Smudging Introduction

Smudging is an ancient ritual that has been used for thousands of years  to clear out stale and negative energy from one's home.  Negative energy, I define as:  negative emotions, bacteria, virus, stale air, and stagnant air.

Smudging consists of burning a bundle of herbs, White Sage, sweet grasses or Cedar.  (A word of caution here.  Burning dried Cedar may cause an explosive type combustion.)
While the bundle smolders in a pot, clay crock, or anything else that can safely hold the smoldering bundle, a person goes from room to room, floor to floor, filling each room with  smoke and saying a prayer with intention.  I have learned to go to each corner of the room and start at the top corner of the room and bring down your crock of smoke all the way down to the floor.  Do this for each corner and behind doors to make sure you release smoke in these confined areas.  After each corner, I will go to the center of the room.  Each room I may say 4-5 prayers as I smoke the room.  Make sure to have at least one window open on each floor to let the smoke and negative energy leave.  Your prayer might be something like this.  "With God's will, I bind all negative energy to this Sage and I release it outside, leaving behind loving energy."  Keep repeating this prayer throughout, each room and floor.

There is research that says Smudging actually kills virus in a home.  Much of the negative energy are our own negative emotions we have towards ourselves and others.  We have fights with the ones we love, releasing a lot of negative emotions in our homes.  We may not clear out old items in our homes, letting them collect and sit abandoned.  Clutter causes stale and stagnant energy that is negative.  It tends to keep you bound to the past.  All this negative energy is not healthy to live in.

Try Smudging off and on in your home, office, or where ever you feel negative energy.  I suggest you Smudge every time someone has been sick or you have had a fight, or as a way to Spring clean.  At times, we are not able to Smudge with smoke.  There are many Smudge sprays out there.

The Smudge Spray I make is made with White Sage, alcohol and a blend of Essential oils.  Smudging creates for a harmonious home.  Using Smudge spray in the office, bathroom, or in a hotel room will also provide that balance and harmonious feeling.

This paper is intended to introduce Smudging to people with the use of herbs or Smudge spray.  This paper is not intended to desecrate any sacred ritual.  It is only to bring awareness and a little instruction.

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By Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC


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