Aura Health and My Choices in Life

An aura or electromagnetic field, is a part of every person and object on the planet.  The aura is the extension of our energy past our physical bodies made up of four bodies. 

The Ethereal body, the Emotional (Astral)  body, the Mental body, and the Spiritual body.
Each body has it's own energy vibration.

 The Spiritual body is the highest energy vibration we experience unity as one.  This body connects us to Divine Being.

The Mental body have our thoughts, ideas, and rational & intuitive perceptions.  The energy vibration here is lower then the Spiritual body, but higher then the Emotional and Ethereal bodies.

The Emotional body (Astral body) contains our emotions, beliefs, our character traits.  A person who has worked on their feelings, beliefs, character traits, will have a clear colored aura.  A person who has not worked on their emotional development, will have a chaotic, cloudy aura.  A person who has not worked on their emotional development will also tend to have "skewed" perceptions based on their unhealed emotional hurts stored here.

The Ethereal body resembles the human body in an exact duplicate.  The Ethereal body can be looked at as the twin of our physical body.  It is a lower energy vibration then the Emotional body.  This body carries the creative energy of life, physical sensation, and the powers to shape the physical body.
This is the body that will show up first with disease, when we have an accumulation of energy in the wrong places.  The disease is relevant  to what chakra on the body is blocked  being created from our own with-held emotions.  This energy is felt by some Reiki practitioners as "Byosen".  When I feel this, I feel stronger then normal energy and at times, pretty negative energy which causes my hand to feel various levels of pain.  The physical body will be the last place we will know we have disease by showing up as some ailment, cancer, disease in the related blocked chakra area.

The aura size is typically the size of  stretching  out our arms from left to right.   Some people have auras that are as big as a town or even bigger!  It all depends on the person and their spiritual growth.  The more spiritual growth, the bigger the aura is.

Healthy auras will be smooth, uniformed walls that are totally enclosed as a egg shape or circle.

Unhealthy auras will have  tears, punctures, rips, holes, roughness or deformities in the walls of it.  The photos above shows a highly emotionally aware (clear, vibrant color) person's healthy aura vs a emotionally unaware (cloudy, dull coloring) person's aura that has many aura wall problems.

Our auras are here to keep us safe from exterior energy vibrations that will contaminate us energy that maybe toxic to our well-being.  Everything in life has an aura.  Again, some can be toxic to our well-being.

Thus, when we have a baby, it is wise to carry our baby on us, thus giving our own aura protection to our baby that doesn't yet have a strong enough aura to protect herself/himself from many energy vibrations seen with people.  Better yet, keep the baby home with you instead of bringing her/him out into the public.

When we part-take in unhealthy life styles, we end up with auras that are not so protective for us.  They become unhealthy auras just like our unhealthy life style choices.

What causes problems for our auras?   Recreational drugs & addiction, Alcohol addiction, excessive drinking of alcohol, Smoking, inhaling to get a high, food choices, not getting enough quality sleep, negativity, etc.  Anything that makes us unhealthy in the long haul.  Many of these choices are chosen due to emotional pain we are experiencing.  We are fearful to face them (our strong emotions).  At times, we choose not to face our strong emotions by finding an unhealthy habit to lose ourselves in.  
To attach on to!
We have choices in life to make.  We all have Free-will.  Will you make the choice to help your bodies stay healthy, thus giving ourselves the best quality of life?  Or will you make the choice to follow an unhealthy path?

*The Chakra Handbook by Shalila Sharamon & Bodo j. Baginski
*The Reflexology Manual by Pauline Wills

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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April 11, 2020
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