Reik is a Breath of Fresh Air!


A Reiki session is a breath of fresh air! The Reiki energy breaks up my negative-emotional blockages that creates dis-ease in me. Reiki makes me aware of my inner hurts & allows me to assist in healing them. I am filled with a positive feeling.

Reiki energy is a positive-loving-healing energy that is guided by our Higher selves=our Divine selves (our Souls).

We, people, cause our own experiences in life. Whether it is positive or negative.

We create/manifest these by our beliefs we follow, our thoughts, our actions, our conditioning in life and from being unaware/unconscious (the person is on auto-pilot in their life, following all the conditioning that their parents, authorities, & peers have taught them and not ever questioning it. Auto-pilot is to be up in your heads all the time, not actually experiencing life.)

An example of conditioning; if you were taught as a child, over and over that you are going to be a failure in life and you have not healed this conditioning/this belief, you will manifest this belief. You will make this belief come true through the conditioning you have received from someone else by your thoughts, actions, and belief in this. This belief was not your belief to begin with. It was handed down from a relative, a parent, a teacher, etc. that had this same conditioning done to them at a early age. Understand this person who taught you this belief was unaware/unconscious of their actions/beliefs in life. (They were on Auto-pilot following their own conditioning.) They taught you the same way they were taught this belief-actions and words. Beliefs like this can be handed down throughout families, generation after generation.

We all follow our beliefs, thoughts, opinions, actions, and conditioning. But many of us are following all of this without conscious awareness of why we believe these. Or why we do the things we do. Or why we have these thoughts about someone else. Question yourself and answer truthfully!

If I was the person above, following my conditioning of being a failure and actually manifesting it, why? Why would I have this belief that I can't be a successful person? Why would I believe this belief? All people are created equally! So why am I a failure in my life? Answer truthfully to yourself, maybe on paper.

When we see a bully in life, we see that he/she is a mean, self-centered, and aggressive person. When a person acts in a negative way, they project their pain on to you. (This goes for anyone who has negative actions, words, thoughts towards themselves and to others.)

This person may project pain on to other people (pain=emotional hurts/physical hurts) by bullying them.

Why is that? People who bully are people who have been bullied themselves. They had someone else's pain inflicted upon them at a young age in the form of bullying. As they grew-up, they chose either to stay a victim throughout life or they chose to act highly aggressive and mean towards others, as seen in being a bully. To do so, be a bully, is a person looking for strength, power, and control. Why?

A person who acts this way is a person (a child) who once felt out of control, hurt deeply, felt weak and powerless to stop someone else from attacking them-bullying ( abuse) them in one form or another. And so, they too, like their bully attackers, bully out of their own inner pain they feel. Conditioning!

Receiving Reiki energy sessions is like I said, "A breath of fresh air."

Receiving a Reiki session is relaxing, positive, and rejuvenating.

Why rejuvenating? Because it actually helps you to relax, assisting you to see, feel, and release these inner hurts. If we allow inner hurts to stay with us, buried deep down, we eventually form physical problems in our physical bodies. We manifest our own dis-ease by not facing our own inner hurts that we have typically received in childhood from the ones we loved.

They stay stuck, manifesting in to something negative. (Sort of a like a sliver that is stuck in your finger. If left, it may manifest into an all-out infection in the finger. If this infection is left, it may create blood poisoning to the whole body, causing a lot of physical body problems, possibly even death.)

And so many of you may have wondered as a Reiki site/Reiki Master; "Why is this site so full of emotional stuff? Feels like I'm reading a Psychotherapist!

Hahaha, not quite, but it's true that Reiki assists you in manifesting the release of negative emotions (Inner hurts) that you have stuffed away. Thus, accelerating healing of the spirit/emotions/mind/physical body. Which in turn brings your whole-self in to harmonious balance.

True healing is when we heal our spirit & emotions.

Try something new! Try being more aware of your thoughts, words, and actions. If you find you feel negative in anyway or your behavior is negative or actions are "unconscious," question yourself, "Why?" Try changing out some of the beliefs in your life that don't provide you with the highest love towards yourself.

What is love towards yourself? My definition is; to provide yourself with all your needs, to support yourself emotionally & physically, to have a quality exercise routine, to have quality time just for yourself, to have quality foods (dump Artificial Trans fat foods (Hydrogenated fats), Fast foods, artificial foods, and lower sugar intake.)), and to help yourself find and face all the Inner hurts and heal them.

Try out a Reiki session.  Feel your best in life.  Feel good and positive.  It's about Self-love.

Reiki can be used as a way to stay in harmonious balance, monthly (like your exercise routine) or it can be used as a support to your medical needs.

Try something new.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

December 3, 2020

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April 11, 2020
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