Long Distance Reiki sessions

Palm Springs, California.

Are you needing a break-vacation-holiday?  I hear ya.  

It's been a hard past year with the COVID pandemic.  

Many of us cannot afford a vacation at this time due to COVID threat, lack of money, and/or lack of time.

Taking time for ourselves is called "self-love."

If we don't have the time, "MAKE TIME for yourself!"

Take time for a Reiki session!  

Feel relaxed and rejuvenated, similar to a vacation, but better.  It's less expensive, it's just for yourself,  it will help you to relax, and it will help you to grow internally.

At this time, I am open to providing Long Distance reiki sessions.  

But I am limiting it to the Continental USA.  Why? 

 I have provided Long Distance reiki to France and Puerto Rico  in the past.  My concern is the difference in time zones and currency.  I'll never forget my France experience.

Basically I forgot about the big difference in time zones.  I provided a volunteer session for her.  And so I was given little information about  her.  

 I picked early evening, in Central standard time, which meant it was around 1-2 am her time.

  I was too concerned about providing her a thorough reiki session to think about the time zones.  

My error.

To make a long story short, she was not a happy person through out the whole session.  In fact, I cut the session short due to her being quite upset at receiving a reiki session during her sleeping time.

Note, some people are very sensitive to energy.  So some will feel the Reiki energy while others will not.

And so to make it easy on myself, I've decided to work with the Continental USA only at this time.

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April 11, 2020
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