Understanding Long Distance Reiki


What in the world is Long Distance Reiki?

Is it where the Reiki practitioner drives to see the client, long distance?

Maybe it's where the Reiki practitioner runs alongside of the client in a long distance run?

Or maybe it's seeing Reiki energy from a long distance???

Good guesses.  But nope.

Long Distance Reiki sessions are Reiki sessions that provides a client with the same amount and same high quality of Reiki energy as a In-Person Reiki session.  The difference is, the Long Distance Reiki session you will not be in my office, you will not hear my music, and you will not see me.

I'd have to say, I've been putting  off writing this-trying to explain Long Distance Reiki.  Why?  It is real, but it is hard to describe, especially if you're not aware of our energy systems and spirituality.

Some definitions that I've picked up.  Humor me on all of these.  By writing these, you'll  see a foundation of how things connect with Long Distance Reiki.

  • We are all created by one God/Creator/Universe/Allah/Source/The Great Spirit...
  • We are all equal.  No one is any less or any more than another person.
  • Whether you realize it or not, we are all connected energetically together-spiritually.
  • We are all connected to one God.
  • We are all brothers and sisters-spiritually.
So by looking at these truths, we can see that we are all connected energetically.  If we are all connected energetically, is it  possible to send someone else a thought???  Thoughts are energy!

People do this all the time,  When we think of someone we are in love with, we send that person positive vibes (energy).  We send them love and they may read it through their Heart chakra. (Chakra, go to (1))  If that person is energy aware, they will feel the love come to them.  They may even be aware of who it's coming from, whether a sense or a picture in their head.

Have you ever been working some place and  all of a sudden you had a thought or a picture of someone, like a relative come to you?  Maybe you sensed they were in trouble or sensed they were sick or needed help?  Or maybe you just knew they were calling you on the phone or wanted you to call them?  Again, you picked up on their thoughts (energy) because you are connected energetically to them.

Now lets go to Reiki energy.  
Reiki energy is Universal Life Force energy or Spiritually Guided energy.  
Rei=Universal, or you may think of it as your Inner self/Higher power.
Ki=Life Force energy.  Same as Chi or Prana.
Ki is the energy that runs through all things that live.  The Ki is unlimited that surrounds Earth.
Ki is the energy that binds all living things together.
Anyone who is interested in healing/inner strength can also harness the Ki.  (Becoming a Reiki practitioner, means you are able to have more focused Ki energy for healing.
If you combine  Ki with wisdom, you have the most powerful source of energy healing available=Reiki.

When I provide a Long Distance Reiki session, I am able to connect to the person by thinking of their name and address.  It's a little like having a photo in front of you and sending good thoughts or kisses to that photo of the person you love.  
Well, with the Long Distance Reiki session, I use your name and address.  After I've connected with your energy, I start to give you the Reiki session. 
Scanning your physical & energetic body for discord (dis-ease=blockages/ slow flow of energy/inflammation) is one of the first things I do.  If you're energy sensitive, you may feel my energy moving from Chakra to Chakra or from one body part to another. (1)(Chakra is a moving wheel of energy that takes in/digests  energy that comes near you.  This is how your body is able to sense everything in your environment, including other people's emotions.  Chakras are all over your body.  But the main ones, 7 of them, are running up and down the front and backside of your body.)

At times, because our energy is connected (think of standing next to each other in the same room), I may be able to get a image of you in my mind.  This is helpful when I'm providing you with the Reiki session.

When I send the Reiki energy to you, I am basically projecting the Reiki energy from my hands to you.

I will follow your Chakra system down your body.  You may feel the energy as a slight pressure or heat on you.  Or you may even feel light and love.  Everyone has a different perception of feeling Reiki energy.

Majority of people enjoy receiving Reiki energy.  I say majority because some people are really energy sensitive where they do not enjoy others' energy coming to them, especially Reiki due to it feeling stronger.

Again, I want to mention, all spirit are connected.  Our Souls are connected energetically.  We are all from the same Source! (God)  We are all connected to God.
And so if you consider this, it's easy to understand why Reiki energy can be sent to you any where in the World!
In order to have a Long Distance Reiki session, you do not have to believe in these truths.  But I provide them to you to help you understand.

Even if you're not a Reiki practitioner, you are able to send energy to another person-typically someone you know like a relative or family member.

A while ago, I volunteered to a send a Reiki session to a person in need, located in Paris, France.  Well, after I started to give her Reiki energy for maybe 10 minutes, I sensed she was a little triggered.  Why?  Because when I gave her the Reiki energy session, it was about 6 pm my time.  Which means she 
had her Reiki session at about 1:00 am!  Oops.  So you see, this person was energy sensitive.  She was kept awake with receiving the Reiki session.  Not because it was negative feeling in anyway, but because she was receiving energy, where as she was trying to sleep. 

I have provided Long Distance Reiki to clear out other's houses and buildings of negative, stale energy.
The negative energy is displaced and positive energy is placed in instead!
Comes in handy when you have College students staying in a new dorm room or apartment.

One of my daughter's first dorm rooms was filled with some dark, negative energy.  Made me think the person who had it before her was very depressed or in to some dark practices-drugs?  I was glad I was able to provide her room with a new feeling to it with the Reiki energy.  I sent it long distance and went there in person to help her.

I've used Long Distance Reiki for my pet dog.  When she was a pup, she had Kidney failure due to receiving a drug that basically "kicked butt" on her Kidneys.  She was dying.
Well to make a long story short, her healing in the hospital engaged when she received Reiki energy  Long Distance. Otherwise, the Medical doctor noted she was not doing well prior to receiving the Reiki energy.  To read more, go to  https://www.reikiintheprairiellc.com/p/my-reiki-success-stories.html

You wonder, are we connected then spiritually to animals as well?  Yes.
We are energetically connected to all what God has created.  Why? 
 Cause we are connected to God (God created us) and God is connected to all living things he/she has created, then we are also connected to animals, plants, etc.

I have no proof for you other then what I 'm saying here.
If something I wrote here goes against your own perceptions, please don't worry and let it go then.

I hope this can help a bit in understanding Long Distance Reiki.
I'm not sure how else to explain it to you.
I know that Long Distance Reiki works!

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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Please make all appointments at least 1 week a head.

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April 11, 2020
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