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  When you are sensitive to foods, additives, and anything artificial, a person tends to find ways to honor their sensitivities.   If I did not honor my sensitivities, I would feel the consequences of my actions.  I’ve put together a list of natural alternatives to replace medicines and artificial perfumes.

Artificial colognes and perfumes make me feel irritable, negative, and like I want to gag.  They are too strong and are artificially made with chemicals.  These artificial perfumes/colognes are found in many products including:  laundry detergents, room & automotive air fresheners, perfumes/colognes we wear, and laundry dryer sheets. 

Artificial colognes/perfumes are meant to last; seems like for months maybe even years!  I feel people that use these don’t realize that their perfume/cologne/laundry detergent etc. is strong smelling on them.  They have become acclimated to this strong, artificial smell.  Like a cigarette smoker who smokes every day, they too have become acclimated to the strong smell on them and around them.  But once the artificial perfumes/colognes are not in use anymore, a person starts to regain their ability to smell everything around them.  Their nose becomes sensitive to all smells again.

Artificial perfumes/colognes are made from chemicals.  Many of these chemicals are not real healthy for us.  Some are estrogen based where they become health hazards to our bodies, messing with our hormones.  Some of these chemicals are addictive to us, causing an emotional and physical reaction.  There are many papers on this subject in the internet for further reading.

Here are some natural ideas that I like to use to replace artificially made products:

1     Face lotions-instead of buying the many artificial products that contain not only chemicals but contain products that take moisture from deep inside our skin, try using Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil.  I like to add various essential oils to my Olive oil to help me with any ongoing skin problems.  For example- try adding Frankincense and Lavender for damaged skin. 
Geranium essential oil for aging skin, Lavender for oily skin, and Tea Tree       essential oil for an antibacterial face oil.
Olive oil is a good choice for all skin types due to it containing many antioxidants, squalene, and vitamins.  This oil easily penetrates the skin bringing in much moisturizing and nourishing the skin.  To add essential oils, I take 3.5 oz of Olive oil to 35 drops of pure essential oils.  Mix and keep in a colored glass container for about 3 months.  I use this especially for the day time.

2     Anxiety/Fear- who hasn’t been around these two emotions?  Instead of reaching for some anti-anxiety medicine, try this.  When I’m travelling, I may feel these emotions.  When I do, I like to take out a Kleenex that I have stored in a plastic baggie.  This Kleenex has pure Lavender essential oil (if you’re not driving, you can use Clary Sage instead.) on it.  Take a few whiffs of it.  Put it down and lay back and close your eyes to relax.  Picture yourself in a beautiful, safe environment.  Know that you are safe. (the beach sitting by the ocean, a sunny woods area, or even your own backyard.)  Also can try a cup of Chamomile tea, noted in #4 in list.

3      Dog incontinence-Instead of placing your female dog on estrogen pills or some other highly toxic medicine, try using ground up flax seed.  When female dogs are spayed, they lose their female organs-uterus and ovaries that produce estrogen.  There bodies are lacking estrogen. And so, from lacking estrogen, the female dog may start to leak urine off and on, specifically when relaxing.  Each meal grind up a fresh batch of brown Flax seeds-about 2 teaspoons per meal for a 60-pound dog. If you have a smaller dog, try reducing it to 1 teaspoon per meal.  If your dog, after several days is still leaking, try upping the dose of flax seed per meal. So, for a 60-pound dog, instead of 2 teaspoons of flax/meal, add 2.5 teaspoons of flax/meal.  Not only are you stopping the dog from leaking urine, you are providing the dog with plant estrogen that is able to take the place of your dog’s own estrogen.  Flax also provides a plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for brain function.

4      Upset stomach or stomach ache? -Making a cup of Chamomile tea and drinking it slowly will help the stomach ache go away.  (1 teaspoon of Chamomile to 1 cup of hot water and letting it brew for 10 minutes.)  Note also, this tea is very relaxing.
Nausea and stomach upset are helped by eating candied Ginger.  While travelling, I’ve had stomach upset due to the change in foods and water.  Each time I felt off, I would be helped by eating a piece of candied Ginger.

   Trouble sleeping- When we think too much or are worried, we tend to stay in our heads too much.  While laying in bed, try to concentrate on your gut moving up and down during your breathing.  If you start thinking again, refocus on your gut.  Do this until you fall asleep.
Each night, I like to take Magnesium and Calcium one hour before bed.  The 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of Magnesium to Calcium causes a persons’ body and mind to relax.  By the time you are ready to go to bed, your body and mind are also sleepy.  A good quality magnesium and calcium here is needed.  I like to take 400 mg of Magnesium Glycinate or Citrate to 400 mg of Calcium Citrate.  Not only does this make you sleepy and relaxed, it provides you with the much-needed magnesium that most people are not receiving through their diets or vitamins.

6.    Need energy? – try eating an apple and a hand full of raw nuts instead of the cup of coffee/tea/energy drink.  The apple and nuts will also give you the energy you’re looking for without the jitteriness, acidy stomach, urinary urgency, and stained teeth. The apple supplies you with soluble fiber similar to oats, vitamins and minerals, natural sugar, and something to chew, helping you to relieve any tension and frustration you may be feeling.  The raw nuts give you the protein and good quality fat that helps you to feel full and energetic.

7    Perfume/cologne- you can make your own.  You’ll know what is in it and it won’t be overpowering to you or anyone else.  In fact, the perfume/cologne you make can be very healing to you. Start by measuring out 1 oz of any high-quality oil (carrier oil)-try organic Sweet Almond, Jojoba or Extra Virgin Olive oil.  Pick your favorite essential oils-high quality ones.  Try adding 10 drops in total of the essential oils.  Example- I would like to make a Cedarwood and Sandalwood cologne.  I would add 5 drops of the Cedarwood and 5 drops of the Sandalwood essential oil to the carrier oil.  If you would like it a little stronger, add a few more drops.
This recipe for cologne can also be used as a beard oil!  If I wanted to make Rose scented perfume, I would measure out 1.0 oz of carrier oil and add 10 drops of Rose Otto essential oil.

    Scented clothes in dryer-Place some essential oil drops on to a wool dryer ball.  This will infuse the essential oil smell in to clothing while drying them.

   Room air freshener-try placing drops of essential oil in to a simmering pot.  Want that holiday smell in the air at home?  Try placing orange skins, cloves, and cinnamon in simmering water on the stove.

1    Car air freshener- try using a mixture of pure essential oils to sweet almond oil.  Place this on a piece of Kleenex or non-fusible Interface material.  Place these in your car in various locations.

If If you would like to find out more about hazardous ingredients in cosmetics, and other personal products, follow this link.

There are so many natural alternatives than to buy and use artificial, toxic products.  I hope you give them a try.  I know they sure have helped me in many ways.

To Your Health!
-Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC & Perceptive Blogger
  October 17, 2018

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