Be Like a Tree and Let the Dead Leaves drop.

Rumi asks us to be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.  Dead leaves???  Dead leaves meaning, what doesn't have life anymore for us.  This could be your job, your relationship, or even your house due to age.  Dead leaves could also mean "the past".  We humans are able to basically "time travel".  We are able to take our consciousness and re-visit the past.  We are able to time travel to the future!  But if we look at these closer, we will find out that the past is "no more."  It is dead.  There is no life there.  It happened and we can not go back and change it.  If we stay in the past in our minds, we may become depressed.  There is no life in the past-dead leaves.

 If we look at the future, it has not happened yet.  We can imagine it.  We can imagine it in a negative way causing ourselves to "worry" and feel anxiety.  Or we can have expectations for the future.  The problem with that is that no one knows what the future holds for each of us.  Our expectations comes from our Ego selves.  Expectations cause suffering and pain when our expectations do not come true.

So that leaves the present moment.  While you sit here and read my note, notice how you feel in your body.  Notice what is happening around you.  Now notice how you feel inside of your body.  It is fairly calm compared to the past or the future.  Remaining in the past brings depression, regrets, and hurts, while remaining in the future brings anxiety, fear, and worry.  Sitting here and reading this note, do you feel these emotions I just listed???  No.  You probably feel pretty relaxed and good.

So when Rumi asks us to be like trees and drop our dead leaves, he is asking us to be in the present moment, letting go of things that do not help us, things or people who do not make us happy or make us feel good.  Sometimes letting go may refer to the seriously ill person who keeps holding on to life. Or the relatives who keep holding the seriously ill loved one here instead of giving them permission to let go and go home to God.   Letting go can help us move forward in growth.  Letting go can help us lead a happier life.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken of
Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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April 11, 2020
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