Traveling Made Easier

Traveling Made Easier

Tis the season when people who live in the north want to escape the cold and cloudiness for the beautiful warm and sunny days in the south.

In the past, I've had many stressful trips due to not being prepared.  Not knowing what to pack, not knowing where to park at the airport, not knowing the amount of money I need for parking and the trip, being around so many people in the airport, being packed so close to so many people on the airplane, and not knowing what to do with myself while flying a long flight.
Traveling tips for packing and some coping tips for highly sensitive/Empaths.

Traveling can be stressful.
 I know I learned the hard way years ago.  I was forced to throw away a brand new, large tube of toothpaste before entering the airplane.  It pays to learn and understand the regulations of transport and other countries.
While waiting in airline lines, I've witnessed people unpacking their suitcases  to either put on multi-layers of clothes or throw away their clothes due to too much weight in their luggage.

 I've also learned that if you over pack your bag to bulging, you may be one who finds their bag contents  all over the luggage conveyor belt for  public eyes to view.

For me, I've decided it is a lot healthier and easier for me to send my luggage  to checked bags and carry my essentials and valuables in my small carry-on bag.
Healthier because I found my heavy bag was really hurting my shoulder joint while pulling, pushing, and lifting the bag.  Even my carry-on bag can get pretty heavy due to numerous books and snacks.
 Also easier, due to not having to worry about lugging my bag around the airport and finding room in the airplane.

Here are some  tricks I've learned to  save space and keep my luggage items clean:
  • Stuff items in your shoes.
  • I keep my shoes in a plastic, throw away bag from the grocery store.  Each bag has one pair of shoes in it.  This keeps my clothing clean from dirt and grime from the shoes.  I may also bring a couple extra bags for dirty clothes, wet bathing suits or storage for bought items.
  • I've started to make separate Zip-lock bags for my morning toiletries and my evening toiletries.  This way I'm not searching for long periods of time for one item.
  • I place jewelry in contact lens cases.
  • I roll my clothes up to keep them from wrinkling and to save space.  I stack the rolled items on top of each other.  Heavy pants on the bottom, and light clothing on top. 
  •  I have made my own luggage tags with bright colors and my own design.  There are too many look alike tags and bags.  So, to design your own will be easier for you and others, to identify the bags ownership.
  •  All liquids are placed in a zip-lock plastic bag.  I've had numerous times that when I open my toiletries after a flight, one or more of my liquids have leaked out from the pressure.  Once we had shampoo all over our clothes and suitcase!  I couldn’t get rid of the “Green Apple” smell from my suitcase and clothes for months. 
  • Keep your electronics at the top of your carry-on for easy retrieval in the airport security lines.
  •  I've learned from the need to take off shoes and other items, I wear slip on/off clogs that are comfortable.  I will not wear a belt or any other item that would need to come off.  The less stuff I must carry and wear, the better and easier.  The less frazzled I feel on the trip, traveling.
  •  Breakable items or items that are fragile- like Kumquats that I kept in a plastic bag, I like to wrap them up in the middle of heavy, rolled up clothes.  The clothes act like cushions.

Coping tips for highly sensitive/Empaths/anyone that needs a little extra support for traveling:

Being an Empath, one learns that certain situations can be stressful in traveling.

Being a round so many people in the airport/train station/ on the plane or train at once and for a length of time can really take its toll on someone who is highly sensitive to all the energy.   Each person projects their energy.  Many people are fearful of flying.  This fear is projected to all people, but in particular, Empaths.  To an Empath, a room full of people can really be tiring and overwhelming.  A room or plane with fearful people can be really overwhelming for the Empath.  Before entering the airport, I suggest you:
  •  Eat a high protein meal.
  •  Make sure you have grounded yourself before entering the building.
  •  Sit away from the main crowd.  My husband and I like to find the terminal we need and then we seek out an area that no one is sitting, even if it's a different terminal.
  • Before entering the plane/train, try eating a protein rich meal.  One trip I took with my family, I had the belief that heavy meals made me to noxious flying.  And so, my son and I ate a light meal- a bowl of cereal.  My husband and daughter ate a regular heavy meal of a burger and fries.  Well, sometime after being in the air for about 30 minutes, my son and I were "green in the face".  I promptly asked the flight attendant for food.  She only could provide some sample size pretzel bags for us.  The next trip we took, my son and I bought   hamburgers and fries.  We ate until we felt content.  We took off in the plane and you know what, we were just fine. Protein snacks and meals provides sensitive people/Empaths with a means to feel grounded.  If I ate too lightly, I was not grounded.  Being around so many people and being about 30,000 feet in the air can really make a person feel un- grounded, which can feel like dizziness, spacey, anxiety, and fear.     
In the airplane/train:

  • To feel more grounded, try wearing a Black Tourmaline stone, whether in jewelry form or just in your pocket.  Black Tourmaline stones are black which is in relationship to the Root chakra.  The Root chakra (between your legs) is one of the areas you ground your energy to the earth.  Feeling grounded helps you to be in the present moment, you're not feeling dizzy and spaced out, and you feel more confident.  Being grounded allows you to release others negative energy you feel.
  • To feel more grounded and relaxed try bringing Lavender essential oil in a container that is less then 1 oz or place the oil on a tissue that is stored in a plastic bag. Each time you feel uneasy, take out the bottle or tissue and breathe in the essential oils.  Close your eyes and just enjoy the fragrance.  Real Lavender (essential oil) is very relaxing and can help in grounding you.  Another essential oil that has a relaxing quality is "Clary Sage".  This essential oil can make you feel like you're just about falling asleep!
  • On longer trips try to bring snacks in your carry on that has little sugar, little or no caffeine, but has plenty of protein and whole grains.  Sugar &/or caffeine tends to over-stimulate a highly sensitive person.  This is the last thing you want to do on a flight.  Creates for anxiety.
  • Drink plenty of water!  Stay hydrated for feeling good emotionally and physically.  I know I had heard of a flight attendant that took a long flight overseas.  Well this person did not drink enough water.  His body ended up filling his legs full of blood clots.  He was brought immediately to the hospital hoping to stop any clots from reaching his heart, lungs, and brain.  I know when I drink plenty of water, I feel relaxed and comfortable.  In the past on long flights, I've had Restless leg syndrome hit me.  This is not fun to have especially in a crowded plane where you can't move around much.  Not too long ago, I had discovered if I stayed hydrated enough, I do not have Restless legs.  When I do get the restless legs, I will drink down 1-2 cups of water immediately.  This takes it away within minutes.  Asking for hot water to sip on the plane is really relaxing and also hydrating.
  • A crowded airport/ train station/ airplane can wreak havoc on a highly sensitive due to the noise.  Noise can be so painful to people who have sensitive hearing.  Sitting in an airplane with chatty, loud travelers, babies crying, and loud engine noises can be overwhelming All this noise creates anxiety and pain to people who need to have quiet environments.  Try bringing earplugs in your carry-on.  If you feel like people will notice, try buying tan colored ones or the little ones that fit right in your ear.  Try bringing headphones that cancels out noise but allows you to listen to music you bring.  Talking about noise, it reminds me of a time I was substitute teaching in a grade school.  I was teaching music.  Well it was right before Christmas and so the kids were super pumped-up to get out of school.  I was to play music and allow the kids to play games.  The noise was so loud in that room, it was unbearable for me. I was in pain!  I didn't have earplugs on me, but I did have tissue paper.  I promptly took one tissue and ripped it in half, and I plugged up my ears.  It wasn't 100% effective, but it did make it bearable for me to be in the room.  The kids thought I was funny.  But maybe I taught them not to be embarrassed about loving and protecting yourself.
  • Being around so many people in an airplane or train can also be quite overwhelming for highly sensitive/Empath.  I have found having people all behind me, I can feel way too much energy.  (All people project their emotions) People face forward with their eyes.  This means to me, most of their energy is being projected forward.  So, for me, what helps is to sit in the back of the plane.  Have most people in front of you.  Also, to help with this is to sit on the aisle seat if possible.  When I can sit on the aisle seat, I am able to have a free space next to me that has no person sitting there.  On a crowded plane it's like having a seat with no one next to you.  Freedom! Less  energy being projected to you.  It also allows you to easily get up, walk around, stretch, and use the bathroom as many times as you wish.  Nice.
  • I used to freak out a little when I needed to travel on long flights.  What will I do for so long?  Well, for me I enjoy bringing some books that I hadn't read yet.  Go out and buy those books that you've been meaning to read.  Bring your Ipod or whatever you use to play music or audio books.  Bring cards if you have a partner that will play.  One trip I even brought my kids' educational game.  It was a type of visual puzzle that had 30 some different games to play on. It challenged my mind.
  •  Feeling noxious or stomach aches at times on the airplane?  I like to bring candied Ginger with for that.  I used to drink Ginger Ale pop.  But I have found Candied Ginger to have the right potency of ginger that helps for these types of problems. (Try not to eat too much due to the sugar coating on the ginger.)   Bringing along some Peppermint or Ginger tea can also help.  Just ask for the hot water.
  • Need to sleep on the plane?  I remember sitting by some people on my long flight that said they would both take a sleeping pill.  It would knock them out for the whole 15-hour flight!  Not for me.  I'm not into meds and their side-affects.  For me, I guess I've just tried my best to relax.  Did you know that even if you're not sleeping, just laying/sitting, with eyes closed and no thinking is still restful and is just about as good as sleeping?  I make sure to bring my own blanket and small pillow and dress in comfortable layers for traveling on the plane.  (Bringing your own blanket and pillow has your own energy on it.  It is familiar which makes it easier for you to relax.)  At times it can feel drafty and cold while other times in the same flight you feel too warm.  I wear shoes that I can easily slip off if I want to.  To help relax, breathe in your relaxing essential oil (Lavender, Clary Sage, or whatever feels relaxing) for several breaths.  Put on some relaxing music to listen to and kick back.  

The more you travel, the better you are at it.  The less stress we feel, the better the whole trip will be.  Have a great time, relax, and make wonderful memories.

Re-written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC, January 27, 2020.
Written for The Perceptive Blogger by Cynthia Bergsbaken Feb. 28, 2019

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