positivity?

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC        Written for the Perceptive Blogger

***All original content is copyrighted by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Perceptive Blogger & Reiki in the Prairie LLC.
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April 11, 2020
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-Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki in the Prairie LLC, April 11, 2020


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