Dancing for Health

What in the world are you talking about, you ask me?
Dancing is an art form.
 It also is away to become active, healthy, and a way to release emotions.

  Dancing can be a form of meditation, where you just listen to the music and flow with it.  When we dance to music we love, we enter in to a state of joy.  We move our bodies in any way that feels good.  Whether we learn a certain dance and flow with it or we make up or own steps as we go along, dance helps you to release any pent-up emotions by letting you feel your body.

Dance brings you down into your body, so you can experience every physical sensation.  Dance will ground you.  Have you ever felt like you were in another world, mentally feeling separate from your body?  You need to ground yourself.

I will put on my 50-60's rock music and I will dance with whatever step I think of and desire to perform.  I even have placed in my karate kicks in between my Latin dance moves.  I use dance as a healthy exercise, off and on during the week.  By the time I'm done with bopping and twisting to the oldies, or swaying with my Latin dance, I have built up a healthy sweat.

Recently I started to Belly Dance.  It is a great workout!   What a great way to exercise and feel really good inside and out.  Kathy Smith has a Belly dance routine that is fairly easy to follow.  I list this below.  Try it, you'll like it!

 On my Facebook site, I had some ladies that did what is called "Journey Dancing".  A great way to become open, expressive, and release pent-up emotions.

Here is what one of the ladies posted.  I write this here with her permission.
"Mark your calendars, next Journey Dance class at Avalon, 404 W. Superior Street, Duluth, MN.  March 11th at 3-4:00 pm.  My heart is full, filled with love.  Have had   an expansive past few months with a few deflation.  Yesterday I shared one of my passions, Journey Dance.  It was a global event!  Even though there was only three of us on the dance floor, it felt like so much more.  I've always told myself I married my toughest student if I can get him to believe in what I am doing.  I can conquer anything.  Dave was right there with me dancing every step of the way along with a lovely acquaintance Lisa, whom I met at a Journey Dance/yoga event.  We filled the room, the world, with all the joy and love we could muster up." said Kim Buskala. 

These people and others are enjoying their bodies, getting healthy, and meeting new people.  What better way to do this?  Anyone can  dance.  As long as you have a body, it doesn't matter what size it is or if you're in a wheel chair, you can dance.

I invite you to try dancing yourself to health!  Here are some sites that can get you up and dancing.


http://journeydance.com/kim-buskala     Kim Buskala, as of Feb. 2017 was a facilitator of the Superior, WI group of Journey Dance.

Qi Gong (I consider this a slow dance.)  https://youtu.be/Gtj7ogU78AU 

Fifties and sixties music     https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiSwI5nCqw2hVPds1Yqxw0CExdnzWC7a7

Latin Dance    https://youtu.be/8DZktowZo_k

Belly Dance 

Have a great time finding yourself and becoming healthy through  movement and music.

Re-written by Cynthia Bergsbaken Dec. 4, 2019.  Original Feb. 18, 2017.
Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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-Cynthia Bergsbaken
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