What Better Way to Love Ourselves

My Pup

I have a Inner child who at times feels fears, doubts, and hurts.  What is a Inner child?

We all have a Inner child.  A Inner child is our Subconscious mind.   You can picture your Inner child as you at whatever age you want . I like to view mine at ages of 3-6 years old. As children we experiences hurts, fears, and overwhelm.  Many times, a child does not know how to deal with these emotions and so the emotions are not processed.  Instead they are stored in a child's subconsciousness mind and body.

Our energy system- Subconscious mind is like a giant computer.  Every moment of each day and night we record everything that is around us, whether we are aware of it or not.
Our energy system-Subconscious mind records the faint odor of green, freshly cut grass in the middle of summer.  Our energy system records the faint whispers of adults in the other room talking about the children.  Our energy system records the fear we may have felt when our Dad and Mom left us with a babysitter for the night.

When we are grown-ups, our Inner child is still there with us, whether you are aware of it or not.  This Inner child still harbors all the hurts, fears, worries, and doubts that you had as a child.  If these old emotions are Not faced & healed, your Inner child will act up each time you are "triggered".  Act-up???

Act-up meaning, you will be brought back to feeling like the little child who once had a similar experience feeling this strong emotion.  If the emotion is not felt and healed, it will be pushed down again hiding in the body/mind.  Each time this emotion  re-surfaces with experiences that are similar, it will be stronger feeling!  Lesson here- "Do not avoid these strong emotions that surface to you no matter when they re-surface."

What does my Inner child have to do with this?

When we feel a strong emotion, try stopping what you're doing and feel it in the present moment.  Just be with the emotion with no judgement.  Then ask yourself, "Did I experience something similar when I was a child?"  Now ask your "Inner child (your inner, younger self), "What can I do to help my Inner child face this emotion?"  "What does my Inner child need?"
 Wait until you hear or feel what the answer is.

For me, many times it's just needing emotional awareness-acknowledgement that my Inner child went through feeling these emotions.

If you're feeling a fear/phobia, try closing your eyes and imagine yourself and your Inner child in a location that feels/or felt good to you.  Meet your Inner child there.
Always treat your Inner child with reverence.  Your Inner child is your Divine self- your God self.

If you want to hold hands with your Inner child, always ask him/her first.  If you want to hug them, ask your Inner child first.  Ask your Inner child questions, such as the ones I wrote above.  "What do you need at this time to get through this fear, self-doubt, etc."

Maybe your Inner child just needs some affirmations.  For me, I like to tell my Inner child to her face, "You are safe.  You are loved.  You are healthy.  You are worthy.  You are confident."

Tell your Inner child, in-person what you would of wanted to hear when you were this young child that could of helped you get through this.  Is it just comfort?  Is it a hug?  Is it, "You're safe?"

You are the parent to this Inner child. When you grew-up, you took over taking care of this Inner child from your parents.  Our parents did their best.  But now it's time you fill in the gaps where your own parents fell short.  Make your Inner child to feel loved.

Be there for this Inner child.  Be the loving parent that is there to help this Inner child walk through areas in his/her life that were hurtful, fearful, and caused self-doubt and overwhelm.

After you finish talking to your Inner child, notice how he/she walks off to play.  Now it's time that you leave this Inner child to return to your adult-self.

Breathe in and out three times, slowly.  Open your eyes.  Say out loud three facts about your adult self.  Examples, I'm .......(my full adult name), I'm.....(my age now), I live.....(my address now).  You have successfully returned to your adult life.

Notice how you feel?  When you try to face what was troubling you, notice your self-confidence.  Notice you're not so fearful.  You have supported your Inner child, while facing what he/she is afraid of.  You became the loving parent your Inner child needed to walk through this hard experience.

Try this-being the "Loving parent" to your Inner child while facing uncertainty around you.

We cannot control what happens around us in our environments, but we can control our reactions and actions.

If your Inner child has experienced any experience that was traumatic, or just not joyful to remember, try using the "Inner Child Meditation" by Dr. Hew Len.  This is also known as "Ho'Oponopono".  This link also talks more on the Inner child.  Here is a link to how to use this technique.  https://www.reikiintheprairiellc.com/2020/01/hooponopono-or-i-love-you.html

The Ho'Oponopono  technique helps to erase and heal the traumatic experience.  I suggest you use this after you have faced the emotions involved.  Using this technique afterwards will help to completely heal the emotional wound.

An example of emotional hurts during childhood would be my dog.  As a pup, we used to put her outside in the backyard hooked up to a cable.  She could walk around in the grass and do her business with out having to be watched closely.  Within 10 minutes of being outside one warm summer day, I heard a sudden crash of thunder. over our area.  Where we live, the thunder storms come in suddenly and at times with great severity.
Storm clouds in our area.

I jumped in my house from the loud crash.  My pup outside jumped and tried to run off of her cable.  She couldn't.  She was held in the outside until I could get outside to grab her.  In those couple of minutes, she was traumatized.  Now at 5 years old, when we have any hint of thunder in our area, she starts to shake, whimper, and cry.  She'll find a family member and she will huddle as close as possible the whole time shaking.
She is re-experiencing her fear she felt during her pup (Inner child) years.  Notice how an old hurt still controls how she feels about any occurrence that triggers her. (thunder, lightning, loud noises) Our family is there for her as the "loving parent'.  But for you, you have the means to heal your old hurt.

What better way to support and love yourself when you experience hardships and fears?
(Try using this for facing the fear of this Corona virus.  The fear maybe "fear of death",  "fear of the unknown", and/or "fear of loss."  Did you as a child experience losing a loved one?  Did you experience sickness as a child that made you feel fear?, etc.)

When I give Reiki sessions to people and myself, the Reiki energy flows in to the body, seeks out emotional blockages, dissolves them, and brings to surface the hidden emotion that caused the blockage in the energy system. If the blockage is not taken care of, it is said that the physical body that is connected to the affected chakra will start to be in dis-ease state.  (all stagnant energy will cause disease.  Remember the stagnant pond in the end of the summer?
Late Summer pond.
  It smells and kills whatever drinks from it.  Same as our energy system.)   Receiving Reiki healing is a combined effort between the practitioner, God, and yourself.  What do I mean?

 I, as the Reiki practitioner will bring the Reiki energy to your bodies. (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).  Your Divine self (God-self) will focus the Reiki energy where he/she feels it is needed.  But it is up to you to finish the healing for yourself.  How?  By facing and feeling the emotions that surface to you.  By understanding about your Inner child and these emotions.  Many times, the blocked energy is from emotions that we had as a child.  We hold on to these emotions feeling the satisfaction of feeling like a "victim".   As a child, you may have felt like that victim.  But now in adult life, we need to see these emotions for what they are.  Old, hurts.  You are not a "victim".
Chakras after receiving Reiki energy.

We all have hurts.  Many of us will not heal them because we do not want to.
Many of us will not heal our hurts because we do not know how.
 But then there are some of us who will learn how to heal our own hurts, thus showing the way for others to heal.

Find the courage to heal yourself.
Find the courage to face yourself.
Find the courage to be the loving parent your Inner child needs now.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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April 11, 2020
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