Love and Respect Yourself

 I love and respect myself by making as healthy of choices that I can.  How?  I learn what ingredients: in our cosmetics/makeup,  foods, and  jewelry, that are  toxic to our well-being.

I'm a big believer in healthy ingredients.
In our cosmetics there are many toxic ingredients used that actually are doing the opposite of what the product says it's for!  What???  Example, Glycerin.  Glycerin is used in cosmetics for anti-aging and healthy skin.  Glycerin acts on the skin by making it soft, smooth, and dewy.  Nice, but at what cost to your health?  Glycerin takes moisture from the inside of your skin cells and places the moisture on top of the skin creating the illusion of dewy young skin.  But what about the interior of the skin cell?  Our skin cells interior is important also for healthy skin.  And so if you think of it, I'm guessing by taking moisture from within the cell and distributing it on top of the skin will actually make the skin age!  Wow.

Mineral oil is another toxic ingredient that I have seen in lotions and other cosmetics.  Mineral oil causes drying instead of moisturizing.
Before I go on, here is a nice web-page that can help you identify what is toxic in your cosmetics/makeup you use.  Years ago, I used this web-page to identify what ingredients I am not willing to buy anymore due to it's cost to my body and well-being.  Shoot, let's face it, we all want to look good, but we also want to Feel good. And so, I chose to do a little work to educate myself on what ingredients are beneficial and what are not to me.  Web page   Https:// 
This is why I started to make some of my own lotions for my face and body.  Quality Olive oil with essential oils.

Toxic jewelry!  What?  Costume jewelry, dime-store jewelry, some Department store jewelry, inexpensive jewelry, and jewelry that is being sold in the "teen jewelry stores" are highly suspected of containing Heavy metals.  Heavy metals?  Heavy metals are metals that are toxic to people & animals.  Heavy metal mixtures are being used in inexpensive jewelry to keep costs down.  Heavy metals are toxic when they are taken into the body.  This can be by touching the piece of jewelry and then touching your mouth, your eyes, or your nose.  I suspect the heavy metal may be able to absorb through the skin under certain circumstances.  Heavy metals go into the body being stored in the fat and other areas of the body.  Here they accumulate, not being able to be removed easily.  It's here they cause damage to your nervous system.  Heavy metal poisoning is toxic to you and your Neurological system!
 Now think of all those birthday parties you've gone to with a present for the young girl that came from a "teen jewelry type store"!  The price was a good price!  The young girl would love the look of it!  But now you know.  At what cost to the person's health?  How about the inexpensive costume jewelry you bought from that recent jewelry party you were invited to?  What are the metal ingredients?  Did the product list them?  What about the warning label on that piece of jewelry stating it was not made for children under 5-6 yrs of age?  Why?  Choking hazard?  Maybe.  Or maybe because it has Heavy metals in it, which is shown to cause learning disabilities in children. (A forever problem for the child.)
This is why I started to make my own jewelry 6 years ago.  I use precious metals only.

Toxic foods!  Food coloring, preservatives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, excess salt, and Artificial Trans fats to name a few toxic ingredients in our foods.

What we feed ourselves  has either health benefits or a negative impact on our health.  To be healthy, a person is suppose to have no more then 2300 mg of salt in a whole day.  Has anyone looked at the amount of salt added to our store and restaurant foods?  Many dishes I've looked at in well-known restaurants that was a  "sit down" restaurant, had over 3000 mg of salt/meal!!!  
The recommended 2300 mg/day is equal to 1 teaspoon of salt per day.  And so if you were to have 3000 mg salt/meal and three meals, you'd be eating 3.9 teaspoons of salt/day!

Think about it.  You're getting three days worth of salt in one meal.  People can excrete (urinate out) the excess salt, but many people are extremely sensitive to salt/excess salt causing a negative impact on health.

How about sugar?  Refined sugar, like anything refined is too pure ( another example of too pure is Isolated Soy protein), too processed, and too unhealthy.  Refined sugar has been linked to Heart Disease/hardening of the arteries.  Sugar is right up there along side of Artificial Trans fats.
 Artificial Trans fats or Hydrogenated fats have been said by the Food and Drug Administration (USA), years ago, that these fat products are not fit for human consumption!  Problem is, if you read your ingredient labels, you'll still find it in foods-crackers, cakes, gravy mixes, breads, tortillas, etc.  This fat once eaten, will go into your body and cause "bodily inflammation" for up to 52 days.  (This is the half life of this fat.) If you eat more of this type of fat in the next day, you add on more days of your body being in an inflammatory state.
 Now what would happen if you ate this type of fat everyday of your life?  Your body will be in an inflammatory state your whole life.  Meaning=High Cholesterol, High Blood pressure, disease.
I noticed Artificial Trans fat food products are sold in "inexpensive " food products.  So be aware and educate yourself.  When looking at the label, don't look at the top percentage label.  By law (in the USA)  it can say 0% Trans fats, but still contain Trans fats.  You need to look at the ingredients and look for Hydrogenated ____ fat.

This is a small list of items that if we can make conscious choices to stay away from, we can greatly increase our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  How can it affect all?  Because all three are connected to each other.  When one area goes out of whack, so does the others.
Here are  links to my blog posts that I think I talk about this in more detail.



  I love and respect myself by making healthy choices.  
We all want to look good, but we also want to feel good!
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC and 
Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry

June 23, 2020.

* "Dr. Bob's Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones" by Dr. Robert DeMaria

* Web page Https://

*My knowledge from my years in Chemistry.

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April 11, 2020
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