Tea to the Rescue!


Feeling a little like you're coming down with something?  

I find when I feel that way, I have found that drinking Rose Hip tea and Hibiscus tea is a great way to support your body.

Rose Hips and Hibiscus petals can be bought either in your local Health Food store or on the internet.

I suggest you buy organic.

Hibiscus tea is known for Vitamin C and antioxidants.  There are many benefits to drinking an occasional cup of Hibiscus tea-lowering blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, helps with Diabetes, etc. .  If you're on medications, check for side effects or talk to your medical doctor first.  

Rose Hip tea is a great tea to drink due to it's natural complexes of Vitamin C.  Rose Hip tea has some of the highest amounts of natural Vitamin C out of all fruits & veggies.

Rose Hip tea tends to support your immune system, fights pain and inflammation, etc.

To make:

I measure out 1 teaspoon of Rose Hips.  At times, I will add also 1 teaspoon of Hibiscus tea.  Steep this in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes.

If you have a congested cough, try making yourself Thyme tea.  Thyme tea works better as an expectorant than medicines in the store!  (I've had both in the past.)

Thyme tea has:

-Anti-Microbial properties!


-Expectorant ability-brings up mucus.



Take 1 teaspoon of dried Thyme and steep it in hot water for 10 minutes.  Drink as often as needed. (maybe every few hours.)

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Written by Cynthia of Reiki in the Prairie LLC




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