Why Reiki?


A Reiki practitioner believes in keeping our energy freely flowing.  

The body is made up with many Chakras, but only  seven major ones, as shown above.

Chakras are  located in the Etheric body- our energy body. The Etheric body is part of our Subtle anatomy.  The Etheric body is located in our Electromagnetic field or also called our Auras. 


Chakras are energy centers of  spinning wheels of energy. The chakras are associated with a spectrum of colors.

 People read energy through these Chakras. (emotions, other's emotions, what is near us, and thoughts.)

Chakras take in Prana or Life Force energy from the atmosphere.  The energy is brought in through the Chakras and is distributed through energy channels called Nadis.  The Nadis take energy and sends it streaming in to the nervous system, endocrine glands and the circulatory system.

 It is believed by Reiki practitioners, Reflexology, and Acupuncture practitioners, if energy flow  in the Etheric body is blocked in anyway, we create disease in our Physical bodies.

We create blockages by our own thoughts.  Let me say that again.  WE create blockages in our energy system by OUR OWN THOUGHTS.

 The reason for a Reiki practitioner is to break apart blocked energy in a person before disease sets in to maintain health or after they start to showing disease symptoms, which would health achieve health again.  

When a Reiki practitioner  senses or feels a blockage or areas that feel like too little of energy or an accumulation of energy they will channel the Life Force energy to break apart the blockage.  

Thus a person's health is supported.

Each Chakra center is associated with our physical body organs that are located by that specific chakra.

So for example, if a person comes in with some kind of chest ailment, the Reiki practitioner may take a look (energetically)  at the chest area, looking for blockages.  

Sometimes, the Reiki practitioner will just provide you with the Reiki energy throughout your body, thus the blockage may break apart.

It all depends on the practitioner.

It is my opinion that all people would benefit from having a Reiki session at least once a month.

I say this not because I'm a Reiki practitioner, but because I know it works.  

The side affects of receiving Reiki sessions is that we become more relaxed and we are helped in seeing our Inner hurts.

Reiki sessions will break apart blockages.  What are these blockages???  The blockages are your own negative emotions that you use against yourself,  day in and day out.  Ouch!

So I believe until a person is completely "awake" , completely aware, and completely healed (inner selves) we all could use some Reiki energy to make sure we are not accumulating negative energy in  us.

In-between our Reiki sessions, we maybe can help ourselves by  following what each chakra's Universal law is.

Easy version:  

  • Crown chakra- Let go of your earthly attachments.  This would include people and all things.
  • Third Eye chakra- We are provided insights.  Know the difference in reality and illusion.  Example, the illusion of separation.
  • Throat chakra- Speak only truth to yourself and others.  What lies do you tell yourself?
  • Heart chakra-Love yourself and love other people.  Holding on to Grief will block this area.
  • Stomach chakra- Will power.  What are your disappointments in yourself?  Blocked by Shame.
  • Sacral chakra-Pleasure, creativity, finances.  Things happen in this life.  Forgive yourself always.  Blocked by guilt.
  • Root chakra-Survival. (water, food, shelter, etc.)  This area is blocked by our fears in survival.

Try to follow these simple Universal laws and you may find your life changing in a good way.

Remember, Reiki sessions are here to help us move forward.  To release energy blocks that we were not aware we created in the first place.

Reiki in the Prairie LLC says, "We all need a bit of help at times."  

We all were born with different physical bodies, different lives, and different circumstances.  But that will not stop us from taking our health into our own hands.  I feel it's best to be "preventative". 

 But if we find ourselves with health issues, try receiving a Reiki session even if you're using it as a way to support your other medical programs.  

Receiving Reiki sessions can be used as a preventative-maintaining good health, as a way to help you relieve what is going on, or it can be used to support your ongoing medical program.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken, Reiki in the Prairie LLC

March 3, 2021


"The Chakra Handbook" by Shalila Sharamon & Bodo J. Baginski

"The Reflexology Manual" by Pauline Wills

 Reiki classwork

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