What does worry do for us???  Worry is a way to cope with what we are experiencing in our outer world realities.  It makes us feel like we are in control of the situation.  Worry gives us the illusion of doing something about what we are experiencing.

 Worry, in fact, does the opposite of what we think it does.  Worry brings our energy vibrations down, which in turn brings more lower energy experiences to us in life.  In other words, we experience more of the situations we do not care for.  Worry brings forth the very thing we worry about in to physical reality.  (What we keep our attention on will manifest in to our life.)  In other words, worry brings true what we worry about.  Example;  Worrying about if we have enough money in life.  When you worry about money, you give your power to money.  Like an addict who needs to have a drug/alcohol/food, he also gives his power away, but instead of to money it would be to drugs/alcohol/food.  You are giving your faith and power to money.  The worry is a low vibrational energy that stems from fear.  By worrying about money (or whatever), you lower your own energy, thus bringing forth new experiences to yourself in regards to "lack of".  People around you will be able to feel the energy difference in you, whether they are aware of this or not.

The energy will feel course and heavy, instead of light and airy feeling.  Your energy level starts to lower, being like others who are not known to be "upstanding citizens"-heavy feeling.  No one can control their outer realities.  But we can control how we react to what life experiences come to us.

Worry is a low-level energy emotion that stems from fear.  (low level energy meaning any emotion that stems from fear instead of love.)  Worry comes from being in the future, having catastrophic thinking of what could  happen.  The better solution to  something we fear is to face it, acknowledge it, give it love and release it.  We need to let go of the worry and give it to God.  When we surrender to what is going on in our lives, we are coming from love.

Every time you feel a worry come on, try sitting down and sit in the moment with the emotion.  Experience the emotion and ask questions to yourself about this emotion.  Why am I worrying?  What is the concern?  What is the fear?  If it helps, do this, writing on paper.  Now try releasing it to God to be healed.  Picture the worry tied to a golden balloon, floating up to God.  Try living in the moment, being present, and letting yourself just flow with your experience.   Like a gentle stream, flowing with no worries about the future.  There are no problems in the "present moment".  Accept what is.  When we can do this, you'll notice how free of worry & fear you are.  You'll notice you have more energy.  You'll notice you feel good.  And you'll notice you have high vibrational life experiences come your way more often.  (High vibrational meaning happy, loving life experiences.)

When you give up worry, you'll find that instead of coming from a "lack of" you will come from "abundance".  Your life's experiences will change to higher vibratonal experiences bringing you what you truly need and want.  We will all still experience hardships in our lives from time to time, but giving up worry and having faith that your life will become better is the way to get our lives back to high vibrational energy of love.
Live fearlessly!
Here is an uplifting song from Youtube that is a great one to listen to in regards to "worry".


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