Meditation Series 2 Qigong/Tai Chi

Meditation is a healthy spiritual practice that anyone can do.  Meditating has benefits to your physical, mental, and spiritual body.  A nice way to feel calm, relaxed, and conscious of your thoughts.  Meditating doesn't have to be sitting in a chair or on the floor, holding a Lotus position. 

Meditating can be walking in a beautiful forest listening to the birds or sitting in front of an ocean and watching the waves roll in and out.  Meditating can be playing your musical instrument for yourself.

One form of meditating that I enjoy is Qigong/Tai Chi.  Qigong is defined  as a holistic system of holding different body postures, while being in the present moment, observing our whole bodies, breath, and being.  We are aware of all our slow movements.  Qigong is slow, focused movements meant to be used for health (exercise, meditation, and martial arts.  Qigong has it's roots from Chinese medicine and martial arts.  It was traditionally used to grow and balance a person's Life Force energy or your Chi.  Tai Chi is used in martial arts practice.

I started practicing Qigong and Tai Chi years ago, off and on.  At the time, I had watched a movie called "The Last Airbender".  In this movie the characters were an Air bender, Water benders, Fire benders, and Earth benders, performing such graceful moves bending their elements.  I had looked up about what they were doing.  It turned out to be Qigong and different forms of  Tai Chi.  The graceful movements were like dancing in slow motion.  I found it to be really beautiful to watch.  Here is a link, so you can observe what I'm talking about.

First link is to "The Last Airbender movie".
Another link to watch is

I realize there is a slight difference between Tai Chi and Qigong, but for meditating purposes, I find none.  Here are links to Yang Tai Chi.

Notice the slow movements. 

When I practice this, it slows my mind down.  It tends to help me ground myself because I'm aware of each muscle group moving.  This practice puts my consciousness back in to my body.  Practicing Qigong/Tai Chi helps me to empty my mind and relax.  I enjoy dancing and so I find this form of meditation rewarding.

I have enjoyed practicing Qigong with Lee Holden and Shaolin Qigong.
Lee Holden
and Shaolin Qigong

I have also enjoyed Yang Tai Chi

Learning and following Tai Chi or Qigong is a easy, relaxing way to become healthy. 
Quiet your mind and you will be healthier for it.  Get rid of the "monkey chatter."

Relax the mind and body.

by Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki in the Prairie LLC
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